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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Des Moines

The Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Des Moines

We understand how overwhelming the process for building a case can be. That's why our Des Moines personal injury lawyer offers a free case review to all clients 24/7!

We work tirelessly to get you the money you deserve, but don't take our word for it.

Tom continues to impress me with his prompt follow up, attention to detail and genuine personality. If you are in need of help or simply need legal advice, Tom is your guy!

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Tom is a friendly experienced lawyer who cares about his clients needs. Honest and straightforward. Great place to go to get honest legal assistance! Would recommend.

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Works exceptionally well with you. Tom is a man of his word and get’s whatever your needs are as quick and fast as possible. Glad to have worked with this organization.

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Finding a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When it comes to motorcycle accident lawyers, Des Moines, Iowa, has a rich offer of specialists. However, if a person wants the best motorcycle accident attorney, it is wise to contact Tom Fowler Law Firm.

When involved in a motorcycle accident, a person does not have as much protection as car drivers who are surrounded by a steel frame and secured by fastening belts, airbags, and other safety measurements. A motorcycle crash can be a very serious accident that can cost a person health or even life.

In many instances, it leads to disabilities. Unfortunately, insurance companies often do not pay much for motorcycle users who suffer an accident, because of the stereotypes that bikers are reckless.

Even if a person is an experienced motorcyclist and has operated a bike for years, considering all traffic laws, driving safely, and so on, that person can still be involved in a serious motorcycle crash.

Anyone who has been through such an experience should contact Iowa motorcycle injury attorneys.

Hiring For A Motorcycle Accident

Types of Car Accident Cases To Hire Us For

Even though insurance companies often want to blame motorcycle riders for the collisions they are involved in, the fault is often found in someone else's recklessness. Here are some of the most common causes of a motorcycle crash:

Cars Making Left-hand Turns

When a car makes a left-hand turn, a motorcycle driver is in a very vulnerable position. While it does not seem dangerous, the statistics of motorcycle accident lawyers show that this situation adds up to 42% of all motorcycle crashes that involve another vehicle in Iowa.

The turning car can hit a bike when it is going straight or trying to pass the car. In this situation, the visibility of car drivers can be limited and they might not notice bike riders.

In a situation when someone riding a motorcycle suffered injuries from an accident caused by a car turning left, that person most probably going to get compensation for the accident. If a bike rider was speeding or was in the wrong lane, the fault can be theirs. In both cases, a person might need the help of the best Des Moines Motorcycle accident attorney.

Head-on Collisions

Collisions with other vehicles are common occurrences that 56% of motorcyclists do not survive. When motorcyclists manage to survive, they often suffer heavy injuries.

Sometimes the motorcyclist is in a coma or the accident is fatal. In such cases, a loved one who is a member of a motorcyclist's family should contact legal firm attorneys as soon as possible. Thanks to the speed factor, the chances of fatal injury or even death drastically increase.

Corner Turning Motorcycle Accidents

Many motorcycle injuries that attorneys in a law firm see during their careers are caused by corner turnings. Most motorcycles were designed to have a lot of control while turning corners. However, if the speed is too high, the weather conditions are bad, etc., the risk of a crash is much higher.

Even the most experienced motorcyclists can obtain severe injuries, such as spinal cord damages, road rash, paralysis, etc., in situations when they lost control over the motorcycle while corner turning.

Motor Bike Crashes

The Number One Cause of Motorcycle Accidents

The most common reason motorcyclists obtain injuries has nothing to do with them. What a motorcycle attorney from a law firm sees very often is that the mistakes of other drivers cause the problem. A car driver who did not notice a motorcyclist approaching the vehicle is often the culprit.

Some motorcycles are smaller and less noisy than others. Therefore, motorcyclists often become invisible to other vehicles. Sometimes, motorcycles are not noticed because of the lack of attention of the other drivers or simply because the view was covered by some other vehicle.

Those situations are extremely dangerous for motorcyclists and can lead to severe injuries, such as spinal cord damage.

Whatever was the cause of the motorcycle accident, a person should reach out to one of the best Des Moines motorcycle accident lawyers, such as Tom Fowler Law. A victim has a better chance of proving that a motorcycle accident was caused by someone else's negligence and can get better compensation with a legal professional in the mix.

Is a Personal Injury Case the Same as a Workers' Compensation Case?

Motorcyclists have much less protection from injuries than other road users. This is why motorcycle riders often find themselves serious or even life-threatening injuries after crashes. Some of them include:

  • Road Rash

  • Broken Bones

  • Amputation

  • Spinal Cord Injury 

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)


Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents are fatal. Severe injuries, including spinal cord injuries or broken bones, can cause the death of motorcycle riders.


Get the compensation you deserve by hiring an experienced car accident attorney like Tom Fowler.

Hire a licensed truck accident lawyer to avoid costly mistakes and to maximize your compensation.

Tom Fowler has years of experience with the legal consequences of motorcycle accidents in Des Moines. 

Experts at Tom Fowler Law Firm can help bicyclists fight for a fair insurance settlement after an accident.

Tom Fowler Law has helped get justice for many victims of serious pedestrian accidents in Des Moines.

If you were hurt by someone else’s animal, reach out for legal help to get justice for your injuries.

Tom Fowler is there to help clients get what they deserve from a serious slip and fall accident.

Work with a dedicated workers’ compensation lawyer to get properly compensated for the injury.

If your loved one suffered a wrongful death, reach out to Tom Fowler Law to get justice for them.

In the case that you experienced any of the scenarios stated above, make sure to call Tom's firm to schedule a free consultation.

Law Office









How Can a Motorcycle Accident Influence Someone's Life?

A motorcycle rider can suffer various categories of injuries. Some of them are visible right away, while others can show up in the future. This is why a victim should contact the best law firm as soon as possible.

Injuries after a motorcycle collision are just one of the things that can influence your life. Some of the others include:

  • loss of income

  • high medical bills to cover treatment of motorcycle crash injuries (road rash, broken bones, spinal cord damages)

  • lowered quality of life

  • chronic pain as a result of injuries

  • mental conditions such as depression, PTSD, etc.

  • cost of medical equipment to help you to rehabilitate all injuries

  • the financial cost of switching motorcycles

  • loss of consortium


Des Moines motorcycle accident attorneys can help a victim to get fair compensation and support a person with getting life back on track.

Why Should a Victim Contact a Des Moines Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Here is why a person who sustains any injuries in a bike crash should immediately contact a Des Moines motorcycle accident attorney.

Motorcyclists are often considered careless and reckless while driving. This harmful stereotype might affect people who were injured in a Des Moines motorcycle accident. Family members can be affected too by having a loved one who passed in an accident. If riders try to pursue their claim without the help of experienced attorneys, they might not be able to obtain full and fair compensation for what has been suffered.

If the motorcyclist does not have the right insurance, the person can end up with nothing, even if the injuries are severe. The medical bills might be very high. An injured motorcyclist might be not able to work for a very long time, which makes the situation for each loved one even more severe.


of all injury cases are settled before they go to trial

An injured motorcyclist in Iowa who needs proper legal help should contact the best law firm around. Tom Fowler knows everything about the legal consequences of motorcycle accidents, and the firm offers victims a free consultation at which they can learn about legal responsibilities and the possible amount of compensation that can help them to cover medical bills.

Tom was very helpful, attentive and made sure to give me the best legal help possible. I really enjoyed my time with him and the efforts he made for me and my situation.

Google Review

Why Should You Choose Tom Fowler Law?

Tom Fowler Law is a family law firm. Tom is a lawyer and a marine corps veteran. He served on two combat deployments. During his law career, he has won millions in compensation for people injured in various motor vehicle accidents in Des Moines and other cities in Iowa.

Tom Fowler Law also has two registered nurses, which are Tom's wife and his mother. They have over 40 years of experience and help Tom with the professional evaluation of your medical records. Thanks to that useful information, an attorney from Tom Fowler Law Firm can get the best possible settlement for clients. The fourth member is Tom's brother. He investigates all the facts and evidence to ensure that a victim can obtain a fair settlement for what has been suffered, thanks to a sound case.

Tom Fowler

We'll Be There Every Step Of The Way

A motorcycle accident can be stressful, especially if you have never been through the process before. If someone was involved in a motorcycle crash in West Des Moines or another place in Iowa, the person only needs the help of a solid motorcycle accident attorney. If the person lost a loved one in a Des Moines motorcycle accident, the firm will be there to get the family justice and do everything in their power to help.

Experts from the Tom Fowler Firm do their best to keep a smooth attorney-client relationship that can help a victim to survive this challenging motorcycle event.

Schedule a Free Case Review With Tom's Office!

Interested clients can schedule a free consultation today with the law firm by filling out the user-friendly website form. It only requires a name, phone number, and other data that may be useful. Tom Fowler Law serves its clients by providing them with general information and helping them win the money that supports them during the recovery process.

Des Moines motorcycle accident attorneys are going to fight for the injured victims and loved ones who have suffered. It all begins with a free case evaluation. You can also call at (515) 231-1438!

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