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Rotator Cuff Injury Settlement Amount

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Being a victim of rotator cuff injury or shoulder injury from an accident can bring lots of concerns, especially in treatment and medical bills. It affects the muscles, range of a joint, and other related limbs. That's why you should always see a doctor after an accident. Even worse, the effect of this car accident can force old injuries back. The good thing is that there are lawyers who are trained and well-equipped to help you get compensation for a severe traffic accident and make sure the victim gets a proper settlement amount. If there are persons victimized by this incident and no one pays enough attention to them, then the shoulder injuries' settlement will be less than ideal for the victim.

Also, to better understand this incident, as well as the settlement value of shoulder injuries with needed medical bills, asking necessary and relatable questions is encouraged. In this way, the victims can be compensated for their rotator cuff tears and shoulder injury without any exception or decrease in the amount. Now, let’s take a look at the following from a law firm about shoulder injury and personal injury!

Settlement Amount Driven by the Rotator Cuff Tear’s Shoulder Injury Severity

Settlement Amount Driven by the Rotator Cuff Tear’s Shoulder Injury Severity

Talking about the shoulder injury itself is a necessity since it will cover not only the definition but also the scope and severity of that incident. This will then become additional learning about the settlement value you should receive.

So, the rotator cuff refers to the tendons and muscles in a person’s shoulder. If the impact of the accident is severe, then the body will receive a lot of trauma and damage. Typically, a rotator cuff injury is caused by lifting heavy weights, repetitive activities of the arm, accidental falls, or overthrowing things such as a baseball. Every part of a human’s body has no exception from vulnerabilities. It is important to realize that a shoulder has limits, and once a person exceeds its usage, there will be consequences. One of those is a rotator cuff injury.

Essentially, a rotator cuff injury is a cuff of tissue. Although it is firm and gristle, the shoulder tissues covering and attaching the shoulder socket and balls can be injured. It is composed of the shoulder blade, muscles, tendons, a joint, and any other shoulder muscles and tendons. Also included here are the ligaments, tendons, and muscles. These help control the mobility and range of shoulders and arms, as well as stabilize them. In short, the rotator cuff is composed of four tendons and muscles. When combined, these then make up the rotator cuff found on the arm’s upper end.

Moreover, one of the most challenging concerns involving shoulder injury like rotator cuff tear is when it’s injured in a car accident. The trauma and impact are stronger. That’s why professional help from licensed surgeons and doctors is needed. Most of the time, surgery, medical bills, and shoulder physical therapy are conducted to rearrange and bring back the mobility of the shoulder. If not, then the condition may remain stagnant or become worse.

Verdict Statistics and Average Settlement for a Rotator Cuff Injury Shoulder for Workers Compensation

The rotator cuff is one of the most vital parts of the human body as it’s inseparable from the body's range of motion. And so, a rotator cuff tear settlement amount is needed when there are reported shoulder injury cases with an injury claim. Moreover, here are the following variables that drive a torn rotator cuff injury case:

• Prior medical history

• Victim’s age

• Severity of the injury

• Partial or complete damage

• Previous surgery record

The severity of the torn rotator cuff and rotator cuff tears is considered the most important variable in a personal injury settlement. Whenever the injured needs professional medical help, such as physical therapy, free consultation, shoulder check-ups, the shoulder joint case caused by an accident will be more valuable compared to those who don’t. So, orthopedic surgeons are the professionals that must be visited to fix the rotator cuff tear through arthroscopic surgery. If the torn rotator cuff injury accident is severe and needs an open arthroscopic surgery procedure, then the settlement value will be higher than the minimum. This is also true if a reverse shoulder replacement is needed. If the torn rotator cuff injury is difficult to address even by the surgeons, then the amount will definitely increase. Traumas will also be counted as additional evidence to increase the settlement amount.

Below is the statistical data on settlements and verdicts for a torn rotator cuff injury accident.

• Average from a personal injury attorney and the jury national verdict is $70,000

• Median surgery settlement and verdict in Washington D.C. is $140,000

• Virginia’s median surgery settlement and the verdict is $30,000

• Maryland’s median surgery settlement and the verdict is $50,000.

If a plaintiff with a rotator cuff tear injury accident isn’t treated by surgery, then it will affect the recovery process. It is also possible to experience a life of pain and suffering if the accident causes it to be torn apart. Thus, those with rotator cuff injuries need to seek proper medical advice and surgery.

Aside from that, lawyers need to be as comprehensive and effective as injury law and insurance companies, especially when getting ready for a court trial. There are points that both the lawyers and victims need to be aware of. This will ensure that the victim receives full compensation for the rotator cuff tear injury and its damages.

Here are some of the sample cases!

Around the country, there have been several valuable rotator cuff injury cases reported and worked on in the trial courts with a plaintiff, a doctor, a client, and more. These cases are handled by the best law firm in the country. That’s why full compensation was rewarded for the claims of the injured victims. Most of these law and trial cases' value is civil, and the value of compensation received by the victims was dependent on the jury and the presented evidence.

• Maryland, 2019 Settlement

The plaintiff and client rotator cuff injury case was settled with treatment, doctor, surgery, trial, medical, legal advice, shoulder pain, and injury lawyers compensation amounting to $40,000 only. It was a rear-ended minor car accident, and the plaintiff involved was able to settle the case right away. Rotator cuff surgery was not required in this case. That’s why the claim value of compensation for the client and plaintiff was only little.

• Virginia, 2021 Settlement

In another one, we have the Virginia trial settlement case and claims wherein $200,000 was given as the full compensation by the jury for treatment of joint, fall, and other related concerns. The defendant, in this case, was a driver of a Ford F-350 who drove even at a red traffic light. This then resulted in a serious crash and injury that required adequate and surgical attention to the driver and other victims. In the end, the plaintiff paid a compulsory amount of $200,000 for the medical bills asked by the doctor for treatment and to settle the case claims.

Now, here are the most asked questions about this case!

Most Asked Questions about Rotator Cuff Injury

How much is the full compensation for torn rotator cuff cases?

In this case, the average insurance to receive fully is around $35,000 to $150,000. This is the range of amounts to receive depending on the severity and pieces of evidence presented during the trials of the case. For the most severe case, the insurance can reach up to $300,000. These amounts are not bad at all, and they can still increase or decrease, depending on the decision in court and the soft-tissue injuries incurred as well.

Are all rotator cuff injuries associated with car accidents?

Car accidents can be mild or brutal, but they are mostly associated with rotator cuff injuries caused by a plaintiff. This is an injury that any car accident victim and plaintiff can’t avoid, especially if there are no safety means inside the car. It affects shoulder and body mobility directly. It can also cause the tendons to split or paralyze the injured shoulder. Still, the pain depends on the impact caused by the plaintiff and identified by the attending doctor, which will then identify the amount of compensation or insurance to receive from the jury. Above all, car accidents are associated with this kind of injury claim.

What affects the rotator cuff injury settlement amount?

The settlement amount for a rotator cuff injury can be affected for various reasons. First, it is the severity of the injury. If the plaintiff and injury brought too much impact, pain, and suffering to the victim, then the compensation amount will increase. If it’s only mild, then the amount will be decreased. Second, it is the prior health condition of the victim. If there is already a correlating condition on the health of the victim to the cuff injury, then it will be questionable if the injury brings too much pain. If yes, then there will be conditions, as well as further deliberation considering the prior health condition. Lastly is the damage. If both the victim and plaintiff brought damage to the setting of the injury, then both will face the consequences of their actions, especially if both have committed mistakes that resulted in the injury. There will either be a decrease or complete withdrawal of the amount to be received from the jury by the plaintiff and victim.

How to get an experienced lawyer for this case?

Lawyers are known to be the joint legal professionals who are responsible for settling cases and claims, such as rotator cuff injury settlements. Now, to get the best and experienced Des Moines personal injury law office, it is advised to look for websites, claims, and recommendations where an attorney-client relationship fall is guaranteed. Besides, in this country, there have been several reported lawyers who effectively handled this kind of case and faced the plaintiff. Thus, there are reliable and well-experienced lawyers with an excellent attorney-client relationship to meet and rely on in this country.

Can this injury bring lifetime pain?

Can this injury bring lifetime pain?

Rotator cuff tear injury is full of pain and suffering, especially if the impact pain is brutal. With this, the possibility of experiencing more and a lifetime of pain and suffering is possible. However, rotator cuff tear accident pain can be decreased by simply having surgery. Victims must look for orthopedic surgeons who will conduct the rotator cuff surgery and rearrange at least the location and mobility of the rotator cuff to reduce accident pain. So, to answer this question, there is a possibility, but if there’s proper surgery appointment, workers' compensation, physical therapy, and accident rehabilitation, then the pain and suffering can be decreased. So, the possibility of lifetime disability can also be avoided by a rotator cuff shoulder injury with surgery.


Rotator cuff tear injury average settlement amounts and insurance are not always the same. There are a lot of conditions and considerations to ensure that the compensation will be enough for the victims’ medical, shoulder injuries treatment, and rehabilitation needs from the insurance company. In this way, a lifetime of pain and suffering can be avoided, as well as other concerns with the insurance company.


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