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Exploring the Historic Landscape of Living History Farms, Clive, IA

Updated: Nov 7

Living History Farms, located in Clive, IA, is a fascinating and unique educational facility that celebrates the culture of Iowa's rural history and agricultural heritage. This living museum has been providing visitors with interactive learning experiences since the late 1970s and is continuing to expand and develop each year. Visitors to Living History Farms can explore the museum's outdoor sites and many interactive activities that demonstrate historical Iowa farming practices, how to use early tools, and life in early settlements. Information can be found here.

The Living History Farms site is divided into three distinct lands, each representing a different era in our rural history: Pioneer, horse-powered, and industrial. The Pioneer Farm offers a glimpse into the life of early settlers in the 1830s. Visitors explore how the average homesteader farmed the land and lived off of what the land provided, in addition to learning about Native American history and relationships between early settlers and Native Americans. The horse-powered Farm takes visitors back to around 1880 when Iowa farms and towns were on the brink of the industrial revolution. At this farm, visitors take a ride in an authentic horse-drawn wagon and explore the unique and revolutionary methods of farming that allowed early pioneers to increase their output exponentially. Finally, the industrial Farm teaches visitors about the early 1900s, which saw the adaptation of industrial methods to farming. See here for information about The Ultimate Guide to the Des Moines Children's Museum, Clive, IA.

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