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A Visit to Living History Farms: A Look Into bygone Iowa

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

The state of Iowa has a long, storied history. From its indigenous native peoples to the first settlers, Iowa has a rich culture and heritage. And yet, as technology and society move forward, the stories and ways of life of times past can become lost. Fortunately, there are places such as Living History Farms in Clive, Iowa. Here you can experience life from the mid-1800s through the mid-1900s as it was lived by the generations who have called Iowa home for centuries. Find further facts here.

Living History Farms, located in Clive, is a living museum that brings to life the history of the Iowa Farm and its people. Founded in 1970, the farm features a 500-acre plot of land and 11 buildings showcasing the different kinds of houses, buildings, and lifestyles of the past. From the first Native American settlers of the Wapsipinicon area in the 1850s to the World War II era in the mid-1900s, the Farm provides an immersive, interactive look into the past of Iowa. The Farm utilizes living history interpreters, who are dressed and perform in period clothing, to provide visitors with a true understanding of life on the Farm during different eras. In addition, the Farm offers educational classes and workshops for those interested in digging deeper into the history and lifestyles of the time, as well as fun exhibits for the whole family to enjoy. Learn more about The Paragon Prairie Tower: A Stunning Architectural Achievement in Clive, IA.

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