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Can I Sue After a Motorcycle Accident?

Thinking about buying a motorcycle and exploring the American wide open roads? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are approximately 8.5 million registered motorcycle vehicles in America. However, most bikers often face prejudice regarding their particular choice of transportation.

The statistics show that in 2019 around 84,000 motorcycle drivers were involved in collisions which resulted in serious injuries. Motorcycle accidents can leave an individual with physical, emotional as well as financial misfortunes.

However, due to the unfavorable opinions regarding motorcycles, many victims of such crashes are left wondering: “Can I sue after a motorcycle accident?” With a proper lawyer fighting by your side, the answer is always yes.

Leading Causes of Motorcycle Collisions

Leading Causes of Motorcycle Collisions

Many different factors can play a deciding role in motorcycle collisions. A lawyer can help evaluate the settlement, depending on the circumstances and the severity of damages. But the question is who is at fault in most motorcycle accidents, or what usually causes it?

One of the most frequent reasons accidents occur is driving over the speed limit. When a motorcyclist or car driver disregards the local speed limit, they consciously endanger passenger vehicles around them. Going over the limit provides less time for a driver to respond and potentially avoid a collision.

Similarly, driving under the influence is another major reason for crashes in America. Motorcycles require higher awareness levels and shorter reaction time when maneuvering on the road. If drivers consume alcohol or drugs, their senses become impaired and a drive home can result in a fatality.

Disregarding traffic signalization together with careless turning is another frequent cause of accidents. When drivers overlook important signals or make an illegal U-turn, they can unexpectedly cut off bikers and cause them harm. In such situations, a surprised motorcycle driver may swerve into the opposite lane, fall down from the motorbike, or in the worst-case scenario, get involved in a head-on collision.

Lastly, some motorcyclists prefer saving time or avoiding big traffic jams by moving from lane to lane, an action called lane splitting. However, it is important to note that lane splitting is illegal, and in such accidents, the blame falls upon the motorcycle rider because of the road safety laws violation.

Common Injuries and Evidence

If someone has suffered a motorcycle accident it is always wise to seek medical help. Motorcyclists are more prone to serious injuries due to their lack of protection and higher vulnerability in hazardous environmental conditions.

Some of the most common injuries include fractured bones (especially legs), traumatic brain injury (TBI), whiplash, internal bleeding, road rash, and organ damage.

The most dangerous injuries experienced in a motorcycle collision are brain and spinal trauma. However, these types of fatal injuries can be prevented by simply wearing a helmet. Unfortunately, the statistics reveal only 70% of bikers wear helmets when riding a motorbike.

No matter the extent of the injuries, physical or emotional, victims should go to the emergency room and get examined by a professional. Depending on the sustained trauma, a doctor may order further tests, prescribe medication, or demand immediate hospitalization.

What is more, medical evidence is one of the key elements for building a strong claim. After a consultation with an attorney, the next step is to collect all relevant documentation that provides proof of the victim’s injuries and possible physical limitations. Such evidence includes medical reports and bills, expert testimonies, treatment plans, along with files that show lost workdays.

Can I Sue After a Motorcycle Crash?

Motorcycle accidents can have long-lasting effects on people. Victims of such collisions may seek compensation for the damages they have sustained. But in order to get a fair settlement, is it worth hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer? Yes, indeed.

Personal injury attorneys who specialize in motorcycle accidents can greatly influence the outcome of cases. As previously mentioned, there is a stigma around motorcycles, and compared to other vehicle accidents, it is more difficult to win a claim. Oftentimes, people see motorcycle riders as guilty even before examining the evidence. For that reason, it is important to hire a lawyer who understands the complexity of the situation.

Consulting an attorney is a good route to take, even if the accident seems trivial. Motorcycle accidents should be treated as seriously as other types of vehicle collisions. Skilled Des Moines motorcycle accident lawyers can evaluate cases, settle disputes with insurance companies, and ultimately win favorable settlements for their clients.


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