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Is Whiplash Considered a Serious Injury?

A common misconception is that whiplash is not a severe injury. Whiplash can have levels of severity that differentiate and can include personal injuries with long-term disabilities.

An accident that can cause a person's head and neck to whip abruptly is a whiplash injury. It can lead to symptoms such as immobility and chronic pain. Contacting the best auto accident lawyers Des Moines has to offer at Tom Fowler Law is the right thing to do if an individual has suffered from a whiplash injury.

The Dangers of Whiplash

The Dangers of Whiplash

A whiplash injury can be debilitating and take a long time to heal. Many car accident victims experience whiplash injuries that interfere with school, work, and everyday life. The delayed appearance of symptoms is one unique feature associated with whiplash. There might not be any sign of whiplash till some time after the accident.

These symptoms could include:

● Swelling

● Neck pain

● Stiffness

● Loss of range of motion

● Headaches

● Tingling or numbness

● Dizziness

● Ringing in the ears

● Blurred vision

● Fatigue

● Irritability

It is imperative to see a doctor straight after an automobile accident. People need to do this even if they don't think there are any injuries. The symptoms could be hidden and leave them in more pain than thought possible.

They must not mention they are uninjured until the doctor has confirmed this using tests, x-rays, and scans. It is a good idea not to jeopardize the case by saying things are confirmed. It can be used against them when trying to recover compensation from an insurance company later.

Recovery from Whiplash

An individual with whiplash may need to take weeks or days off work for recovery. They might even need to accept a low-paying job to accommodate their disability temporarily. Whatever the injury, it can be detrimental to one's general health.

Pain medication and physical therapy may be required for severe muscle strains. In a worst-case scenario, extensive medical care might be administered. The injury could qualify as a severe whiplash case if significant losses are missed at work or costly medical bills, if the person does not have Medicare. In the eyes of Des Moines law, they are considered compensable damages. They need to take the whiplash claim to court for fair compensation.

Whiplash can inflict disabling and painful symptoms on victims for months, weeks, or days after an incident. These symptoms can sometimes last even longer, leaving the person with prolonged chronic pain.

Some victims complain of persistent headaches, pain shooting down the arms, soreness, and neck pain for several months after suffering from whiplash.

Various factors determine the timeline in which a whiplash injury heals. These factors include the health of the patients as well as the severity of the damage.

Filing a Claim in Des Moines, Iowa for a Serious Whiplash injury

If a whiplash injury costs someone emotionally, financially, and physically, they may seek financial damages. Once again, it all depends on how severe the personal injury is and how it affects an individual's life.

If they have a lengthy healing period, they could accumulate other expenses and lost wages. That could make it worthwhile to open a lawsuit against the party at fault for the accident. Compensatory awards could be retrieved from the person that caused the whiplash.

Some of the compensation could be awarded for intangible and tangible damages. Below are some of the most settlements inclusions:

● Loss of income due to missing work during recovery

● Future and past whiplash related medical expenses

Property damage repairs

● Out of pocket expenses and legal fees

● Physical suffering and pain

● Emotional distress

● Punitive Damages

The compensation received is determined through a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim. Damages all depend on the severity of the whiplash injury and its effect on the person's life.

If they have suffered for months with debilitating symptoms, their claim could be worth more than they think. A minor whiplash injury might not pay out a worthwhile amount to pursue a case.


Be sure to work with one of Tom Fowler Law’s professional personal injury lawyers to get the most out of an individual injury case. They can help maximize the financial recovery after receiving a whiplash diagnosis.

Tom Fowler Law's lawyers guide people every step of the way towards fair compensation. Let them handle any injury case and assist with dealing with the insurance company, judge, or jury.


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