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What Can You Do to Avoid a Multiple Car Accident?

Getting involved in standard car crashes can be a huge problem, but in worst-case scenarios, people may get involved in a multiple-car accident, which provides double or triple the risk of suffering fatal injuries.

It's essential to avoid distracted driving accidents as much as possible, as this is one of the primary reasons why these accidents happen in the first place.

An important thing to note about these auto accidents is that some of them are unpredictable. The accident may not be the driver's fault, but due to the chain reaction that these accidents cause, the designated driver may still get involved.

Multi-car accidents are much more common in freeways/highways, due to all the people driving distracted or at high speeds. Thankfully, there are a few tips people can follow to avoid fatal accidents as much as possible. It is also important to know what you can do to avoid speeding accidents.

This article will review what the best strategies are for defensive driving, increasing the chances of not suffering a car accident.

What Causes Car Accidents?

What Causes Car Accidents?

There are many things that cause car accidents; the most common factors are distracted driving and drunk driving.

Even though driving on an empty freeway gives drivers more liberty to move around as they please, the same doesn't happen when the road is congested.

Here's a list of common things that can cause an auto accident:

Drunk Driving

Drunk drivers tend to over-speed their vehicles. However, depending on the amount of alcohol these people have in their system, they can also have lower reflexes and reaction times.

This means that if any dangerous situation comes around, they may not react fast enough to prevent road accidents.

Distracted Driving

Driving is all about focusing. People must focus on other drivers, the weather, the signs, the speed limit, and more. Some people drive like they think they're the only ones on the road, so they avoid other vehicles and ignore traffic signals. This often causes accidents to occur in intersections when a driver is distracted, therefore, it is highly important to learn what to do to avoid intersection accidents.

All of those factors create the perfect recipe for car accidents.

Reckless Driving

Some people start driving while ignoring speed limit signs or inclement weather conditions; this also happens with a drunk driver.

Other people start to drive recklessly because they're in a hurry to go somewhere else. Unfortunately, this also can lead to car accidents.

Bad Weather

Bad weather is unpredictable, and drivers cannot expect to drive the same way they drive when the road conditions are safe.

Going over the speed limit in extreme weather conditions, for example, can cause the reckless drivers to lose control of their vehicle, and if they don't have a seat belt on, they can cause a huge accident that can hit the car ahead or hurt pedestrians.

Slick and Dangerous Surfaces

This isn't necessarily the driver's fault, but there may be some road surfaces that haven't been maintained properly. In those cases, the defensive driver must drive slowly and carefully around these dangerous surfaces in order to avoid an accident.

Do These Things to Avoid Car Accidents as Much as Possible

Now, this section will address some common tips drivers can follow to prevent multi-car collisions as efficiently as possible. In some times, auto accidents aren't that hard to avoid, but people need to be more conscious when they're on the road:

Avoid Distractions

Anyone who drives on any road should be aware that they must focus on many things at once to avoid accidents. However, some people with years of driving start to ignore these safety guidelines and start using their phones while driving, ignoring traffic signals, and more.

Drivers should remove anything that takes their attention off the road. Some common things that people can do in this department include the following:

  • Not having as many passengers in the car.

  • Pulling over if the driver needs to eat or check their phone.

  • Finding a rest area or parking lot if they're too tired to drive.

  • Planning routes ahead of time.

Don't Drink and Drive or Tailgate

One of the primary causes of multi-car crashes is driving while under the influence. As mentioned before, alcohol can impair a driver's mental and motor skills, causing them to drive recklessly.

Solving this problem is easy. Everything the driver must do if they're planning on drinking is find another designated driver or use a ridesharing service to avoid having to drive later in the night.

Finally, if the person has to drive one way or another, it's vital to stay away from alcohol or drugs as much as possible.

As for tailgating, it's easy for many drivers to unconsciously get too close to the vehicle ahead. Any sudden moves, and the driver could hit the front one.

In any condition, people should avoid driving in any situation that could force them to suddenly use their brakes, as that could lead to a bad accident.

Drive Safely in Bad Weather

Typically, the best thing to do when there's bad weather is to not drive at all. However, if the driver must go outside by any means, they must drive much more slowly, pay extra attention to everything, and pay attention to signaling.

It's vital to note that harsh weather, like heavy rain, can create slick and dangerous surfaces for many motor vehicle drivers. Those who are driving too fast can lose control of their vehicle easily, which can cause accidents.

Snow and ice are also known for being dangerous, so it's better to drive with extra care in these cases.

Provide Plenty of Space for Other Reckless Drivers

Something that not many people pay attention to is the space they're giving other drivers, especially reckless ones.

If a driver is on the left lane and notices a speeder is trying to pass them, the best thing the driver can do is let them pass. It can be frustrating, but it can save everyone from a bad crash.

In most cases, every driver should have at least one car length in distance from the car in front. This will give everyone more reaction time in case something unexpected happens.

Slow Down

Finally, the best thing someone behind the wheel can do in any scenario is to slow down. It's normal to want to speed up when the driver is in a hurry, but driving recklessly won't solve anything, especially if they get into an accident.

In any case, particularly in adverse weather conditions, drivers should put their cell phone away, get their two hands behind the wheel, and drive slowly.

There are some cases where the accident may be caused by the car in front, and if the driver behind didn't have enough reaction time, they can get involved in the problem, causing a multi-car accident.

In essence, the driver must do their best to drive slowly, give enough space to anyone, and provide easy access to speeders. This will ensure that the person has a higher reaction time to anything that may happen.

What to Do If You Were Involved in a Car Accident

What to Do If You Were Involved in a Car Accident

What happens if, after everything just mentioned on this page, the driver still gets into road crashes? Here, the best thing to do is to keep calm and follow a few steps to ensure they get the compensation they deserve for any damages caused:

First, the driver who suffered the accident must get out of the vehicle and ensure that everyone involved is fine. Multi-car collisions can be a huge problem, so it's vital to ensure that there are no fatal injuries. If there's someone with these injuries, the driver may call emergency services.

Once that part is settled, the driver must gather the contact and insurance premium information from all of the people involved. Moreover, they should document the accident as efficiently as possible. This includes taking videos, photos, and testimonies.

Finally, the affected driver can talk to their lawyer of choice to discuss any legal options that may be available. Car crashes can be a burden for many people, especially those who may not have the money to cover all of the health and reparation expenses.

Thankfully, an experienced Des Moines vehicle accident attorney can help accident victims gain a reasonable settlement for all the physical, material, and emotional damage suffered.

Bottom Line - Work with a Reputable Attorney

Summarizing: What should someone do to prevent multi-car crashes?

  • Drive slowly

  • Give enough space to other drivers

  • Don't tailgate

  • Don't drink and drive

  • Don't speed

  • Focus on all things that are happening on the road

  • Get rid of any distractions that may be around

  • Don't drive when tired

  • Avoid driving in bad weather

  • Wear a seat belt

  • Use turning signals accordingly

Even those who follow all the rules stated above will be exposed to multi-car accidents if they're near many reckless drivers. However, driving safely and defensively will ensure that these drivers have a better reaction time to sudden movements the other cars may do.

In the unfortunate case that the driver was involved in an accident regardless of everything they did to stay safe, it's vital to take action, grab as much evidence as possible, and hire an attorney who can help them navigate all their legal options.

The legal team at Tom Fowler Law can help people in Des Moines, Iowa, who have been involved in multiple car accidents. Overall, the team is just one call away, so no one should hesitate to seek expert help today.



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