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Where Should Motorcyclists Position Themselves to Be Seen Easier?

In the majority of cases, motorcycle accidents happen because other drivers on the road do not see the motorcycle. They then make turns or switch lanes without realizing that there is a motorcyclist near or behind them. The accidents that occur often cause severe injuries to the motorcyclist, while the other driver usually remains unhurt.

Is there a way to make motorcycles more visible on the road? Will they be more noticeable or safer in a particular part of the road? The sections that follow will answer these questions and offer additional safety suggestions.

Where Should Motorcyclists Drive?

Where Should Motorcyclists Drive?

Since motorcycles are a lot smaller than most other motorized vehicles out there, drivers have quite a bit of room to maneuver them. Generally speaking, motorcyclists can choose any lane available and drive in it, as there will always be enough space to do so. However, the fact that they can do that does not mean that they should.

For maximum safety, motorcyclists should drive on the leftmost side of the road, near the dotted white line. That is where the driver will be the most noticeable, as the chances of another driver not seeing them are much lower. In addition, driving on the left side gives the driver enough space to swerve into safety if there is any danger of a collision.

Proper positioning can make a lot of difference. Not only will the driver be more visible, but they will also be able to see hazards coming their way easier.

More Advice for Increased Visibility

Aside from thinking about positioning on the road, drivers can also do more to increase their visibility in other ways. These suggestions can do a lot to lower the possibility of a collision on the road.

1. Wearing Hi-Vis Gear

Even if a motorcyclist drives on the leftmost side, car or truck drivers might still not be able to see them. That is especially the case if the driver is wearing black or dark clothes during nighttime. Luckily, there is a great solution to this problem.

All motorcycle drivers should be wearing Hi-Vis gear, no matter what time of day it is. First of all, that includes wearing a reflective helmet. It does not matter whether it has green, yellow, or orange on its surface. As long as it is bright and can be easily seen, it is a good choice for riders.

Next, drivers can also wear Hi-Vis vests. These can be especially helpful at night when visibility is at its lowest. Together with the helmet, the vest can make the rider fully noticeable in traffic.

2. Proper Signaling

Though the role of signaling might seem obvious, it is still important to mention how much it can increase a rider’s visibility. Even if other passenger drivers do not notice the motorcycle itself, they will most likely see a blinking signal, especially if it happens repeatedly for a few seconds.

Thus, motorcycle drivers should always signal before switching lanes or turning down a side street. Aside from making the rider more visible, signaling will let other drivers know of the rider’s intentions. That can do a lot to decrease the odds of an accident occurring.

3. Being Extra Careful

Finally, motorcyclists should always be hyper-aware of the road and drivers around them. They should be able to respond to any changes quickly and do their best to avoid collisions or any other mishaps. While it is not possible to influence the reactions and perceptions of others, riders can control their own.

Combining good positioning, Hi-Vis gear, proper signaling, and good awareness is the only way to ensure safety on the road. Also, not getting on the bike after drinking alcohol or using other performance-altering substances is definitely a must.

Put simply, being extra careful decreases the chances of an accident, which is all that drivers can hope for when getting out on the road. Road awareness should be practiced all the time especially if there are hazards on the road that can cause a motorcycle accident, like grass clippings.

To Sum Up

To be more visible, motorcycle drivers should choose the leftmost side of the road, near the dotted white line. Doing so will keep them in other drivers’ lines of vision. In addition, riders should try to make themselves more visible by wearing reflective gear and signaling their intentions at all times. That way, they will ensure their own and the safety of all other drivers around them.

Road safety is important but also is securing your motorcycle financially. Having an insurance policy is necessary to help you lessen the expenses that will be taken out from your own pocket—you can even insure a motorcycle you don't own given that the proper process will be followed.

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