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What Motorcycle Safety Gear Should I Have?

Riding a motorcycle can be both fun and rewarding; however, it is also dangerous. In fact, according to data, motorcycle riders are about 29 times more likely than passenger vehicle drivers to die in an accident and four times more likely to suffer injuries. Fortunately, the proper safety gear can protect motorcyclists and help them avoid life-threatening injuries. But what motorcycle safety gear should riders wear?

Motorcycle Safety Gear Riders Should Wear

Motorcycle Safety Gear Riders Should Wear


It’s important to note that Iowa is one of the few states that doesn’t require a motorcycle rider to wear a helmet. However, that doesn’t mean helmets are of no use and should be ignored. As a matter of fact, they are the best way to prevent head injuries.

When choosing a helmet, the rider needs to make sure it features a sturdy, polystyrene foam inner lining. It should also have high-quality strips that sit securely and comfortably around the face.

Additionally, since helmets come in various styles and sizes, finding the right fit is vital. The ideal helmet fully covers the rider’s eyes, mouth, and face without obstructing visibility. You can learn about whether or not half helmets are safe.


A motorcycle jacket is not only a statement piece, but it also serves an essential function. More specifically, it protects the rider’s organs, limbs, back, and other body parts in the event of a crash.

There are two main types of motorcycle jackets: leather and textile. The former offers the classic biker look and has a longer lifespan than textile jackets. They also have a closer fit, which should provide a bit more protection. On the other hand, textile jackets are made from cheaper materials, which lowers their durability.

Nevertheless, both types of jackets should offer protection against abrasion and help lower the fatality rate in accidents. Keep in mind that an everyday leather jacket is not enough, as it doesn’t feature the necessary cushion that covers the vulnerable areas.


During a crash, riders will usually try to put their hands out to break their fall. Without high-quality gloves, the abrasion will injure their hands, bones and can even cause death. Learn here if a girlfriend can sue for wrongful death caused by an accident.

A good pair of gloves will completely cover the fingers, wrists, palms, and back of the rider’s hands. It should also feature some overlaps near the jacket’s sleeves to ensure that the skin isn’t exposed. In fact, some gloves feature a retention strap around the wrist, which makes sure that the glove stays on in case of a crash. Other models include protective armor on the knuckles and palms, which further reduces the damage that an accident can cause.

Furthermore, it’s important to make sure that the gloves fit firmly without restricting dexterity or blood flow. Otherwise, the rider might be unable to operate the motorcycle safely.

Riding Pants

Specially designed motorcycle pants are crucial, as they protect the legs during rides and in the event of a crash. Similar to jackets, riding pants are available in textile and leather. However, the best pants a rider can purchase feature protective armor on the shins, hips, and knees, as these are the most vulnerable areas.

The pants also need to fit tightly but shouldn’t restrict movement in the legs. So, when trying on pants, the rider should stand in a riding position to guarantee they can accommodate the full range of motion.

Nowadays, some manufacturers even offer jeans enhanced with Kevlar panels. And while they are a better option than regular pants, they won’t provide as much protection as a pair of high-quality motorcycle leather pants.


When buying motorcycle gear, no rider should forget about boots, as they serve two important purposes. Firstly, they protect the feet and ankles in case a motorcycle falls on the driver. Secondly, they help support the motorcycle’s weight on uneven and slippery surfaces. Therefore, the ideal motorcycle boots should feature non-slip and oil-resistant soles.

When it comes to the actual structure of the boot, the rider needs to check the inside padding. On the one hand, the padding can restrict the rider’s flexibility if it’s too thick. On the other hand, if it’s not thick enough, the boot won’t be as durable as it should be, and it could lead to injuries during accidents.

Riders can test the boots to ensure their durability by grabbing the toe and heel and twisting them. If they don't maintain their original shape, then one should consider an alternative. As a rule of thumb, boots that don’t feature armor over the shins and ankles and a metal plate on the soles are not a good investment.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the right gear can make the difference between life and death. Unfortunately, sometimes, accidents are inevitable, and riders can end up with serious injuries. If that happens, the best thing to do is to contact a top motorcycle accident lawyer in Des Moines such as one from Tom Fowler Law. Not only will they be able to answer all questions regarding motorcycle accident lawsuits, but they can also help victims in their future legal battles.


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