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In a Right Turn Accident, Who's at Fault? All the Answers are Available Right Here!

The majority of US road accidents happen at intersections. This is not surprising, considering the large number of vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians who converge at busy intersections, all trying to cross as quickly as possible.

One such accident that results in many accident claims in Iowa courts is a right-turn car accident.

While this type of accident is not nearly as common or deadly as those accidents involving left-turning drivers, it is nonetheless a dangerous accident that can cost lives. Tom Fowler Law can also consult on how to win a left turn accident.

In Iowa, victims of a right-turn accident are entitled to fair compensation from the at-fault driver.

However, before getting to that point, the court must first decide who is at fault in a right-turn car accident, and for this, one needs a good Des Moines automobile accident attorney.

When car accidents occur, there are usually a lot of factors that need to be considered before determining who the negligent parties are.

The same is true for a right-turn accident, which is why victims need to call Tom Fowler Law at 515-203-8434 and ask for a free consultation.

Even Without Oncoming Traffic, a Driver Needs to Exercise Caution!

Even Without Oncoming Traffic, a Driver Needs to Exercise Caution!

While most experienced drivers are always very careful and alert when turning left due to the presence of oncoming traffic, complacency and lack of due caution play a big role in accidents involving a vehicle making a right turn.

As a result, right-turn accidents that can easily be avoided are still claiming many lives, causing serious injuries, and destroying a lot of property.

It is important for drivers making a right turn to remember that they must give right of way to oncoming traffic or pedestrians using the crosswalk.

How Does a Right-Turn Car Accident Occur?

One of the most common ways that a right-turn accident occurs is when the driver turning right fails to leave enough time or space for the other driver to successfully negotiate the intersection.

Such errors leading to a right-turn accident normally happen when:

  • The driver at fault in a right-turn car accident underestimates the amount of space they need to make the turn successfully

  • The turning driver fails to judge the speed of the other driver correctly

  • An obstacle or other circumstance prevents them from completing the turn

  • The driver at fault in a right-turn accident was distracted while negotiating the turn

Determining Fault in a Right Turn Car Accident

Determining fault in an insurance claim for injuries sustained in a right-turn accident is not always a simple thing to do, and when going against a determined insurance company, car accident lawyers will need to use all the knowledge and experience at their disposal.

In most cases, the insurance company will be quick to point out that the driver turning right is at fault because they have to yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians crossing the intersection.

However, as always, it is important to look at each situation individually and determine who the at-fault party is based on the facts. Tom Fowler Law can also assist a passenger in car accident settlement.

Usually, personal injury attorneys will ask the following questions:

  • Did the driver involved in a right-turn car accident first stop at a red light or stop sign as required by law?

  • Was this an incident of distracted driving whereby the driver turning right was focused on oncoming traffic and hit pedestrians?

  • Did the driver make a right turn car accident cause an accident by speeding to beat a yellow traffic light?

  • Was the other vehicle speeding, the driver intoxicated, and failed to stop at a red light?

  • Did the turning driver fail to yield to oncoming traffic?

  • Was enough space given to the oncoming car?

Types of Injuries Common in a Right Turn Car Accident

The speed at which the vehicles were traveling and their size are some of the many factors that determine the severity of injuries suffered due to a right-turn car accident.

Usually, victims will suffer from:

  • Whiplash

  • Hip damage

  • Spinal cord injury

  • Back injuries

  • Minor traumatic brain injury

  • Concussions

  • Shoulder injuries

  • Concussions

Damages the At-fault Driver/Insurance Company Can Pay

With a good personal injury attorney handling the accident claim, victims can walk away with sizeable damages from the at-fault driver or their insurance company.

In Iowa, victims of right-turn car accidents can be awarded any of the following:

Economic Damages

Economic damages usually make up the bulk of the accident claim and are meant to cover any economic burdens the victims may have been forced to shoulder after experiencing an accident involving a right-turning vehicle.

These damages include expenses for medical services, such as medication and hospitalization, physical therapy, property damage, and lost income.

Non-economic Damages

While it is relatively easy to calculate economic damages based on, for example, hospital receipts and current wages, other damages are not so easy to determine.

This is the case for non-economic damages whereby the judge will have the final say on how much to award victims for their pain and suffering. Usually, it will take a very experienced lawyer to help win maximum damages.

Punitive Damages

In cases where the court feels that the actions of the at-fault party showed willful negligence and recklessness, it may impose further punitive damages on the driver.

Steps To Take Immediately After the Car Crash

Steps To Take Immediately After the Car Crash

The following are the important steps victims of right-turn accidents need to take after the collision:

  • Contact emergency services (police and ambulance)

  • Seek a medical evaluation and treatment if required

  • Gather important evidence, such as photos of the accident scene

  • Speak to potential witnesses to the accident and obtain their contact information

  • Call an experienced personal injury or car accident lawyer and set up a free consultation

Call Fowler Law Today for Top-notch Legal Representation in Right Turn Car Accident Claims!

Car accidents are an everyday occurrence in Iowa and each time they happen, the at-fault driver needs to be held accountable for their negligence. In a right-turn accident, who’s at fault is usually determined by the work done by a good lawyer.

Victims of right-turn crashes are entitled to fair compensation, and the trusted and experienced lawyers at Fowler Law are here to help!

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