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Discover Living History Farms in Clive, IA

Located in Clive, Iowa, Living History Farms is a unique open-air museum that brings the past to life. This 500-acre living history museum offers a glimpse into the agricultural and rural history of Iowa, showcasing how farming and rural life have evolved over the past 300 years. Visit this link for more information.

A Journey Through Time

Living History Farms features several distinct historical periods, each represented by a different farmstead or village area. Visitors can explore: Read about Explore Raccoon River Park in Clive, IA here.

The 1700 Ioway Indian Farm

Experience the lifestyle of Iowa's indigenous people at the 1700 Ioway Indian Farm. This area depicts the Ioway Indians' traditional way of life before European settlement. Visitors can learn about the Ioway's agricultural practices, hunting methods, and daily life through interactive exhibits and demonstrations.

The 1850 Pioneer Farm

Step into the mid-19th century at the 1850 Pioneer Farm. This section illustrates the life of early settlers in Iowa. Authentic log cabins, barns, and period-appropriate farming techniques provide a vivid picture of the challenges and triumphs faced by pioneers. Costumed interpreters demonstrate activities such as blacksmithing, cooking, and farming using traditional methods.

The 1900 Horse-Powered Farm

The 1900 Horse-Powered Farm showcases the transition to more modern farming practices. This farm reflects the changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution, including the use of horse-drawn machinery and more advanced farming techniques. Visitors can see demonstrations of horse-powered equipment and learn about the innovations that transformed agriculture at the turn of the century.

The 1875 Town of Walnut Hill

Immerse yourself in small-town life at the 1875 Town of Walnut Hill. This recreated town includes a general store, church, schoolhouse, and various shops, providing a snapshot of daily life in a rural Iowa town during the late 19th century. Visitors can interact with costumed interpreters who portray townspeople and engage in period-specific activities.

Educational Programs and Events

Living History Farms offers a range of educational programs and events throughout the year. School groups can participate in hands-on learning experiences that align with state education standards. Seasonal events, such as harvest festivals and historic celebrations, provide additional opportunities for visitors to engage with history in a fun and interactive way.

Plan Your Visit

Living History Farms is open to the public from May through October, with special events and programs continuing throughout the year. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a student, or simply looking for a unique and educational outing, Living History Farms in Clive, IA, offers an unforgettable journey through time. Visit their website for more information on hours, admission, and upcoming events.

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