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How Much Does Workmans Comp Pay in Iowa?

The road to recovery after an injury at work is difficult enough without worrying about income and financial support. Inability to work and earn combined with medical bills can leave people feeling helpless- but Workmans comp is here to help.

Workman's compensation is a form of liability insurance taken out by employers to cover medical costs and lost wages to injured or ill workers. It is required under Iowa law for all employers (except sole proprietors, independent contractors, and family farms) to provide some kind of workers compensation cover, and almost all employees with a valid work contract are eligible to receive it.

What many people want to know is how much Workmans comp pays in Iowa. Because of the nature of this type of insurance and how varied injuries and their consequences can be, it can be tricky to predict an exact figure.

In Short: How Much Does Workmans Comp Pay in Iowa?

The shorter answer is that there is no set figure, but there are ways to estimate how much a person may be entitled to. Iowa is one of the best states for workers comp- as it allows for the highest rates in the country. Last year, the average weekly maximum was almost double the national average, coming in at around $1500 per week.

In total, the average total payout for Workmans comp in Iowa is between $2000 and $40,000. It may seem like an excessive scale to work with, but due to the vast variety of injuries, expenses, and incomes, there is no way to work within smaller boundaries.

What Impacts the Amount Paid?

Many things influence how much workers comp a person is entitled to in Iowa- including their gross salary, marital status, and injuries. Generally speaking, Workmans comp equally a maximum of 80% of a person's spendable income- which means the amount they are left with after their salary is taxed.

Types of Benefits and How Much They Pay

Medical Benefits

This refers to any and all costs incurred during treatment for an injury or illness sustained at work. Medical bills, travel expenses, and days of work missed to attend appointments are all included. Generally, the amount received would be enough to cover all expenses.

Temporary Disability Benefits

If a person is unable to work for some time but is expected to return, they can claim temporary disability benefits through Workmans comp. It generally equates to 80% of the after-tax wage to a maximum of $1366. Payments start from the fourth day a person cannot work and continue until they return to work or are deemed medically capable of sustaining similar work elsewhere.

Permanent Disability Benefits

There are two possibilities here:

  • Permanent Total Disability: A person cannot perform the same duties because of an injury, and it is unlikely to change. There is no limit to how long payments continue, and they have the same maximum weekly limits as above (80% of the spendable wage up to $1366 per week).

  • Permanent Partial Disability: The injury permanently reduces a person’s earning capacity or ability to continue the same work. Maximum weekly payments are capped at $1257 per week up to 500 weeks- a total of $603,000.

How Are Workers Comp Rates Calculated in Iowa?

The basic calculation is as follows:

  • Work out the total after-tax salary of the worker.

  • Divide the figure by 100.

  • Calculate that number by the rate applied to the class of benefit.

  • Divide it weekly or monthly as per the payment arrangement.

What rate is applied depends on the type of benefits received, for example, Temporary Partial Disability or Permanent Total Disability.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

Understanding Workmans comp and individual entitlements can be complicated- and dealing with the proceedings in the aftermath of an injury can be too much for most people to handle. Des Moines workers comp lawyers can help ensure the correct procedures are followed within the allotted time frame to get people the support they need when they need it.

Why Tom Fowler Law?

Tom Fowler is a passionate and dedicated personal injury legal specialist and trusted Iowa attorney. The team at Tom Fowler Law is renowned for client-focused service and unrivaled attention to detail and can help navigate the waters of an injury at work.

Workers may also have the right to claim compensation for their injuries, pain, and suffering. A consultation with an expert can explain how.

Contact the team today for personalized advice and a free consultation. Begin your road to recovery today.


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