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What Should You Not Say to Your Insurance Company After an Accident?

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

After getting into a car accident, a person should call their insurance company and issue a claim. That way, they can settle the car accident to fix the car and pay for any healthcare costs. However, it is also important to keep in mind that insurance companies will do anything to avoid paying up. If a person says one wrong word while filing a claim, they can end up with lower or no compensation at all.

Therefore, how can someone protect their claim? Here are nine things a person shouldn't say to their insurance company following a car collision.

9 Things a Person Shouldn't Say To the Insurance Companies After a Crash

9 Things a Person Shouldn't Say To the Insurance Companies After a Crash

Insurers are trained to watch out for anything a person says they can use to get out of paying up. Even if a person is telling the truth, insurers can use unnecessary details and unfortunate wording to oppose their claim. Therefore, it would be best never to say the following things to an insurance company.

1. I'm Fine

If an insurance company agent asks about injuries, a person should never say they are fine. Moreover, they should never claim they didn't suffer any injuries until they undergo a doctor's examination. Waiting for the examination is important because some injuries start showing themselves days or even weeks after the accident. Also, the adrenaline makes it difficult for a person to assess their condition properly.

Therefore, it would be best to see a doctor first and document any injuries. However, a person should refrain from signing any medical releases before consulting their lawyer.

2. It Was All My Fault

Most people already know this, but it doesn't hurt to repeat it. A person should never confess their fault to the other driver, law enforcement, or insurer. So, they shouldn't use phrases such as "I'm sorry," "It was all my fault," and "I apologize." Even if a person is just trying to be polite, others will use this phrase against them.

3. I'm Not Sure

When talking to insurance companies, it is best to adhere to the facts because the insurers will try to use every answer to argue against the claim. That means a person should avoid using statements like "I believe" or "I think." So, if the person is not sure about the answers to some questions, they should never guess or give an opinion.

4. Don't Allow Recording

When a person is reporting an accident, insurance companies usually want to record that. However, this only serves the insurers' interests because they can later thoroughly examine the statement and look for contradictory information. Moreover, they can take anything a person says out of context and use it against them.

So, remember that no one is obligated to make a recorded statement. Also, a person should only make such a statement if their lawyer advises them to.

5. Other People's Names and Contact

A person should never share other people's names and contact with insurance companies. That includes information about their doctor, family members, and friends. The insurers might contact those people to get more details about the event, the extent of injuries, and the recovery progress.

6. I Don't Have a Lawyer

If the insurance company believes their client doesn't have an attorney, they might try to take advantage of them. So, even if someone doesn't have a lawyer, they should never mention it. Moreover, they should go and find one as soon as possible. On the other hand, insurers will probably treat the claim with respect and care if they know the client has a car accident lawyer.

7. Provide Too Many Details

A person should never offer additional information about themselves or the car they are using. So, if the insurance company doesn't ask about the speed or if the car is customized, there's no need to mention it.

8. I Have a Whiplash

This phrase is common among people who want to file a false claim. So, if anyone makes such a statement, insurers consider it a red flag and start paying more attention to the case.

9. I Accept

A person should always consult their attorney before accepting any insurers' offers.


There are many reasons a person should be careful when talking to their insurance company after an accident. So it would be best to hire a vehicle accident lawyer in Des Moines IA who can ensure a claim quickly goes through, and that compensation is fair.


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