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Hire A Credible Des Moines Workers' Compensation Attorney

When someone gets injured or falls at work because of an incident, they should not be worrying about how to pay medical bills and regular everyday expenses.

We work tirelessly to get you the money you deserve, but don't take our word for it.

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Have Peace Of Mind, Protect Your Family

Workers' compensation gives everyone the peace of mind they need and protects the family in case of this emergency.

Unfortunately, many Des Moines workers' compensation claims get denied each day. A denial is rough on all members of the family, and when the victim is unfamiliar with the Des Moines workers' compensation laws and suffers a major injury, it is only going to get worse. The court can deny the case because of a technical error or something else, but when that happens, workers' compensation lawyers in West Des Moines, IA, are there to help the victim gain access to the benefits they rightly deserve.

Contact Tom Fowler Law Firm by phone at (515) 231-1438 during regular business hours to receive a free consultation about the claim. It's also possible to fax the information to the attorney or use the online form for convenience.

Workers Compensation

Types of Work Injuries and Accidents

When someone gets injured in a work-related accident and considers filing workers' compensation claims on the responsible party, they may wonder if their injury counts. Sometimes, it might not be clear immediately that the injury relates to the job, so it's hard to determine if it's possible to file a workers' compensation claim. Therefore, it's a good idea to work with West Des Moines workers' compensation lawyers so that they can review the case and make sure that the injuries warrant appropriate compensation.

The workers' compensation lawyer needs as much information as possible on the incident to prepare for the case, which is highly useful when the victim believes they're going to get a smaller settlement (or none) than they deserve. Workers' compensation attorneys in West Des Moines can calculate the workers' compensation a person deserves.

Typically, injuries happen suddenly and are one-time incidents, such as from a construction site, or they can be indirect and long-term injuries that occur over time, but both types of injuries generally qualify for compensation.

Please contact the team at Tom Fowler Law Firm by phone at (515) 231-1438 for a free consultation today!

Sudden Injuries

Sudden injuries occur at any time and can be very painful. These injuries are what most people think about concerning on-the-job accidents. Below are some of the more common workplace accidents and injuries a person can suffer as a result:

  • Falls - Working on telephone poles, tall buildings, or cell towers has a higher danger of a fall, and falling from any height can lead to back injuries, broken bones, head trauma, and more.

  • Vehicle Accidents - Some people must drive for their jobs, and a crash could ensue and be deadly. Even if the victim survives, whiplash is common, and serious injuries can occur, such as internal bleeding or traumatic brain injuries.

  • Heavy Machinery Malfunctions - Working on a farm (just an example) can make it easier to get hurt from dangerous heavy machinery. It's easy to catch a limb or finger into the moving parts, and some people lose their limbs from these machines.


Workers' compensation attorneys in West Des Moines can help sort out the case. It's always best to work with a professional Iowa workers' compensation lawyer when unsure of what to do or how to go about filing a claim.

Indirect Injuries

Sometimes, the injury isn't sudden. People can suffer illnesses and injuries over time, which affects the way a person works and what positions they can hold at their job. Though these injuries might not happen all at once, they can affect whether a person can work or how much.

For example, some people suffer from repetitive motion injuries from their job. As a cook, a big part of the day is lifting heavy pots and chopping vegetables. With time, that same repetitive motion can wear down the shoulder, which causes pain so that the person can't do their work efficiently.

Other times, it's possible to develop a disease from the work. Some people are regularly exposed to chemicals and breathe those substances in over time. Such exposure can develop into an illness quickly, which leaves the person to cope with the condition and struggle to continue working.

In any situation where the victim can't work because of a work-related illness or injury, they deserve to get workers' compensation benefits. Recovery is sure to be tough, but it's possible to get back to a normal life with the right compensation for the injury. In fact, the best thing anyone can do is call Tom Fowler Law Firm on the phone right now to find out about Iowa workers' compensation laws and the statute of limitations.


Get the compensation you deserve by hiring an experienced car accident attorney like Tom Fowler.

Hire a licensed truck accident lawyer to avoid costly mistakes and to maximize your compensation.

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If you were hurt by someone else’s animal, reach out for legal help to get justice for your injuries.

Tom Fowler is there to help clients get what they deserve from a serious slip and fall accident.

Work with a dedicated workers’ compensation lawyer to get properly compensated for the injury.

If your loved one suffered a wrongful death, reach out to Tom Fowler Law to get justice for them.

In the case that you experienced any of the scenarios stated above, make sure to call Tom's firm to schedule a free consultation.

What Is The Qualifying Criteria Of A Work Injury?

To be eligible to collect workers' comp benefits in Iowa, the victim must meet specific criteria. The workers' compensation law is confusing, but in general, the person must get injured on the clock and while performing regular job responsibilities. If the person was off the clock or doing other things not related to their duties, the employer or a workers' comp insurer might object to the victim collecting benefits.

Certain classifications of workers don't qualify for workers' comp benefits in West Des Moines. These include police officers and firefighters who collect their work injury benefits through a pension fund, as well as exchange laborers within the agricultural industry.

It's important to focus on workers' compensation law, but many people aren't sure what constitutes workplace injuries. This personal injury is quite confusing, so it is imperative to speak with the employer as soon as possible about eligible benefits. Many workplaces must have workers' compensation insurance information in the workplace, but some employers are exempt.

A personal injury of this sort is serious, and injured workers have the right to talk to an attorney about their workers' compensation cases.

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Workers' Compensation Benefits

Getting the workers' compensation benefits necessary can take the stress out of the person's life and their family. That way, it's easier to focus on recovery and health to get back to a normal life. Luckily, West Des Moines offers many workers' comp benefits to protect a person and their family from financial distress during this challenging time.

It doesn't matter how long the person expects to be off work; they deserve the income required to maintain their quality of life after such an accident. It's imperative to contact Tom Fowler Law Firm by phone at (515) 231-1438 or online form about workers' compensation concerns and to get a free consultation about the case.

Pain and Suffering.png

Disability Benefits

The amount of weekly compensation a person receives focuses on the type of disability they collect. For example, if the injury is going to last over three days, claim temporary total disability and receive roughly 80 percent of the weekly income until they can medically work again.

However, if the employee is in recovery and can perform other work duties (temporary partial disability) they can collect about 67 percent of the difference in earnings from what they made each week and what they make now in wages until returning to the pre-injury position.

If a victim can no longer work again, they usually receive 80 percent of their weekly wages. Therefore, if someone suffers a traumatic brain injury and can't work again, the employer's workers' compensation insurer is responsible for the wages as long as the disability remains.

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Medical Benefits

In addition to supplementing the income while unable to work, the Iowa workers' comp benefits usually cover the full cost of medical expenses associated with the injuries. This includes copays required for doctor visits, prescription medications, hospital bills, and other healthcare expenses.

Typically, the personal injury lawyer fights to include all reasonable expenses acquired because of the accident, even if they aren't related directly to helping the injury. This can include hospital visits, but debilitating injuries could require special services or accommodations in the household, which are part of the injury care and requires compensation for them.

Call Tom Fowler Law Firm to get help with the personal injury case relating to workers' comp.

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Loss Of Life Benefits

Unfortunately, some accidents are so severe that they result in the loss of the employee. If a victim lost a loved one in a workplace accident, this is highly traumatic to go through, but help is available to address this financial strain that comes with losing a family member.

Death benefits are available to pay all or some of the burial expenses, though the Iowa's average annual wages determine this amount, and a lawyer is essential to help calculate those costs. On top of that, spouses are often eligible for lost income benefits until they remarry, and minor children (under age 18) are eligible, as well.

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Everything You Should Know About Appeals

When the initial claim gets denied, the denial letter must state the reasoning behind it. This is often when most people choose to consult with an attorney, and he or she must specialize in workers' comp claims. Qualified lawyers can ensure that the injured person fully understands why there is a denied claim and what to do now to gain the approval of the insurer. The stated reason for the denial can include:

  • The claim is past the statute of limitations in Iowa

  • Employers complain that the condition pre-existed

  • Disputes about the location of the injury

  • Lack of medical evidence


Many times, providing additional supporting evidence and documentation from the physician is enough for approval, but if the denial comes because the insurer claims the injury is pre-existing or excluded and remained undisclosed to cause the illness or injury, the lawyer may have to file an appeal.

Most lawyers also start the appeals process whenever a victim is wrongfully denied their benefits. Bad faith actions through an insurance adjuster might mean that the insurer didn't take enough time to investigate the case or that the insurer is being knowingly deceitful in its denial in an attempt to protect the company and its profits.

Regardless of the situation, it is imperative to have assistance from a reputable and caring lawyer with the knowledge required to handle workers' comp cases. Contact Tom Fowler Law Firm by phone at (515) 231-1438 for a free consultation.

Speak to a Des Moines, IA Workers' Compensation Lawyer

A person's injury at work means that the employer must provide compensation for work-related issues. The person needs to recover fully and get back to work or learn how to deal with a total disability. If someone gets denied, they have rights, but they might need to work with a lawyer to get compensation for the injury. Please call Tom Fowler Law Firm at (515) 231-1438 to get the compensation necessary.

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