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Des Moines Bicycle Accident Lawyer

A Reliable Des Moines Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Tom Fowler Law helps victims understand Iowa road law and support them with getting fair compensation for an injury and financial losses connected with bike accidents.

We work tirelessly to get you the money you deserve, but don't take our word for it.

Tom continues to impress me with his prompt follow up, attention to detail and genuine personality. If you are in need of help or simply need legal advice, Tom is your guy!

Jon Clayberg

Tom is a friendly experienced lawyer who cares about his clients needs. Honest and straightforward. Great place to go to get honest legal assistance! Would recommend.

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Works exceptionally well with you. Tom is a man of his word and get’s whatever your needs are as quick and fast as possible. Glad to have worked with this organization.

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Hiring A Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bike riders use roads as commonly as other vehicles do. Unfortunately, despite all the effort put into the education of other vehicle drivers, bicycle accidents are very frequent. Very often, motor vehicle drivers don't respect or even ignore regulations that allow bicycle riders to be safe on the road.

Daily, careless drivers cause bicycle accidents for a series of reasons. Bike accidents that involve a motor vehicle are very often fatal for a bicycle rider. They can cause serious injuries or even lead to a bicyclist's death. Even a minor collision can be traumatic.

If someone were involved in a bike accident in West Des Moines, IA, or anywhere else in Iowa, the person should contact a personal injury attorney from Tom Fowler Law Firm. The same holds if that person were to have a loved one who was injured from such an accident.

Bicycle Accidents

What Are the Most Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Des Moines?

Bicycle accidents happen almost every day. Unfortunately, Des Moines is a city with many busy roads, crossroads, and other spots that increase the risk of a bicycle accident. Even on a very calm street, accidents can happen.

Some of the most common reasons for bicycle accidents are:

Lack Of Attention

Sometimes when car drivers enter the street from a parking spot, they don't see cyclists that try to pass behind them. This lack of attention is often a huge factor in a collision. Of course, in the case of a bicycle accident, it can be fatal for the rider. Bear in mind that this is only one example of the effect of a lack of attention.

Failure To Yield

Very often, car drivers fail to stop at stop signs. They also pass red lights or they might also not check both ways before entering roadways. In the situation when a personal injury happened because of such carelessness, accident lawyers have quite high chances of getting good compensation for their clients.

Reckless Right Turns

Very often, drivers pass a bike rider and make right turns. Based on the way they do it, they cut off the bicyclists, causing a severe collision. An injury caused by this behavior can be very serious. If a car driver is not able to wait a few seconds to pass bicyclists safely, establishing the person at fault. If any rider were injured in such a context, that person should be sure to schedule a free consultation with a personal injury accident lawyer.

Collision While Passing

If motorists speed or don't pay attention to the road, they might not notice bike riders and cause a collision. In many cases, bicycle riders see an approaching vehicle. To avoid a crash with a car, they often swerve away. However, they often get injured anyway, as they might hit another object or vehicle on the street, especially when traffic is high.

Those types of collisions happen more commonly when cyclists ride in a bigger group.

In Des Moines, Iowa, the chances of a bicycle accident happening under any of these circumstances is very high. As there is often traffic, motorists can drive recklessly, and many cyclists get injured in the process.

Only Pay When We Win

Don't Pay Anything Up Front, Only Pay When You Win

Don't settle for anything less than the best. With the help of professional personal injury attorneys, these injured people can get what they are owed. Some legal experts, such as the Tom Fowler Law team, offer a free consultation during which victims can discuss their situation, share information about their injuries, and get ready to fight for what is theirs.

The best traffic attorneys work on a contingency-based fee. That means that all their services are not paid for upfront. Victims have to cover the costs of legal advice when, and only when, they win their court cases and get the right settlement. Clients of experienced attorneys get much more money, even after deducting the fee for the attorneys' services. This is why victims shouldn't hesitate. They should get their phones and contact the best accident lawyers in Iowa.


Get the compensation you deserve by hiring an experienced car accident attorney like Tom Fowler.

Hire a licensed truck accident lawyer to avoid costly mistakes and to maximize your compensation.

Tom Fowler has years of experience with the legal consequences of motorcycle accidents in Des Moines. 

Experts at Tom Fowler Law Firm can help bicyclists fight for a fair insurance settlement after an accident.

Tom Fowler Law has helped get justice for many victims of serious pedestrian accidents in Des Moines.

If you were hurt by someone else’s animal, reach out for legal help to get justice for your injuries.

Tom Fowler is there to help clients get what they deserve from a serious slip and fall accident.

Work with a dedicated workers’ compensation lawyer to get properly compensated for the injury.

If your loved one suffered a wrongful death, reach out to Tom Fowler Law to get justice for them.

In the case that you experienced any of the scenarios stated above, make sure to call Tom's firm to schedule a free consultation.

How Much Is a Personal Injury Claim Worth?

The worth of a claim depends on many factors. The value of compensation can be quite high if the victim has a proper legal representative who knows what kind of parameters are relevant to the claim.

Some of the things that can change the value of a personal injury claim are:

  • costs of rehabilitation after bicycle accidents and medical expenses sustained in the bike accident

  • pain and suffering that was experienced

  • lowered quality of life

  • emotional injuries and medical costs that come with therapy


Bicycle accidents often influence the quality of life of an injured person. Injured bicyclists have the right to get compensation for all these things from their insurance companies. They can also claim compensation from the driver of the vehicle that caused the accident.

When people have been hurt in a bike accident, they should not have to pay for the costs associated with a collision that they did nothing to cause. They should turn to an experienced bike accident attorney to get the compensation they are owed and the justice that they deserve.

Many clients don't know the true value of their claims. The good news is, they don't have to. They can grab a phone and contact the best accident lawyers in Iowa and get the kind of settlement that is going to cover all expenses connected with a personal injury.

Law Office









Why Should A Victim Hire A Legal Expert To Deal With A Bike Accident Personal Injury Case?

Many victims of bicycle accidents decide against hiring lawyers that could help them get compensation and solve their legal issues. That is a big mistake. Throughout this process, an affected cyclist should have the support of experienced attorneys, such as those at Tom Fowler Law. Going this route creates a higher chance of getting a fair settlement when vehicle accident attorneys deal with a personal injury case.

If a driver is at fault in a bicycle accident in which the rider obtained an injury, according to Iowa law, the driver cannot choose not to compensate the rider. If the driver tries not to, the rider can and should take the matter to court. Personal injury attorneys can prepare their clients for the court process.

Insurance companies often phone their clients right after an accident. They might ask a cyclist questions that they can then use against them during the process. If the victim obtained any injuries, Iowa law is pretty clear about how things should work.

If the crash was caused by someone else's negligence, the victim has a high chance of winning the insurance claim. The person won't lose anything by contacting a bike accident attorney. It's possible to schedule a free consultation with Tom Fowler Law Firm via its website or a phone call and enjoy a great attorney-client relationship.

Get Fair Compensation For A Bicycle Accident In Des Moines, Iowa

Cyclist accidents often lead to tremendous issues. Victims can suffer from heavy injuries, lose money, and not be able to enjoy life as they did before. The statistics regarding bicycle accidents are very worrying. Many people have died on the road and thousands of them got injured.

When an injured bicyclist or a loved one is affected by a bicycle accident, the injured party has a right to get legal advice to fight for the kind of fair compensation that can cover the costs connected with the bike accident in Des Moines, IA.

Tom was very helpful, attentive and made sure to give me the best legal help possible. I really enjoyed my time with him and the efforts he made for me and my situation.

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Bike Settlements

What is the Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Lawsuits in Iowa?

Don't think twice about if it makes sense to contact a Des Moines bicycle accident lawyer after a bicycle accident. Experts from Tom Fowler Law firm offer victims a free consultation to understand the ins and outs of the situation. They can help cyclists fight for a fair insurance settlement.

When you contact Tom Fowler Law firm, you can be sure that you are going to get support throughout the whole legal process. Justice is the most important thing for attorneys from this group.

In their office, one can find the support of experienced lawyers, but also two nurses that help them to deal with insurance claims and verify medical needs. The attorney-client relationship is very important for these accident lawyers.

Schedule a Free Case Review With Tom's Office!

Tom Fowler law firm is a family business, so clients can be sure that their case is going to be considered with compassion. Their injury attorneys can help with legal advice regarding the wrongful death of a loved one. They can also help victims understand Iowa road law and support them with getting fair compensation for an injury and financial losses connected with bike accidents.

Victims of accidents just need to grab a phone and call (515) 231-1438 to schedule a meeting with experts from Tom Fowler Law. They can call or fill out the contact form on the firm's website. The form only requires persons to leave a number and name for the firm is going to call right back. No matter how serious the damage is, there's no better place to get help!

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