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Clive, IA, Is a Fun Place

Fun Places to Visit in Clive, IA


Clive, IA, is a fun place with numerous fun activities to keep you engaged throughout your stay or visit. Fun places allow you to create e everlasting memories with friends and family. Spending time together doing the activities gives you time away from your busy daily routine, and the space enables you to recoup and clear your head. Information can be found here.

Create time and visit the following places: 

Swanson Memorial Park

Swanson Memorial Park is a public park known as one of the biggest parks in the city. The park has a rich history. The Clive society maintains the railroad depot and Caboose, which are historical attractions in Swanson Memorial Park. The park is well-maintained, with the flowers and lawns getting attended to daily, giving it a beautiful look. See here for information about Clive, IA, Is a Commercial Hub.

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John Wayne Birthplace Museum

The John Wayne Birthplace Museum is the only museum dedicated to John Wayne. The facility naturally includes a movie theatre. The place is rich in history, and you won't regret visiting it. For history enthusiasts who would like to know more about him and understand how everything came about then, the John Wayne Birthplace Museum is the place to visit. 

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