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Post-Concussion Syndrome Car Accident Settlement

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Having post-concussion syndrome due to a car accident provides post-traumatic effects of concussion in the future. If you were not at fault for the accident, the best thing you can do to respond to the situation is to remain calm. If not, you might end up having trouble with another driver, which will be an extra pain in your head.

Aside from the stress due to a car accident and concussion symptoms, which would last for months or even years, concussion or mild traumatic brain injury patients need to deal with their insurance companies to cover the financial expenses of the accident and concussion treatment recovery of the patients.

In most cases, it is the insurance company of the driver at fault who needs to pay for the medical expenses for the recovery treatment, property damage, and some sorts of damage brought by the accident or airbags. However, there are various attempts and ways on how to deny this claim to avoid the responsibilities to the patients who suffered a concussion or post-concussive syndrome or headache symptoms.

There’s a need to contact a Des Moines injury attorney or any law firm to help you with your proper compensation concern, especially if you were involved in a car accident. This article will enlighten you about its proper procedures on concussion settlement issues to learn more about this car accident settlement and how you can handle settlement problems.

Try to explore everything that can help you with your personal injury claim, along with free consultation from a concussion head injury or Des Moines auto accident lawyers in your place.

Post-Concussion Syndrome Brought By Car Accidentss

Post-Concussion Syndrome Brought by Car Accidents

A car accident is a common cause of post-concussion syndrome and headaches. According to a research study, there are numerous car accidents that cause post-concussion syndrome or symptoms to the driver. In fact, there was a study claiming that almost 90% of the plaintiff or drivers who suffered a concussion or head problem symptoms like pain or headaches couldn’t recognize that they had a concussion. However, they are already experiencing some symptoms of post-concussion syndrome. These concussion symptoms that they may experience are related to their brain injury or head injury, causing headaches.

Some research studies conducted last 2014 claim that there are numerous people diagnosed with minor traumatic brain injury and severe headache. Moreover, people with minor TBI or headaches caused by an auto accident or rear-ended collision may experience multiple symptoms like fatigue, sleep disturbances, aches on their head, brain injury, sudden blurred vision, memory loss, neck pain, light sensitivity, loss of consciousness, pain, and suffering. These symptoms or signs of concussion, such as light sensitivity, headache, or injuries, need treatment as soon as possible.

If it happens that you were involved in a motor vehicle accident and had post-concussion syndrome or symptoms that were mentioned above, then it is highly advisable to seek immediate treatment to address the pain, headaches, and concussion symptoms properly.

Post-Concussion Syndrome Settlement – Learning More About Concussion and Headaches

You can file a case against the driver who’s at fault for your post-concussion syndrome and headaches. A plaintiff may seek legal advice or free case consultation with an injury lawyer when the insurance company of the liable party does not answer the medical expenses or medical bills and personal injury claim which a plaintiff is seeking. Free consultation and asking for help from a law firm with your injury cases will help you understand the average settlement amounts and proper procedures, giving you peace of mind and free from extra headache suffering.

What Do You Expect for Personal Injury Claim?

All claims for traumatic brain injury are different from one another. That’s why it is crucial to know the normal and average procedures that you should do when filing an injury case related to headache concussion with your super lawyers.

If it happens that you are involved in a car accident, it is advisable to do the following things:

 Always be careful with what you say. It’s nice to be polite and calm while trying to say few things about the incident.

 Document everything which happens during the occurrence of motor vehicle accidents and even after the incident.

 As a plaintiff who is involved in an accident, you should ask for the documents like police citations & reports, documents from your hospital, and a copy of claims from the insurance company.

 If you’re hurt so badly or upset because of headaches caused by a motor vehicle accident, then let your friend or a family member help you in tracking events and paperwork.

 It’s also important to visit the hospital at once for immediate treatment for possible symptoms of concussion, even though you are not sure of the possible injuries or headaches' symptoms that you might have.

These are the things that you should do and take into consideration when filing an injury claim due to an auto accident.

Dealing with Insurance Companies for the Personal Injury Claims Related to Concussion

After the incident, an insurance company representative may try to contact you and ask several questions about the incident. It is essential to be cautious when dealing with the insurance company representatives since they will attempt to find anything to lessen or deny your injury rights.

Here are some of the red flags which you need to watch for when dealing or talking to the representatives of insurance companies:

• Asking your personal opinions related to the car accident - Stick to the facts that were happened.

• Requesting medical details prior to the car accident - This is a risky and complex matter, especially without an injury attorney sitting next to you.

• Suggesting a plaintiff visit a doctor they have chosen for another opinion - This might not help you with your injuries or symptoms of concussion such as headaches. Still, instead, it would negatively affect your claim.

These things are just some of the examples of possibilities that may happen after the accident. Being vigilant as you deal with the insurance company of the driver is indeed a wise decision.

What to Do If You're Confused After the Vehicle Accident

If you're confused about what to do after the accident, then it is crucial to contact some injury lawyers or even your private lawyer to seek legal advice about the things, settlement, and compensation procedures for the post-concussion syndrome and injuries made. It's also important to create an attorney-client relationship so that your injury attorney can help you arrange the concussion settlement amounts and processes.

Try to attend some million-dollar advocates forum for you to know more about the post-concussion syndrome facts and situations that happened in the past. In this way, you can also explore some things which you may use for your post-concussion personal injury claims. By attending such a forum about concussion settlement, you will also learn an average settlement value for post-traumatic experiences and concussions.

You may also ask for a free consultation from your private lawyer so that you will be guided on what to do next. As a plaintiff who suffered from concussions or other injuries like nerve damage, you can file an injury case to the driver. Your lawyer will see every angle of the incident and compute for an approximate concussion settlement value on your personal injury.

Seeking Medical Attention for Symptoms on Concussion, Head Injuries and Post-Traumatic Experiences Due to Accident

A brain injury could be fatal even though it's only a minor head injury. You may not know the extent of your personal injury if you will not seek medical attention for possible head or brain injuries. Seeking medical attention from the experts would help you check if there's a head injury, brain injuries, or possible symptoms of post-concussion that would lead to memory loss, headaches, pain, and suffering in the long term.

If you have some headache or had some injuries due to an accident, medical treatment is a must for faster recovery. Medical experts will also take care of possible symptoms of concussion syndrome brought by accident injuries.

Seeking Professional Lawyers For Injury Cases And Settlements

Seeking Professional Lawyers for Injury Cases and Settlements

If you're one of the people or patients who suffered from concussions, then hiring an attorney is indeed a nice option. What do you think are the reasons why? Here are some of the things that your lawyer helps you with your injury cases:

  • They help you to compute the settlement value brought by the accident. Your attorney is knowledgeable enough when it comes to the average settlement for a concussion.

  • As a plaintiff, you will be guided about the proper compensation and settlements for the concussion claims.

So, if you want to make sure that the right compensation for the property damage will be given to you, then filing a case against the driver's at fault and making a thorough investigation is a must. You may then contact your attorney to explain to you about average settlements and compensation for the car accident injuries and concussions.

Things to Consider Avoiding Concussions and Head Pain or Injuries from Accident

To make sure that you will not experience concussions from any accident, it is advisable to follow traffic rules. Always check the head light of your car so that you'll be safe when driving, especially at night. You also need to stop once there's a red light on the road fully. By following traffic light signs and rules, concussions caused by accidents will be avoided. Thus, it will not give you pain or headache thinking about settlement issues.

For a better understanding of concussions' issues and settlements, always contact your attorney and ask for some advice.

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