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Des Moines, IA, Is A Hub of Beach Life

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Topnotch Beaches In Des Moines, IA

It would be unfair for beach lovers if you cannot verify the beaches in Des Moines. As such, this piece is dedicated to wow you with zeal and give you an ardent desire to have a personal experience. Learn more here.

Big Creek Beach

A beach of its kind, well-maintained and fun-filled. Probably one of the best in Lowa. When you come to town, you are never going to miss this magical coastal fun stop. Everything that may take you to Miami is all here. The beach has some of the highest number of seafood restaurants you may need in town. Fishing is one of the fun recreational activities here. Not to forget swimming for those who want to get wet. Learn more about Des Moines, IA, Is a Music Lovers City.

Raccoon River Swimming Beach

The namesake of the city, the proud host of one of the longest boardwalk in Lowa, Raccoon River Swimming Beach, is a place to relish if not to love. With its charming restaurants surrounding it into a paradise full of tasty meals and classy drinks, arguably, you are never going to be hungry here. For hikers, those who can never sleep without sight of beautiful things have the whole boardwalk to stretch and admire all the fascinating things nature offers.

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