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Is It Legal to Drive a Jeep Without Doors in Iowa? | Understanding State Requirements

Jeeps like Wrangler or Gladiator are off-road vehicles that are fun to drive. Many people prefer these types of automobiles without doors, as it makes them feel one with nature. Anyone considering purchasing a jeep may want to know whether it is safe to drive one and what the legal implications of it may be.

The personal injury car accident attorneys at Tom Fowler Law have a deep understanding of federal and local laws. They have extensive expertise in helping the injured victims in Iowa and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for their clients.

Those who have suffered injuries in an accident in Des Moines, Iowa, while driving a jeep without doors may find it challenging to pursue damages. They should contact the experienced team at Tom Fowler Law for legal representation. They can also answer questions like is it illegal to drive with one hand?

Why Are Jeeps Without Doors?

Why Are Jeeps Without Doors?

Most manufacturers produce motor vehicles with doors, as it is much safer. Even Jeeps come with doors, but most buyers choose to remove them, as they don't like the look and feel of being confined.

Jeeps were initially produced as military vehicles and would come with textile doors, making it easy for the soldiers to enter and exit the vehicle. When the manufacturer decided to manufacture commercial units, it started producing them with proper doors.

However, the experience of driving a Jeep is only unique if it doesn't have doors. Buyers may choose to have them removed if they're looking to buy a Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator.

Although the thrill of driving a motor vehicle without doors is unlike anything else, it does pose certain safety risks. There is also a possibility of getting into trouble with the law.

Is It Legal to Drive a Jeep Without Doors in Iowa?

Driving a Jeep Wrangler or any other motor vehicle without doors is legal in most states, including Iowa.

However, it is essential to follow the state law to avoid getting into trouble. There are other regulations that the driver must comply with to be able to drive their automobile legally.

What Are the Other Regulations That Drivers Must Follow When Removing Doors?

When a vehicle owner removes the Jeep doors, they are also getting rid of the side mirrors, which is illegal in most states. Depending on the state, the motor vehicle must have between one and three mirrors to be considered street-legal.

Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin are some of the states where motor vehicles must have at least one mirror for them to be street-legal.

On the other hand, Arizona, Colorado, Washington, and California are a few states where motor vehicles must have at least two mirrors.

Some states like New York, Maryland, Kentucky, and Kansas not only require motor vehicles to have a left-side mirror but also an interior rearview mirror.

On the other hand, Ohio requires motor vehicles to have three mirrors (two side mirrors and one rear-view mirror).

What Are the Other Regulations in Iowa Pertaining to Jeep Doors?

Although it is legal to drive a motor vehicle without doors in Iowa, drivers must follow the state regulations pertaining to side mirrors or rearview mirrors.

The law requires all vehicles without doors to have a rear-view mirror that is not obstructed. If it is blocked, the motor vehicle should have a side mirror on the driver's side of the car.

Can Drivers Attach Mirrors to a Jeep Without Doors?

Drivers can either purchase brand new or aftermarket mirrors to attach to their jeeps or any other motor vehicle without doors in the following areas:

Door Hinges

Attaching side-view mirrors to the door hinges is a great way to reposition the car's mirrors, as it is easy to install and remove. However, some may find the positioning to be a bit lower than the factory mirrors that come with removable doors.

It's important to note that attaching side mirrors to the door hinges can produce noise and vibration on highways, which can be highly distracting.

Windshield Pillar

The windshield pillar is an excellent option to consider for attaching mirrors, as the area is much higher than a door hinge and closer to the location of the factory mirrors.

With most pillars having a fast-release bracket, installing side mirrors in this location is easy and convenient, as drivers can easily remove and reinstall the door hinge system.

However, the windshield pillar mirror option is a costly solution, and there may be vibration and wind noise while driving the Jeep.

Same Position as Stock Mirrors

Drivers can install side mirrors in the same position as the stock mirrors by investing in brackets. This is the perfect position, allowing for optimal driver visibility.

Jeep Tube Doors

Instead of investing in side mirrors and brackets, drivers can purchase tube doors, as most Jeep tube doors have the necessary mirrors. Although this option is expensive, it allows the vehicle owner to drive without worrying about state regulations.

Is Driving a Jeep Without Doors Dangerous?

While driving a Jeep without doors can be fun and exhilarating, it can be dangerous and inconvenient.

The following are the different types of risks of driving a Jeep or any other motor vehicle without doors:

Safety Risk

Driving a car without doors is ideal for those living in dry regions where it rarely rains. Exposing the motor vehicle's interior to water is never a good idea, as it could lead to wear and tear.

Although most Jeep models are airtight, there is still a risk of water seeping into the electrical components, which could lead to further problems on the road.

If it is raining heavily, the rain flooding through the Jeep without doors can increase the risk of distracted driving. It may make it difficult for the driver to concentrate on the road, which can lead to accidents.

Injury Risk

Older Jeep models do not have seat belts, and collisions with other vehicles can cause the driver to be thrown out of the vehicle, leading to serious injuries.

Can Jeep Owners Recover Compensation for Their Injuries in Iowa?

Can Jeep Owners Recover Compensation for Their Injuries in Iowa?

Under the personal injury law in Iowa, injured victims may be able to pursue compensation if they suffered injuries due to another's negligence.

However, Jeep owners may face hurdles during the claims process, as insurance companies are most likely to blame the lack of doors for the damages caused.

It's important to understand that even if the Jeep owner is partially liable for the accident (less than 51% at fault), they may still be able to recover compensatory damages, as Iowa follows the modified comparative negligence rule.

The Legal Experts at Tom Fowler Law Are Ready to Fight for the Injured Victims in Iowa!

An experienced personal injury attorney can help assess the facts of the case, gather the necessary evidence, and negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company. They can also help with questions such as is it legal to drive with a cracked windshield in Iowa?

Those Jeep owners who have suffered injuries in Des Moines, Iowa, due to someone else's negligence should call to schedule a free consultation with the skilled personal injury attorneys at Tom Fowler Law. They can help protect the victim's rights and fight for the compensation they deserve.

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