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Living History Farms: An Immersive Journey into Iowa's Agricultural Past

Situated in Urbandale, Iowa, Living History Farms is a unique and educational destination that takes visitors on a captivating journey through time, offering a hands-on experience of Iowa's rich agricultural history. Information can be found here.

Historical Accuracy and Authenticity

Living History Farms is renowned for its commitment to historical accuracy. Divided into three distinct periods – the 1700 Ioway Indian Farm, the 1850 Pioneer Farm, and the 1900 Horse-Powered Farm – the living museum authentically recreates each era, allowing visitors to witness the evolution of farming practices in the region. See here for information about Lions Park: A Tranquil Oasis in Urbandale, Iowa.

Hands-On Learning Opportunities

One of the key attractions of Living History Farms is the opportunity for hands-on learning. Visitors actively participate in daily farm chores, engage with costumed interpreters, and gain insights into the challenges and triumphs of early Iowa settlers.

Interactive Exhibits and Workshops

The living museum goes beyond traditional exhibits with interactive workshops and demonstrations. These include blacksmithing, open-hearth cooking, and other period-specific activities.

Educational Programs for All Ages

Living History Farms caters to visitors of all ages through its diverse educational programs. School groups, families, and individuals can participate in guided tours, workshops, and special events designed to better understand Iowa's agricultural heritage.

Living History Farms stands as a living testament to Iowa's agricultural legacy, offering a captivating blend of historical accuracy, interactive experiences, and educational programs. This immersive journey through time provides a unique perspective on the challenges and innovations that have shaped the region's farming traditions.

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