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Is it Legal to Drive a Lawn Mower on the Road?

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

In some instances, people have to move their lawn mowers or other low-speed vehicles, like golf carts, from location to location. Especially if they have to mow multiple lawns or lend it out to a family member or a friend. So, the question is, are lawn mowers street legal? Keep reading and discover if driving a lawn mower is legally allowed in most areas.

Are lawn mowers street legal

Are Mowers Street Legal?

Many people believe that driving their lawn mower on the public street is legal or outside their property. However, it is just a misconception and not always the case. In most rural areas, people are allowed to ride on the road.

However, concerning city streets, it is illegal. People have to realize that riding a lawn mower is only meant for one place and to cut grass, and it is the lawn. Lawn mowers are not street legal in many states. These states have lawn mower driving laws that ban their residents from driving their lawn mowers on highways and public roads.

How Do You Make a Lawn Mower Road Legal?

Lawn mower owners may wonder whether their lawn mowers are street legal. The answer to that depends on several things. This means some states allow people to ride their lawn mowers on the road, while others prohibit driving lawn mowers.

For instance, if they drive their lawn mowers on a highly trafficked road and streets even with a slow-moving vehicle sign, then the answer is no. In most states, lawn mower driving laws consider a vehicle to be street legal if it has registration, license plates, proper lights, and turn signals. Unfortunately, most lawn mowers are not considered street legal because of those requirements.

On the other hand, if the street people refer to a rural road, they can consider it safe to say that the lawn movers are street legal. It is legal to ride lawn mowers from point A to point B in some states with rural areas.

Beware that many rural counties' farm equipment, such as lawn mowers, tractors, etc., are known to be legal. This means seeing people driving their farm machinery like riding a lawn mower is an ordinary scene, from one destination to another.

Can I Drive My Lawn Mower on the Road?

People should remember that driving their lawn mowers is street legal as long as stated on their state lawn mower driving laws.

When the topic is about the legality of driving a lawn mower on the road, it boils down to how the country and state regulate the action.

For example, most lawn mower driving laws in different cities, states, and countries have varying views about what is legal and illegal. So, the answer to whether a person can drive their lawn mower depends on the state driving law.

People can drive their lawn mowers if they are not in town streets, highways, or areas with high traffics. Lawn mowers are not permitted to be on the highway. Lawn mower owners must remember that a lawn mower cannot reach the specific speed set by the public roads. Even if lawn mowers can reach it, it is still unsafe.

In addition, lawn mowers are not designed or built as high as a car or tractors. This means lawn mowers are hard to see on the street or highway.

Is a Lawn Mower a Vehicle?

For sure, many people are confused about whether a lawn mower is a motor vehicle or not. Well, the answer depends on the state where they live.

Lawn mowers are not considered motorized vehicles in some states with golf cart laws. People should not be surprised if their lawn mowers are not categorized as motor vehicles in their state. In other words, they cannot drive their lawn mowers off their private property regardless of the situation. Even driving the lawn mowers down the block is considered illegal.

The laws in some states might be confusing when it comes to lawn mowers since they have motors. However, it does not change that not considering them as motor vehicles means it is not allowed to be driven across the town.

DUI Charges and License Suspension

According to most local laws, lawn mower owners can be charged with a DUI. A lawn mower might not be allowed on the public streets or highways, but it does not necessarily mean that the owner is exempted from being charged with a DUI. Police officers and local authorities can pull over a drunk driver on their lawn mower. The law says they can also ticket them once they feel that the operation of the lawn mowers is inhibited by alcohol.

Meanwhile, in some states, lawn mower owners cannot ride them around if they have a suspended license. Most people try to use their lawn mowers as alternatives to their vehicles after having their licenses suspended. The law seeks to stop people from driving their lawn mowers with a suspended license can only land them in more trouble.

Lawn Mower Horsepower

Lawn Mower Horsepower

Riding lawn mowers rarely have enough horsepower to drive at the posted speed limit. This means even if a particular country or state allows driving lawn mowers on public roads, the main highway, or streets even with painted lines, people still have to deal with laws that prohibit impeding traffic. According to the law, if the mower is not faster than 15 miles per hour, they present risks.

Not enough power on lawn mowers also poses safety concerns. If the lawn mowers have no blinkers, taillights, headlights, rearview mirrors, and the necessary speed limit, the driver and the lawn mower itself could be at risk from driving beside motorcycles, trucks, cars, and other automobiles. Talk to an injury law firm if you have gotten into an accident from a lawn mower driving on the road.


Are lawn mowers street legal? Unfortunately, only a few individuals know better about driving laws in their state. People are only allowed to drive their lawn mowers on the road in rural areas. If a person at certain age wants to ride their lawn mower on a public road, they must check their local ordinances. A lawn mower only has one seat. The driving law also suggests installing proper turn signals and lights on the lawn mower. Some lawn mower driving laws require the owner to register their lawn mower and get a license plate. Plus, they are not even considered motor vehicles, and there are age restrictions (provide proof) about who can drive the powered vehicle. People should always comply with the driving laws to prevent a significant issue in the future and if one arises, contact an accident law firm. These are the things every individual, particularly the old guy who always uses a lawn mower, should know.



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