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How Long Does It Take to Get Approved for Disability in Iowa?

A legal decision in regard to being approved for disability benefits typically takes 3-5 months to be received. However, the precise timeline will depend on how long it takes to gather all medical records and any other evidence required to reach a decision. The application will be sent to a state agency that makes decisions on disabilities.

How Long It Takes To Get Disability

Contributing Factors When It Comes It How Long It Takes to Get Disability

What variables affect how long it takes for a Social Security Disability application to be approved? The truth is that the original disability claim's approval or denial will influence how fast you hear back about your Social Security Disability application. In some cases, having a workers compensation lawyer in Des Moines may help speed up the process.

Processing first claims typically take 30 to 90 days. Most people will receive Social Security Disability approval in 90 days or fewer if they are one of the fortunate individuals whose initial claim is approved. However, if their claim is denied, they will now need to go through the disability appeals procedure, which will prolong the time it takes for them to get their Social Security Disability benefits.

The medical records required to complete the claim and how long it takes the physicians to submit those papers will both influence how quickly the SSDI application is granted or refused. Nonetheless, the victim might be able to speed up the procedure if the physicians take too long to get the documents in by making duplicates of the records and sending them along with their application.

On the other hand, the Social Security Administration may request that the victim consults with one of their doctors for additional examination if sufficient medical documentation is not provided in the initial records. Depending on how quickly the plaintiff can schedule an appointment, this may or may not cause lengthy delays. Moreover, the victim must honor appointments. If they miss the appointment, they will need to reschedule and possibly lose their right to receive disability compensation.

Signs You Will Be Approved For Disability

Signs You Will Be Approved for Disability

Certain indications can mean that the plaintiff will be eligible for disability benefits, even if it may initially be difficult to obtain authorization.

There are things the victim may do before they submit their application that can increase their chances of initially being approved for disability. However, nothing is certain. Also, the victim may qualify for STD, learn if Iowa has short term disability.

Their ability to earn enough work credits is the first indication that their disability claim will be accepted. They must have sufficient work credits to be eligible for SSDI benefits.

The victim's age and the amount of time they've worked determine how many work credits they receive. Usually, these companies will demand around 40 work credits. Each year that someone works, they are eligible to get up to four work credits.

Now, the second indication that the application for disability benefits will be accepted is that the victim has enough medical documentation. Winning a disability claim requires medical documentation to support the claim that the victim's impairment prevents them from working. It is preferable if they have more proof of this.

Possessing a condition listed in the SSA's Blue Book is the third indication that the application for disability will be accepted. The list of ailments that the SSA has determined qualify for disability is called the "Blue Book."

If the symptoms and conditions match one of those listed in the Blue Book, the SSA will review the application and decide whether to grant you disability benefits.

The last sign that the victim will be approved for disability is that they can't go back and do the job that they could previously do before their disability.

If they can no longer work the job they used to because of their disability and cannot do any future work, they will get approved for disability. Learn more about what qualifies for disability in Iowa.

Bottom Line

Anyone can be ready to face a disability claim after reading all of this. All that's left to do is hire a professional lawyer to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Luckily, the Tom Fowler Law, located in Des Moines, Iowa, has a team of incredible lawyers ready to help anyone who needs to get properly compensated for their injuries. This can be done by calling the number at the bottom of this page.



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