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The Living History Farms In Clive, Iowa

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Living History Farms is a 500-acre open-air museum located in Urbandale, Iowa. It's a ministry that helps visitors learn about the rich history of agriculture. Whether you're interested in the lives of the farmers of yesterday, or the life of a contemporary farmer, Living History Farms will provide the information you need. Learn information about Clive, IA.

The original Farm was a low-security prison farm. After a couple of decades, Living History Farms bought the land and turned it into a history museum. You'll learn about life in the early twentieth century in Iowa. Discover facts about The Pappajohn Sculpture Park In Clive, Iowa.

The museum is a great place to bring the family. There are children's camps at Living History Farms, where children can spend several days on a farm. You can also stay in one of the local hotels near the Living History Farms.

The Living History Farms are open-air museums in Urbandale, Iowa. Their mission is to educate visitors about agricultural history, rural life, and farming methods.



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