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Should I Tell My Insurance Company about a Minor Accident?

Accidents are not an uncommon phenomenon in Des Moines. Unfortunately, the aftermath can be very severe, which often discourages people from reporting incidents to their insurance confidence.

Motorists are often under the impression that only major collisions need to be reported. So, many opt to address the more minor occurrences out of pocket. If you go this route, it may not be as convenient or as foolproof as you may think.

By law, there is a process that is meant to be followed when an accident occurs. It ensures that affected parties are taken care of where both their health and property are concerned. Not only are insurance companies meant to honor claims financially, but they also play a big part in carrying out the designated process.

You may wish to get further insight into the specific areas in which your insurance provider is valuable, as well as a car accident attorney. For that, you are encouraged to see the information below.

Protection from Other Insurance Companies

Protection from Other Insurance Companies

Never lose sight of the fact that an insurance company is a business. Though the nature of what it does is beneficial, there is revenue to be made. Therefore, companies will often employ strategies that are more efficient than they are morally acceptable. This is especially true if there is no legal precedent preventing such action.

For example, if you are to meet in an accident, it would not be strange for another party's insurance company to reach out to you directly. They often offer settlements, which makes it appear as if they care. However, it is very likely a technique to prevent you from getting what is due to you.

Should you contact your insurance company immediately, you can get adequate direction and protection, which helps you navigate the situation effectively. For example, your insurance company may tell you to refer any other party’s provider to it.

You are also likely to be told to report the incident to the police, so there is a record that could be very beneficial to you down the line.

Unseen Injuries

Not all damage or injuries present themselves as soon as the accident happens. You may be under the impression that you have adequately evaluated the extent of the damages present, only to end up making a very costly error.

The cost physically to fix a car not only depends on the make and model, but also the availability of parts and the choice of a repair service provider.

Additionally, some injuries do not start to present symptoms until time has passed. Some that do present symptoms can get significantly worse and last longer than expected. In fact, you may find that an injury that seemed basic renders you unable to work, compromising your chances of earning an income.

Without a report, there is no evidence to help you with compensation. The even worse scenario is where another party claims for things that never happened, leaving you to pay hefty fines for no reason.

Lack of Means or Insurance

Some people do not have insurance. This could be for a variety of reasons, including a policy that has lapsed with no renewal taking place. You may choose not to report the incident to your insurance company, as you decide to depend on that of the negligent driver.

However, when you find out that person has no insurance, what happens then? Sometimes, the person in the wrong may convince you not to make a report as an out-of-pocket payment is promised. The problem with this is some of these promises are empty and used as a means of escape from financial responsibility.

Either way, you get left with payments for something that wasn't even your fault.


Every insurance policy has terms that the insured party must adhere to for the agreement to stand. There is often a clause in your contract that requires your reporting off all accidents to remain in compliance.

A violation by way of failure to make a report could constitute the termination of your coverage. Remember that if others choose to call their insurance companies in, your provider is likely to be contacted, which means you're hiding the incident may become discovered.

Final Remarks

Do not subscribe to the culture of reports avoidance, even in minor accidents. Financial and legal penalties can be incredibly steep. If you are unclear on the terms of your contract and how Des Moines law may apply after an accident. reach out to Tom Fowler Law today for clarification and consultation.


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