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Des Moines Truck Accident Attorney

Hire An Experienced Des Moines Truck Accident Attorney

Have you or a loved one experienced pain and suffering through a truck crash? You need a truck accident lawyer that you can rely on.

The Truck Accident Lawyer That The Community Can Rely On

Tom continues to impress me with his prompt follow up, attention to detail and genuine personality. If you are in need of help or simply need legal advice, Tom is your guy!

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Tom is a friendly experienced lawyer who cares about his clients needs. Honest and straightforward. Great place to go to get honest legal assistance! Would recommend.

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Works exceptionally well with you. Tom is a man of his word and get’s whatever your needs are as quick and fast as possible. Glad to have worked with this organization.

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About Commercial Truck Accidents

A commercial truck accident can happen out of nowhere. They are especially dangerous, given these commercial vehicles are heavy. Collisions with large trucks can result in personal injury or wrongful death. Accident victims should seek out the legal advice of a truck accident lawyer.

Have you or a loved one experienced pain and suffering through a truck crash? You need a truck accident lawyer that you can rely on. If you live in West Des Moines, IA, consider the legal advice of the Tom Fowler Law Firm. A former U.S. Marine veteran, Tom Fowler has years of expertise in personal injury law. With the help of experienced nurses, Fowler recovered millions for serious injuries in truck accidents. He continues to serve residents of Des Moines, IA.

You can schedule a free consultation when you call (515)-231-1438. There is also an online form you can fill out, with your personal information. As a truck accident lawyer, Tom Fowler understands Iowa personal injury law. Find the legal advice that's right for you. Here is everything you need to know about your case and why it's relevant to you.

Commercial Truck Crashes

The Main Causes of Commercial Truck Crashes

More often than not, a commercial truck accident is the result of negligence. You or the other driver may collide if you fail to notice one another. For a case to be successful in court, attorneys must identify the cause of these truck accidents.

Semi Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue is one of the major causes of truck drivers crashing their commercial vehicle. When you experience driver fatigue, it impairs your trucking capabilities. Trucking involves long shifts; a truck driver can spend several hours on the road without sleep. Commercial trucks under driver fatigue are prone to a devastating accident.

Iowa lacks specific laws in regard to driver fatigue. However, truck drivers can be tried in civil and criminal courts. Whether it involves a tractor-trailer, large trucks, or a commercial vehicle, every case depends on how severe the injuries are.

Load Break-Offs

Another factor for a commercial truck accident is if the load breaks off and hits a vehicle behind them. For example, a commercial truck might carry tractor-trailers. If the hitch breaks off at any point, you can run right into it. Iowa accidents take into consideration the state of maintenance for any given vehicle, especially a commercial truck.

Personal Injury and Negligence

Personal Injury Cases And Negligence

A personal injury refers to damages toward your body, mind, and emotions. It's a rule that generally applies to negligent acts of harm, such as a truck accident. By Iowa law, there is a two-year limit to when accident victims can file a case. A claim can be made in Des Moines, Iowa, along with legal advice and representation. Depending on the accident cases, you can reach a settlement or financial compensation. It depends on the strength of the arguments from the attorneys.

Personal injuries can happen anywhere at any time. However, those involving trucks tend to be very dangerous, given the amount of force that collides into you. There is a specific reason why drivers must obtain a unique license to drive these vehicles. If you want to build a compelling case, you must learn to differentiate specific legal terms.

How Do You Constitute Pain & Suffering?

To discuss a settlement amount in Des Moines, IA, an attorney must present the case based on the severity of your injuries. There are two categories to keep in mind, which are physical and mental suffering. Injuries like broken bones constitute as physical ones, while emotional distress is a mental condition.

Tom Fowler Law Firm offers two registered nurses with over 40 years of combined experience. They can help review medical records to strengthen a potential case in Des Moines, IA. Their truck accident lawyer can provide an assessment of what needs to be done. There are several angles to a commercial truck accident; their Iowa attorney always covers their bases. When it comes to satisfaction among clients, Tom Fowler ranks highly in the state of Iowa. Commercial truck injuries are the main priority.


Get the compensation you deserve by hiring an experienced car accident attorney like Tom Fowler.

Hire a licensed truck accident lawyer to avoid costly mistakes and to maximize your compensation.

Tom Fowler has years of experience with the legal consequences of motorcycle accidents in Des Moines. 

Experts at Tom Fowler Law Firm can help bicyclists fight for a fair insurance settlement after an accident.

Tom Fowler Law has helped get justice for many victims of serious pedestrian accidents in Des Moines.

If you were hurt by someone else’s animal, reach out for legal help to get justice for your injuries.

Tom Fowler is there to help clients get what they deserve from a serious slip and fall accident.

Work with a dedicated workers’ compensation lawyer to get properly compensated for the injury.

If your loved one suffered a wrongful death, reach out to Tom Fowler Law to get justice for them.

In the case that you experienced any of the scenarios stated above, make sure to call Tom's firm to schedule a free consultation.

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What Makes A Case Different With Big Rigs?

Before you file a case with a truck accident lawyer, you need to be aware of the legal differences between trucks and regular vehicles. Insurance companies are heavily involved in trucking accidents since they must pay a certain amount to the drivers. How much money you can make depends on how much a driver has left, according to Iowa laws.

Trucks have different compensation guidelines, in comparison to a normal commercial vehicle. 18-wheeler trucks must comply with Iowa state regulations. For example, there are differences in weight class, such as large trucks carrying a tractor-trailer. It requires skill and precision for the driver; otherwise, there is a great risk of injuries from truck accidents. The Iowa guidelines for commercial trucks include the following legal requirements:

  • How long truck drivers can go without any rest

  • Whether or not there is quality control in the vehicle

  • How much weight drivers carry in their trucks


Drivers also have to pay more from their insurance company. Settlements are dependent on how much the driver can afford. They can also pay the maximum amount of their policy limits, depending on their insurance company. If there is proof of violation within the trucking companies, a driver may prefer to settle out of court immediately. The firm at Tom Fowler ensures a truck accident lawyer gives you the legal advice you need before you take action.

What is a Fair Compensation?

Fair compensation refers to a specific range for your likely settlement. If you experience commercial truck accidents in Iowa, you might expect an average of a few ten thousand dollars, depending on the damage to the vehicle, yourself, and your loved ones.


Tom Fowler makes sure you get what you deserve in difficult times like these.

Tom was very helpful, attentive and made sure to give me the best legal help possible. I really enjoyed my time with him and the efforts he made for me and my situation.

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Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful deaths in a commercial truck accident typically involve negligence. Under Des Moines, Iowa there are three distinct claims for wrongful death situations:

  • Claim for deceased persons, depending on injuries and damages at the time of death

  • Claim for an estate for the deceased persons, specifically their losses

  • Claim for the spouse and children of the deceased persons


These claims can also be tried in both civil and criminal proceedings, depending on the intent of the truck driver. It is up to the remaining family members to bring the case themselves. Tom Fowler Law Firm offers several attorneys with a free consultation. Even in this difficult time, their attorney-client relationship is a professional one. Given the two-year limitation on wrongful deaths in Iowa, you should consult for legal advice as soon as possible.

When you seek an attorney, they need to look at damages from both the commercial vehicles and the deceased persons.

Damages For Wrongful Death Cover:

  • Medical expenses from the last injury or illness

  • Funeral expenses for the deceased

  • Loss of wages from the beneficiary

  • Physical and mental suffering

  • Damaged properties

Specific damages in Iowa truck accidents depend on the parties involved in the case. For example, parents of deceased children can pursue claims for lost value in their companionship. Attorneys advise all available parties to join together in the case, whether it's family or the estate owners. Iowa judges must look at all the particular facts for each truck accident.

How To File A Claim In West Des Moines, Iowa

Clients should review the details of their case with an attorney. Once they find a reasonable cause for negligence, they can file a claim for the truck accident. Anytime you or a loved one is involved in serious truck accidents, you should turn to Tom Fowler. Based on Iowa guidelines for accidents, they can try to prove negligence on the part of the drivers and their trucks.

A truck accident lawyer needs to find probable cause for negligence. Iowa state rules suggest the following must be proven, without a shadow of a doubt:

Duty & Breach

If drivers do not correctly operate their trucks, they can cause injuries through an accident. A lawyer must prove they failed to meet the requirement of their job.

Causation & Damages

Once the driver of the trucks is proven at fault, a lawyer must showcase how wounded the victims were in their vehicle. The extent of their injuries can determine the settlement amount.

Keep in mind most cases with truck accidents get settled out of court before it ends. Accidents are often hard to prove who is at fault. However, insurance companies don't want to be held up in court for very long. More often than not, they prefer to pay only part of the sum rather than the total.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Adminis

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

In West Des Moines, IA, trucks are overseen by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, also known as the FMCSA. They provide safety oversights to commercial vehicles. It's their job to ensure drivers follow their regulations accordingly, or else they risk losing their licenses. They also provide online statistics on various collisions, such as those within a particular state.

Tom Fowler uses the FMCSA website to review state regulations for trucks and their drivers. There are implementations for company guidelines, such as drugs and alcohol. Tom Fowler can try to prove whether or not the driver failed to meet the safety requirements of their job.

What Makes Tom Fowler Different?

Tom Fowler recovered millions for personal injuries from vehicle accidents. He is a former Marine veteran and previously served two different combat deployments. Tom Fowler has experience in bringing the fight, and vehicle accidents are no different. Whether it's a regular vehicle or large trucks, he can build a strong case for you.

His brother Tyler is the office manager and personal investigator. To achieve the best possible outcome, he investigates the facts as he sees fit. Meanwhile, Jana and Mona are registered nurses with over nine and 40 years of experience, respectively. They carry medical expertise in evaluating the extent of your injuries. Through a combination of a personal investigator and emergency room experts, you are more likely to reach a verdict on your particular case.

Tom Fowler provides a strong attorney-client relationship with you. With his brother, wife, and mother, he works closely with people he can trust. They bring justice right to your doorstep, so don't be afraid to give them a call. See for yourself why so many victims were able to receive millions in court settlements. Tom Fowler fought for his entire country, and now he can fight for you and your loved ones. All you have to do is schedule an appointment.

Why Choose The Tom Fowler Law Firm?

The attorneys at Tom Fowler work very hard to bring you the justice you deserve. A commercial truck accident can throw you off your feet. Suddenly, your entire world is turned upside down. The good news is Tom Fowler can pick you right back up. If you or a loved one were involved in a vehicle accident in Iowa, you can get a free consultation. Tom Fowler uses a reliable method of personal investigation to look into your particular case.

If you live in Iowa and require legal representation, turn to the attorneys at Tom Fowler. They continue to serve Iowa clients with several years of experience. Anyone involved in an accident with commercial trucks should give Tom Fowler a call at (515) 231-1438. They specialize in Iowa accidents., especially with commercial trucks. More importantly, there is no cost or obligation to review an accident. You can also fill out an online form on the main website.

Tom Fowler

Schedule a Truck Accident Injury Case Review!

Don't let a truck accident stop you from receiving financial retribution. Tom Fowler can review your accident case with an expert attorney. You can experience a healthy attorney-client relationship to build a strong case against commercial vehicle damages. No matter which method of communication you prefer, Tom Fowler is here to help with your truck accident.

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