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Is It Illegal to Drive with One Hand? | Legal Options from Different Perspectives

Iowa laws do not prevent people with disabilities from driving motor vehicles in the state. However, there are some circumstances where it may be illegal to drive with one hand. If caught, it could lead to serious consequences.

Since there are no specific statutes that address driving a motor vehicle with one hand in Iowa, a person with disabilities may settle their personal injury case due to the pressure from the other driver's insurance company.

The personal injury attorneys at Tom Fowler have extensive experience protecting the rights of injured victims by pursuing legal action against negligent parties. They can help those injured in Des Moines, Iowa, get the justice and compensation they deserve. They can also help answer questions like is it legal to drive a jeep without doors in Iowa?

Can People with Disabilities Drive with One Hand in Iowa?

Can People with Disabilities Drive with One Hand in Iowa?

People with disabilities often have a difficult life to live. They must adapt and change their lifestyle to fit in the society. Those who have lost an arm must overcome the challenges and limitations to be able to carry out their daily routine, which may include driving to work or dropping their children to school.

Drivers who have lost their arm to a disease or an accident must invest in car modification devices to help them drive their motor vehicles safely. Such changes are essential in helping people with disabilities live a normal life.

In the United States, there are no laws that make it illegal to drive with one hand. People with disabilities, prosthetics, or slings can sit behind the steering wheel and drive. However, it can be much more challenging for them to operate their motor vehicles safely.

The steering wheel is not the only car component that people with disabilities must be able to handle. They should also be able to control the gear shifts, turn signals, and hand brakes.

Since driving with one hand can make it difficult to operate a vehicle safely, it's essential to invest in car modification devices to make it easier and safer to drive.

Is It Illegal to Drive with One Hand?

Besides people with disabilities, any person may be tempted to drive their motor vehicle with one hand. Whether it is lighting a cigarette or drinking a beverage, it is essential to know the Iowa laws to avoid legal troubles.

Unlike South Australia, where it is illegal to drive with one hand on the steering wheel, the United States takes a more lenient approach to driving laws. There are no statutes that specifically require drivers to have both hands on the steering.

Although it is not illegal to drive with one hand in the United States, that doesn't mean that people should do it. The law is quite sensible, and people with disabilities can operate vehicles as long as they invest in modification devices.

However, the traffic rules may not spare those drivers who have one arm on the wheel while the other hand is busy holding a mobile phone, adjusting the radio, or reaching out for something in the glovebox. Law enforcement officers have the authority to pull over a driver for distracted driving.

Is Distracted Driving Illegal in Iowa?

Under the law, distracted or reckless driving is illegal, as it could increase the risk of accidents and endanger the driver and other road users. If caught, the law enforcement officer can press charges.

What Should People with One Hand Do Before Getting Behind the Steering Wheel?

If a driver does not have a right arm, it may be difficult for them to change gears. A person with a disability can take a driving test to determine whether they're able to safely drive their vehicle.

People with disabilities can also invest in car modification devices, such as adaptive electronic controls, steering wheel, turn signal extensions, and an automatic gearbox.

It's important to follow the road rules and ensure the safety of the other drivers. If a person's disability is preventing them from driving their vehicle safely, they must make alternate travel arrangements or modify their cars. Failure to take the necessary measures can increase the risk of accidents and lead to trouble with the law.

What Are the Consequences of Driving with One Hand in Iowa?

Since it is not illegal to drive with one hand in Iowa, people with disabilities can operate their motor vehicles as long as it is safe for them to do so. If they don't have a doctor's slip or the right car modifications, it could pose a safety risk to other road users, and law enforcement officers may press charges.

The same is true for those who don't have disabilities but are driving with one hand due to other distractions. They may be using their mobile phone or adjusting the radio's volume, which is a form of distracted driving that is illegal in Iowa.

If the driver does not have disabilities and causes an accident while operating a vehicle with one arm, they may have to pay fines. The law enforcement officer may also suspend their driver's license.

Distracted driving that results in a fatal crash can lead to a felony conviction in Iowa. The penalties for such an offense are severe and may include up to 10 years in prison and a maximum fine of $10,000.

Can People Driving with One Hand Recover Compensation?

The answer to this question depends on the facts surrounding the case. If a person who does not have disabilities is driving with one hand and causes an accident due to distraction, they may be liable to pay for the damages caused to the other party.

People with disabilities may be able to pursue a personal injury case against the negligent driver to obtain the damages. However, if they were distracted while behind the steering wheel, they may be partially responsible.

Can Injured Victims Who Are Partially Responsible for Their Injuries Recover Compensation in Iowa?

Can Injured Victims Who Are Partially Responsible for Their Injuries Recover Compensation in Iowa?

It's important to understand that Iowa follows the comparative negligence rule, meaning those injured victims who are partially responsible for their injuries may pursue damages if they are less than 51% at fault for the accident. This applies to distracted drivers and also people with disabilities.

However, insurance companies can make it challenging for claimants to recover compensation, which is why the affected parties must reach out to an experienced personal injury car accident lawyer for legal representation.

Tom Fowler Law Is Providing Free Consultations to the Injured Victims in Iowa!

Driving one-handed is illegal Australia-wide, but in the United States, this topic falls in the grey area, and there are lots of things to consider when pursuing legal action.

Since driving with only one hand is not illegal in Iowa, injured victims may be able to recover compensatory damages if they've suffered injuries due to another's negligence.

Those who have suffered injuries in an accident in Des Moines, Iowa, should call to schedule a free consultation with the personal injury attorneys at Tom Fowler Law, as they may be eligible for compensation.

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