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Greenbelt Trail: Exploring Nature and Connectivity in Clive, IA

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Winding through the heart of Clive, Iowa, the Greenbelt Trail offers residents and visitors a scenic pathway to connect with nature. This trail serves as a picturesque route for outdoor enthusiasts and a testament to Clive's commitment to promoting active lifestyles. Clive, IA can be seen here.

Picturesque Landscapes

The Greenbelt Trail traverses through various landscapes, including wooded areas, open spaces, and alongside water features. Its natural beauty provides an ever-changing backdrop for walkers, runners, and cyclists. Click here to read about Wildwood Park: Exploring Nature's Beauty in Clive, IA.

Recreational Opportunities

The trail offers recreational opportunities for individuals and families, including jogging, cycling, and leisurely walks. Its well-maintained pathway caters to different fitness levels and preferences, making it an inclusive destination for outdoor activity.

Community Connectivity

Beyond its natural allure, the Greenbelt Trail serves as a connective thread within the community. It links neighborhoods, parks, and various parts of Clive, fostering accessibility and encouraging residents to explore their surroundings.

A Path to Wellness

The Greenbelt Trail enhances Clive's well-being by offering a dedicated space for exercise, fresh air, and outdoor enjoyment. As a symbol of Clive's commitment to health and vitality, the trail brings people together and contributes to the town's unity and vitality.



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