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Hire A Des Moines Car Accident Lawyer The People Trust.

The mission is simple: to fight for Iowa clients and get them the best settlement possible in their case. Call Tom Fowler Law in Des Moines, Iowa today at (515) 231-1438.

Tom Has Brought Millions In Settlements For Injury Victims. Now It's Your Turn.

Tom continues to impress me with his prompt follow up, attention to detail and genuine personality. If you are in need of help or simply need legal advice, Tom is your guy!

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Tom is a friendly experienced lawyer who cares about his clients needs. Honest and straightforward. Great place to go to get honest legal assistance! Would recommend.

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Works exceptionally well with you. Tom is a man of his word and get’s whatever your needs are as quick and fast as possible. Glad to have worked with this organization.

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When Should Someone Get A Lawyer For A Car Accident

Not all car accidents warrant the hiring of a Des Moines car accident attorney. For minor accidents like a fender bender without injury, it's unnecessary to hire car accident lawyers. In such instances, one can deal directly with the insurance company to claim for any minor car damage. If someone is unsure about whether it's worth it to find a lawyer in a motor vehicle accident case, they can book a free consultation.

When there has been an injury and/ or severe damage to the motor vehicle, the accident victim needs an experienced lawyer on their side. While it is not mandated to file a case with a Des Moines personal injury or car accident lawyer, most victims find it to the best way to get a favorable verdict.

There are many possible causes of car accidents, including distracted driving, drunk driving, overspeeding, and other forms of negligence. Getting to the bottom of how the accident transpired, who was at fault, and what the outcome was can help the involved parties find the best way forward. If the accident victim plans to file a compensation claim or is considering it, Tom Fowler can assist. Contact the team for a free case review.

Hiring For Car Accidents

Types of Accident Cases To Hire Us For

When someone has been in a car accident resulting in major harm or damage, it is advisable to find a Des Moines car accident attorney. Dealing with insurance companies and compensation settlements is often a complex process requiring lots of tenacity to see the case to the end.


Tom Fowler Law is in the business of getting the best settlement or verdict possible for its clients. Here are some of the typical situations where car accident victims are advised to use the services of motor vehicle accident attorneys:

Serious Car Accident Injuries

Anyone who has been severely injured in a car accident goes through a lot of pain and suffering. Additionally, they must deal with the associated medical expenses to get the treatment they need. Depending on the severity of the bodily injuries, the immediate and expected future medical expenses can spiral out of reach. In the unfortunate case that the injuries are severe and permanent, this can affect the auto accident victim's health and quality of life.

Many times, people injured in a car accident are unable to return to work in the short or long term, such as with most spinal cord or brain injuries. They must deal with the loss of earning capacity as a result of the accident, recurring medical bills, the cost of surgeries, and possibly, home modification expenses. A Des Moines car accident attorney can help the accident victim file a claim for compensation with the insurance company.

Significant Damage to the Vehicle

Besides the potential personal injury from a motor vehicle accident, there is the issue of property damage. If the vehicle damage is severe, an experienced car accident attorney can assist the victim to file a claim for compensation with the insurance company, depending on who was at fault in the auto accident. Some car crash cases call for repairs, but when the damage is extreme, the car may be totaled.

The Loss Of A Loved One

Unfortunately, car accidents are among the leading causes of loss of life. If a loved one has died as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident and the fault was the other driver's, the family may be eligible to file for compensation in a wrongful death claim.

Negligence of a Government Agency

If the at-fault driver belonged to a government agency, the no-fault driver may face additional case complexities. If they plan to file for compensation, it's best to consult a Des Moines vehicle accident lawyer for legal advice in these types of car accident cases in Iowa.

Low Settlement Offer

The insurance company of the at-fault driver may offer the car accident victim a low and unfavorable amount. Many people have rushed ahead to accept any offer on the table only to realize that they received far less than they were due.


Working with a Des Moines car accident attorney like Tom Fowler can prevent this type of situation. Before an accident victim accepts a compensation settlement offer, they must seek reliable legal advice. For legal counsel and a free case review with no obligation, contact the team.

Settlements For Accidents

Reasonable Settlements For Car Accidents

Car accidents can lead to huge medical bills, property damage, loss of income, and other losses, some of which may be difficult to quantify accurately. These include physical and emotional pain and suffering. It is not very simple to determine what a reasonable settlement could be because the case details vary. Some of the factors that influence the settlement amount include divers' liability, the extent of injuries, the extent of car damage, financial and non-financial losses, and the terms of the insurance policies of the drivers concerning an injury sustained in that way.

A car accident settlement can be anything from a few thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The average amount is around $20,000, with much higher settlements given for serious and permanent injuries such as a spinal cord injury. The bests way to know the odds and potential of a case is to contact Tom Fowler for a free consultation in Iowa.


Get the compensation you deserve by hiring an experienced car accident attorney like Tom Fowler.

Hire a licensed truck accident lawyer to avoid costly mistakes and to maximize your compensation.

Tom Fowler has years of experience with the legal consequences of motorcycle accidents in Des Moines. 

Experts at Tom Fowler Law Firm can help bicyclists fight for a fair insurance settlement after an accident.

Tom Fowler Law has helped get justice for many victims of serious pedestrian accidents in Des Moines.

If you were hurt by someone else’s animal, reach out for legal help to get justice for your injuries.

Tom Fowler is there to help clients get what they deserve from a serious slip and fall accident.

Work with a dedicated workers’ compensation lawyer to get properly compensated for the injury.

If your loved one suffered a wrongful death, reach out to Tom Fowler Law to get justice for them.

In the case that you experienced any of the scenarios stated above, make sure to call Tom's firm to schedule a free consultation.

Advantages of Working with Des Moines Car Accident Lawyers

Car accident cases can be very trying on those involved. The pain, damage, loss, and other consequences can be difficult to manage and deal with without outside help. There are several advantages of taking car accidents to a Des Moines legal firm. With Tom Fowler Law, there is always the option to get a free consultation before deciding whether to proceed with the claim.

Here are some of the reasons why anyone who has experienced any type of loss or been injured in a car accident could benefit from working with a Des Moines accident lawyer:

  • An experienced personal injury or car accident attorney knows how to approach a case for maximum compensation. This work involves proving liability, providing evidence for financial costs incurred such as medical bills, and liaising with the insurance company and court.

  • When someone has gone through the pain and suffering of a serious and possible traumatic car crash the last thing they need is to have to figure out how to put forward their claims and defend the car accident cases.

  • State laws differ, and there might be new legislation that pertains to the injury case, which the ordinary person is unlikely to know. A Des Moines car accident attorney stays abreast with the law and any new clauses that could alter the verdict of the case.


There are many car accident attorneys in Des Moines and Iowa. How can someone ensure that they get the best possible legal representation and get their best shot at being awarded the maximum compensation possible? Choose Tom Fowler Law firm for a strong team, experience, expertise, and mission to help as many clients as possible.

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Why Choose Tom Fowler Law Firm in Des Moines, Ia?

There's a reason why most of the new clients at Tom Fowler Law come by way of referral. The firm has been winning cases for drivers and passengers in Clive, West Des Moines Ia, and surrounding areas. Contact the law firm today.

The Car Accident Team

A strong team is the backbone of every successful legal service. Tom Fowler Law is a family law firm comprised of Tom Fowler, his wife, mother, and brother. Tom is a Marine Corps veteran and a graduate of Drake Law School. Since leaving the field where he fought in two combat deployments, Tom has taken up a new fight to help the victims of vehicle accidents in Des Moines Iowa get the best settlements possible.

Jana and Mona are both registered nurses, while Tyler serves as the office manager and investigator. No matter what the details of the personal injury case, Des Moines Iowa residents are in good hands.

Personal Injury Experience

When it comes to a potentially life-changing case, having the right attorney and team in Iowa can make all the difference. With Tom's vast legal experience, Tom Fowler Law has brought in millions of dollars in settlements for their injury clients.

One of the key pieces of evidence required in a personal or car accident injury case is the proof of injury. With a combined experience of over 40 years between the nurses, medical records are accurately reviewed and prepared when making insurance claims. It doesn't matter what the case involves, be it spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, or any temporary or permanent disability, the team knows how to handle an injury case.

Tom was very helpful, attentive and made sure to give me the best legal help possible. I really enjoyed my time with him and the efforts he made for me and my situation.

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Schedule a Free Consultation With Tom's Office

Negligence, distracted driving, and drunk driving are major causes of car accidents in Iowa. Many Iowan drivers and passengers have experienced tremendous personal and financial loss through no fault of their own. When it comes to personal injury from serious car accidents, people usually need attorneys to represent them.

For an experienced Iowa attorney who is a fighter through and through, contact Tom Fowler. A free consultation is available to discuss the details of the case, including injuries sustained and damage done to the car.

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