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Does Iowa Have a Motorcycle Helmet Law?

Iowa doesn't have a motorcycle helmet law. That means motorcycle riders don't need to wear a helmet in this state.

Most states require you to wear one while riding a bike. Some riders consider that a nuisance, while others think it's a decent safety measure. Iowa motorcycle operators have different opinions regarding this matter. That's because some think Iowa needs a motorcycle helmet law while others think everything is fine as it is.

Regardless of that, there are many things to take into account when talking about the protective gear riders should wear in Iowa. That's important in case you get involved in a motorcycle accident. If you are willing to sue someone because of a motorcycle crash, you need to know what your state's law establishes on the matter.

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Did There Used to Be an Iowa Helmet Law?

Did There Used to Be an Iowa Helmet Law?

Unlike what many people think, Iowa used to have its own Iowa motorcycle helmet law. That's because the Federal Government issued a bill that required all states to have regulations that gave riders the obligation to wear protective headgear. Most states in the U.S have universal helmet laws because of that.

The Federal Government law was issued in 1967. However, that law was modified by Congress 10 years later. After that modification, it was a mere recommendation that states had regulations to protect motorcycle riders. Those regulations could be the need for a Motorcycle Rider Safety Course, the obligation to wear helmets, or other things.

Iowa retracted its Universal Motorcycle Helmet Law in 1986. That made it one of three states that don't require riders of any kind to wear a helmet. Several lawmakers have tried to pass laws that encourage the use of a safety helmet.

Should Iowa Have Motorcycle Helmet Laws? Do Motorcycle Riders Need It?

Lawmakers and motorcycle operators have shown their concern about the lack of motorcycle helmet laws in Iowa. Some groups even say there should be more safety regulations apart from using helmets. An example of that is the obligation to wear safety glasses and go through a Motorcycle Safety Course.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety stated that wearing a safety helmet securely fastened with helmet straps is 37% effective to prevent deaths from motorcycle accidents. When it comes to head injuries, it can reduce them by 67%. Other organizations, such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and Ansi Safety Glazing Materials, encourage riders to wear a helmet.

Even if there's not a helmet law in the state, nothing keeps riders from wearing a helmet. You can wear helmets even if a mandatory helmet law doesn't make you do it. The problem with not having a helmet law is that nothing protects motorcycle passengers from accidents.

Most helmet laws only talk about motorcycle operators but ignore the people who are just having a ride. Because of that, some insurance companies have created a health insurance plan for motorcycle passengers who get involved in motorcycle accidents. However, regulations don't need to center themselves in helmet use laws.

Eye protection laws that require you to use safety glass lenses are also excellent to protect riders. Apart from that, some states, such as Texas, require riders to do an approved motorcycle operator training. That way, the state can make sure all riders on the street are qualified to ride motorcycles.

Should I Wear Motorcycle Helmets?

It's up to you if you want to wear protective gear while riding a motorcycle. Regardless of that, wearing it is the best thing you can do. That's because it helps you prevent a head injury and even death in some cases. Apart from that, wearing a helmet complies with what the Federal Law recommends you to do.

If you want to keep yourself and the passengers riding with you safe, you can also wear protective glasses. However, the vehicle you drive has to meet the safety standards required by the law. Companies such as Glazing Motor Vehicles need to offer three-wheel motorcycles equipped with enough safety features for motorcycle drivers.

Those regulations apply to the vehicles used by municipal police departments, too. Answering the initial question, we recommend you wear helmets and eye protection devices. However, every motorcycle helmet needs to follow some safety standards.

Helmets don't need to have a visor. If they do, that visor can't be more than one-quarter inch above the surface or exterior shell. The helmet's head and outer shell also need to be separated and supported by an exterior shell made of a non-shatterable material.

Laws in Wisconsin cover operators that went through motorcycle training and require all drivers to do so. The Ohio Law only requires underaged drivers to wear a helmet. However, they need to wear eye protection regardless of their age.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Other States

Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Other States

Motorcycle helmet laws are highly different depending on the state you are in. If you want to understand how these laws work, the best thing you can do is analyze the helmet laws in other states apart from Iowa.

The Illinois law and the New Hampshire law don't require you to wear a motorcycle helmet. That makes Iowa, New Hampshire, and Illinois the only three states in which motorcycle drivers don't need to wear any kind of protective equipment while riding.

All the other states in the U.S. try to protect motorcycle drivers by enforcing the helmet laws recommended by Congress. The Georgia Law requires all drivers and passengers to wear a helmet. An officer can stop a motorcycle operator if they find them riding without a motorcycle helmet.

Motorcycle drivers under the North Dakota Law need to wear a helmet if they are underaged. Unlike the South Dakota Law, drivers under 18 years old can ride with passengers as long as the passengers wear motorcycle helmets. Some regulations require motorcycle operators to wear a motorcycle helmet regardless of their age.

In Tennessee, the law requires helmets to have a label that states the helmet meets the requirements imposed by the Southern Impact Research Center, the Snell Foundation, or the American Society for Testing Materials.

Laws in Minnesota cover operators of all ages and state that all of them have to wear helmets. However, Minnesota law requires that every helmet must have a lining that meets or exceeds federal regulations. When talking about Maine's Motorcycle Helmet Use Law, only passengers that are 17 years old or younger need to wear motorcycle helmets.

Other motorcycle helmet laws are more restrictive and ask drivers to meet more conditions to ride. The New York Law requires drivers to wear a helmet regardless of their age. That includes passengers. Organizations such as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety agree with these regulations and encourage the reinforcement of motorcycle helmet laws.

Regardless of the motorcycle helmet law applied in your state, wearing protective equipment can save you from an accident. That's what motorcycle helmet laws are for. The most restrictive states regarding these regulations have the lowest death rate for motorcycle accidents. Because of that, many people encourage lawmakers to reenact motorcycle helmet laws in Iowa and Illinois.

Lawmakers don't seem to be planning on passing more helmet laws, though. If you are one of the people who want more helmet regulations to be imposed by the law, the best you can do is protect yourself and tell the people close to you to wear helmets. You can wear a helmet even if a law doesn't tell you to do it.

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As you could see, the law covers many things from whether or not you need a front license plate to cbd oil laws, depending on the state you live in. There are also some regulations you can take into account when thinking about wearing a motorcycle helmet. Whether the law requires motorcycle drivers to wear helmets or not, you should do it to keep yourself safe from accidents.

Some companies have a medical insurance policy that covers motorcycle accidents. Yet, you can avoid going through those accidents and even reduce the damage they can cause you by wearing a motorcycle helmet. Regardless of the time you have had your motorcycle endorsement for, it's never a bad idea to keep yourself safe.

If you get involved in an accident and want to sue the negligent party, you need a personal injury law firm that can practice law at a professional level. Finding the best attorney for you may not be that easy. Fortunately, we are here to help you.

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