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Clive, IA, is a Museum Fanatic’s Paradise

Clive, IA, Features a Museum for Everyone

In addition to being known for Greenbelt Park, Clive, IA, is home to museum lovers. Whether you consider yourself a science fanatic or an art lover, Clive has you at heart and in mind. The museums located in Clive are easily accessible and pocket friendly. Learn more here.

Reigniting the Fun in Science

There are people born to adore and pursue science in their lives. So if you are excited about science, you will derive joy from visiting the Science Center of Iowa. The museum features interactive sessions where adults and kids get to learn by participating hands-on in creating rockets and keystone arches, among others. A few hours at this venue, and you will leave transformed and bubbling with ideas for your next project. Learn more about Clive, IA, is a Food Lover’s Paradise.

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Marvel at the Art Scene

Lovers of art in Clive have several museums to choose from. First, you can visit the Des Moines Art Center located at 4700 Grand Ave. The museum houses Beaux Art-Style pieces which span back to the early 20th century. You can also make your way to Bob Feller Hometown Exhibit situated at 310 Mill St. The museum is home to incredible pieces depicting the baseball history of the region. This is a great place to learn about the history and growth of baseball sport in the region.

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