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What Are the Chances of Surviving a Motorcycle Accident?

Riding a motorcycle is always risky. For one, motorcycles offer less structural protection to the driver compared to other vehicles. Furthermore, motorcycle drivers are much less visible on the road, which puts them in danger at all times. Due to these facts, the injuries that motorcyclists sustain in accidents are usually more severe. Also, more collisions end fatally.

However, not every motorcycle accident ends tragically. In the sections that follow, you will find out what the chances of surviving such an accident are and which factors play a big role in the matter.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Data shows that motorcyclists are approximately 30 times more likely to die in an accident than drivers of any other vehicle. To put things into perspective: in 2019, 25% of motorcyclists involved in accidents lost their lives. On the other hand, the same goes for just 1% of car or truck passengers and drivers.

Looking at these numbers paints a rather grim picture. Still, some factors can do a lot to increase the odds of survival in motorcycle accidents. These include wearing a helmet and other protective gear, respecting the speeding limit, and getting medical help as quickly as possible.

Increasing the Odds of Survival

1. Wearing a Helmet and Other Protective Gear

Based on data from the World Health Organization (WHO), most motorcycle accidents end with drivers sustaining fatal injuries to the head and neck area. In that regard, wearing a helmet can be especially helpful. In fact, it can lower the odds of a driver dying from a collision by almost 40%.

Driver protection laws play a big role in these numbers as well. In states with no laws requiring a helmet while driving, around 60% of fatally injured motorcyclists wore no protection.

Comparatively, in states with stricter laws, only 8% of those who died had no helmet on. Thus, laws can go a long way in increasing the likelihood of survival in these accidents.

Apart from helmets, other gear can also help drivers stay safer and sustain lighter injuries on the road. This gear includes waterproof pants and jackets, goggles, knee and shin guards, gloves, and some durable boots. While these cannot save a life if the driver has no helmet on, they can still prevent severe injuries such as arm or leg breaks, sprains, and injuries to the eyes.

2. Respecting Speed Limits

Another important factor that influences survival rates in accidents is the driver’s speed. The higher the speed, the more severe the injuries that motorcyclists sustain. If the speed is too high, sometimes not even a helmet can prevent the worst outcome.

Thus, it is essential that all motorcycle drivers respect speed limits. That will give them ample time to react to anything happening around them. In addition, driving at a normal speed makes less impact to the vehicle and the driver if an accident does occur.

3. Being More Visible

Car or truck drivers often can’t clearly see motorcycle drivers on the road. In many cases, they simply aren't paying enough attention. There are even some who consider that motorcyclists do not have the same rights. That can cause drivers to be less careful, which can lead to serious accidents.

While it is not possible to control other drivers and their responses, motorcyclists can still do their best to prevent accidents like these. Wearing Hi-Vis gear and a reflective helmet can help. These items make them more noticeable to others, which then decreases the odds of a collision.

To Sum Up

Data shows that motorcycle drivers are several times more likely to die in collisions than people in other vehicles. Still, certain factors can do a lot to decrease these numbers. They include wearing a helmet, protective and visibility gear, and not speeding. Thus, though it is difficult to assess the exact odds of surviving an accident, these odds are much higher if drivers follow the rules above. These rules should be given importance and enforced, especially if someone else is going to use your motorcycle.

After surviving and recovering from a motorcycle accident, it is pivotal to get the help of a lawyer. Doing so will help the injured party seek the compensation they deserve after such a traumatic event. A great motorcycle accident lawyer in Des Moines will do everything in their power to set the driver on a path of further recovery and financial stability. Having a lawyer can also help you experience an easier process, especially in complicated cases such as having to sue your friend for crashing your motorcycle.


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