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Is It Worth Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Anyone who has recently been in a motorcycle accident might wonder whether to hire a lawyer to defend their case. The victims of motorcycle crashes usually suffer irreparable property damage and personal injuries from which they struggle to recover. And to recover damages, they may need the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer.

These professionals would be the ones legally representing them in court. More importantly, they would help their victim build the case beforehand. But how do motorcycle accident lawyers manage to do that? How exactly do they help their client win the case?

What Does a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do?

What Does a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do?

Every year, over 1% of motorcyclists in America get into accidents. Perhaps this doesn't sound like much, but what about the number of motorcycle crashes? Namely, there are around 89,000 motorcycle accidents every year in the US. What happens with all those people who go through injuries?

Luckily, they are seldom left on their own. Instead, the victims get advised to seek out a personal injury attorney who would help them achieve justice. To get monetary compensation for the damages they've suffered, motorcycle accident victims should undoubtedly retain an attorney. In this case, hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer pays off quite literally.

A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Helps Gather Evidence

The first thing an experienced motorcycle accident attorney will do is properly investigate the case. Sometimes, collecting evidence is not easy, especially if the crash involves multiple vehicles. Because of that, the victim can’t possibly build their case alone. They usually do not have the knowledge and skills required, not to mention they might not be physically able to.

Fortunately, a motorcycle accident lawyer will take the matter into their own hands. Their task is to prove the other driver's negligence and, thus, secure the victim's compensation. The attorney can gather police reports and relevant witness statements that prove an innocent person has suffered injuries and property damage. Anything that might help shed light on the case — such as camera footage — will be collected and presented as evidence in court.

A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Communicates with Insurance Companies

Once the victim has retained a lawyer, they no longer need to negotiate with the insurance company. Instead, this becomes the job of their motorcycle accident lawyer. The truth is, the insurance company will probably be looking to get away with paying as little as possible. For that reason, its representatives might offer the victim an unreasonably low settlement.

In case that happens, the lawyer hired by the victim will negotiate with the insurance company. They will attempt to reach a satisfactory settlement that's in their client's best interest. Their firm attitude and experience might also scare off the insurance company representatives and prove them wrong. That way, with the help of an attorney, a motorcycle accident victim will have a better chance of getting the highest monetary compensation they deserve.

A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Proves Their Client Has Suffered Damages

Another way of building the case in their client's favor is for an attorney to gather their medical records. They can prove the victim's pain and suffering by speaking with their doctors and getting hold of their client's medical bills. The lawyer can also have their client’s doctor testify in their favor and set out the facts regarding their condition. If the medical prognoses aren't the best, this might further help build the case.

The lawyer can also collect the pictures taken of their client right after the accident. Then, they can present them in court as additional evidence of their client’s condition. They can also speak with their client's employer to see how many wages were lost due to these injuries. The lawyer should also look into their client's psychological condition and gather evidence regarding their emotional state.

Why Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Pays Off: Final Thoughts

Anyone who has suffered and would want to sue after a motorcycle crash will probably need a helping hand. Due to their medical condition and the lack of knowledge and experience, they won't be able to recover damages alone. Luckily, hiring a Des Moines motorcycle accident lawyer will solve this problem.

The attorney will build their client's case by collecting relevant evidence. They will try to prove the other party's negligence to secure their client the maximum compensation. The lawyer will also take care of the paperwork and present evidence in court. Regardless of the outcome, the law firm representative will increase their client's chances of achieving justice.

Because of that, the attorneys at Tom Fowler Law Firm will eagerly defend any motorcycle accident victim in court in an attempt to reach a satisfactory settlement.


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