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What to Do If You Need an Altoona Personal Injury Lawyer

Victims of car accidents, animal bites, and even wrongful death cases need to hire a personal injury lawyer to take their case. Personal injury attorneys can help them file a personal injury claim against the negligent party for the injury that occurred due to the accident.

Regardless of that, the only way to win a personal injury case is with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Personal injury cases are complex and can be overwhelming for the victim, so they need someone who can support them while doing everything needed to get compensation for what happened. Anyone looking for a personal injury lawyer that fits that description can count on the Tom Fowler Law Firm.

The only thing victims of a personal injury case need to do to hire this law firm is to contact it through its website and schedule a free consultation with it. When they do that, a professional personal injury lawyer will be by their side to build a strong case against the liable party for their personal injuries.

This article has some more information about what a personal injury lawyer does in Altoona and Tom Fowler Law!

What Can Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

What Can Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

Understanding what personal injury lawyers do first needs people to know what a personal injury is in the first place.

"Personal injury" is not a medical term but rather a legal term, and it's used to talk about all the economic and non-economic damages caused after the negligent actions of another person. This can include physical injuries, but it's not limited to them.

Therefore, an Altoona personal injury lawyer is the one who takes personal injury cases and helps victims get compensation for an accident. Personal injury cases work on a civil basis, so a personal injury lawyer's goal is to get financial compensation from the liable party or insurance company rather than sending negligent people to jail.

Since the Altoona personal injury lawyer victims hire needs to know everything there is to know about the tort law, they can ask them to explain every step of the personal injury claim process to them, if needed. Naturally, these lawyers are also the ones who start the process and handle all the paperwork.

Finding evidence of what happened is also essential when filing a personal injury lawsuit, and the personal injury lawyer victims hire also can lead an investigation, collect evidence, and speak to witnesses to build a strong case for their clients.

Proving what happened to the insurance company and judge is needed to get compensation.

If parties want to engage in settlement negotiations, the victim's Altoona personal injury attorney is the one in charge of speaking with the other party to keep them from offering victims an unfair deal that is not enough to cover everything the accident caused.

While some cases end up in settlements between both parties, many of them are also taken to trial. Going through trials is stressful, but it gets the victim all the compensation they asked for if they win the case, so they can also trust their Altoona personal injury lawyer to represent them in a court of law.

In a nutshell, here is what victims of a car accident, medical malpractice, animal bites, and other personal injury cases can expect their Altoona personal injury attorney to do for them:

  • Explain how personal injury law works to them.

  • File a personal injury claim against the liable parties.

  • Gather evidence for the case (medical records, pictures, police reports).

  • Negotiating to get to a settlement with the other party.

  • Represent them in a trial if negotiations fail.

Benefits of Filing a Personal Injury Claim

There are many reasons why accident victims should file a claim against the person who caused the accident as soon as they can.

The first of them is that it's the only way to recover compensation after a negligent act, and unless that negligent act represents a criminal offense, those people can get away with it if accident victims don't want to file a lawsuit.

Medical expenses are not inexpensive, but getting compensation to pay for them makes everything easier for victims. Each personal injury attorney focuses on helping accident victims and getting financial compensation for not only medical care but also economic damage.

Did the victim's car get hit after the accident? Compensation money can be helpful to fix it.

Apart from getting money for medical care or loss of personal property, filing a personal injury claim with a personal injury attorney gets justice to the victim who suffered injuries after the accident. Making negligent people pay for what they did makes others hesitant to do the same, and that builds a safer society.

What Cases Can Tom Fowler Law Take?

Car accidents are the most popular personal injury case in Altoona since it's one of the most common ones in the country. Many people die or get injured after going through a motor vehicle accident, and they need a Des Moines injury attorney who can take their case and get compensation for everything.

However, there are many other personal injury cases people can get compensation for, but since many don't know they are being victims of negligence, they just let it slide.

These are the cases Tom Fowler Law can take for its clients:

  • Car accidents

  • Truck accidents

  • Motorcycle accidents

  • Bicycle accidents

  • Pedestrian accidents

  • Wrongful Death

  • Slip & Fall

  • Workers' Comp

  • Animal Bites

Here is an explanation of what those cases consist of:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Legal processes are almost the same for all personal injury cases involving motor vehicle accidents, and while compensation can change depending on the vehicles involved in that accident, not many things about the legal process itself change.

Motor vehicle accidents can cause physical injuries and emotional trauma, and people can file a lawsuit against the one who caused the accident regardless of how severe the lost wages or the emotional distress the victim goes through are. These cases also require insurance companies to get into the conversation.

Clients can say they are victims of a car accident as long as a motor vehicle hit them or crashed with them while driving or walking on the street. Since it's a personal injury case, the cause of the accident needs to be negligent actions, such as drunk or distracted driving.

Wrongful Death

Things start to change when getting to wrongful death cases, for example. They, in a nutshell, are meant to take financial compensation for the family of someone who died due to the negligence of other people.

Since personal injury lawyers focus on civil law, they are not the ones in charge of leading a criminal investigation since their only goal is to get compensation for burial expenses and pain and suffering. However, there can be a criminal investigation against wrongdoers who cause the death of another person.

Regardless of that, not all wrongful death cases lead to criminal investigations since not all of them fit the law requirements to be considered a crime itself. Therefore, they remain a negligence case, and the only justice victims get is financial compensation.

Slip & Fall

Slip & fall cases are not as common as the others addressed in this article, but they are still important and require victims to get fair compensation for medical bills. Nevertheless, injured parties can't file a lawsuit if they simply slipped and fell randomly since the accident needs to be caused by the negligence of a property owner.

Animal Bites

Although its name is self-explanatory, people going through an animal bite case seek a fair settlement after someone else's pet bit or hurt them in any way. Animal-caused injuries are not something to take lightly, so the best victims can get is to get medical attention as soon as they can.

Why Hire Personal Injury Attorneys from Tom Fowler Law?

Why Hire Personal Injury Attorneys from Tom Fowler Law?

Is someone a victim of a personal injury case? They should hire Tom Fowler Law because:

  • It offers free case consultation.

  • It can lead a thorough investigation and find evidence such as medical records or witnesses.

  • It follows the mandatory attorney-client relationship, so clients can tell its lawyers anything they want.

  • It's supported by big companies such as CBS, Reuters, Associated Press, Yahoo! News, and Telemundo.

  • It has a five-star rating on Google.

  • It works with professional and experienced personal injury attorneys.

All those reasons take the goal of getting maximum compensation after a personal injury accident closer to victims. Victims can count on this law firm as long as their case is part of Tom Fowler Law's related practice areas.

Hiring this law firm is as easy as calling it to schedule a free consultation in Altoona, so there's no need to hesitate to do it!

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Bottom Line

No one should go through a personal injury case, and negligent people should always pay for what they needed. Some personal injuries lead to permanent physical damage, and treatment for that damage is not inexpensive at all.

Tom Fowler Law has helped its clients in Altoona as a top priority, and its personal injury lawyers will do everything in their hands to win the case, so people can trust them to give their 100% in every case.

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