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Des Moines, Iowa Workers Compensation: Everything You Need to Know

Workers' compensation is a system in the United States and many other countries that provide benefits to workers injured or who become ill due to their job. In Des Moines, Iowa, workers' compensation is a requirement for most employers. This blog post will provide an overview of Des Moines, Iowa, and worker's compensation, including information on eligibility, benefits, and more! Learn more here.

In Des Moines, Iowa, the Iowa Workers' Compensation Commission administered workers' compensation. The employee must have been injured or become ill while working to be eligible for the benefits. The employee must have missed at least three workdays due to the injury or illness. Learn more about Des Moines, Iowa Workers Compensation: What You Need to Know.

Benefits available through workers' compensation in Des Moines, Iowa, include medical expenses, income replacement, and death benefits. Medical expenses are covered for up to $50,000 per year. Income replacement benefits are available for up to two years and can replace up to 75% of an employee's lost wages. Death benefits are available for the surviving spouse and dependent children of an employee who dies due to a work-related injury or illness.

Workers' compensation provides financial assistance to employees who cannot work due to a job-related injury or illness, regardless of who was at fault. It is important to note that workers' compensation is a no-fault system. This means that an employee does not need to prove that their employer was at fault for their injury or illness to receive benefits.


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