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Is It Worth Claiming for Whiplash?

Injuries to the back, neck, and shoulders caused by sudden jolting movements are known as whiplash. These injuries are most commonly sustained during an automobile accident. The unexpected force can cause the body to jerk sideways sharply or back and forth.

It can cause soft tissue damage in the shoulders, back, and neck. Many symptoms can result in such injuries, and these include:

● Shoulder stiffness and pain

● Neck Pain and stiffness

● Headaches

● Back pain

● Pins and needles in the legs

● Muscle Spasms

A whiplash injury can occur in various ways, such as a sudden fall or blow to the head. If a person has sustained an injury of this nature in different circumstances, they might not be able to open a claim.

Making A Whiplash Injury Claim

Making A Whiplash Injury Claim

Even a passenger or a driver who has suffered a whiplash injury in an accident that wasn't their fault can open a personal injury claim. It needs to be proven that the negligence of the driver caused the damage. In most cases, the driver's insurance covers the awards owed to the victim.

The severity of whiplash cases can vary greatly. Even if they have mild symptoms, the claim could still be brought to court by a professional auto accident lawyer Des Moines offers.

An example of this is a low-speed impact that caused a whiplash injury. If someone suffered an injury during a low-speed collision using a specialist representative is essential for the claim. The reason for this is that opposing insurance companies regularly dispute claims. It does this by arguing the injuries were not caused by the impact.

At Tom Fowler Law, there are experienced and skilled attorneys that can help overcome such obstacles. They firmly believe that if the injury is not a person's fault, they deserve compensation.

What Is My Whiplash Injury Claim Worth?

Some firms try to give individuals value through gimmicky claims calculators.

Tom Fowler Law, however, only deals with truth and honesty. That makes their clients appreciate the company ethos and keeps them satisfied with services.

Without understanding the true extent of the injury claim, calculators are pretty meaningless.

Multiple things can affect a whiplash claim's value. The same is true for any personal injury claim. These include:

● The severity of the injuries

● Recovering time need for the injuries

● Type of treatment required and the extent of the damages

● Any activities prevented from injuries

● Any emotional distress suffered

The actual value of the claim needs to be supported by medical evidence. That relies entirely on the opinion of a medical professional.

What Else Could A Whiplash Claim Include?

People can include different kinds of losses in their claims. These losses need to relate to the symptoms. It is imperative to document them so that the amount of loss can be proven in court. Depending on the circumstances of the case, the losses for the claim could include:

Travel Expenses

● Attending a hospital or local GP could be taken into consideration.

● Medical Expenses and Treatment Costs

● Things such as pain killers or physiotherapy sessions are essential when suffering from a whiplash injury.

Care and Assistance

If a person's injuries require a relative or friend to provide significant care, their claim can be increased further.

Loss of Earnings

If work-life has been affected by a third party's negligence and money has been lost, it can be claimed back through a whiplash case.

This list is not limited to the above, so if other losses are suffered, it's best to give a call to Tom Fowler for legal advice.

Funding a Whiplash Claim

If the accident was not the person's fault, they could conduct matters based on no win, no fee. This sort of agreement can help injured parties while the court processes the legalities surrounding the claim.

If they are unsuccessful, the individual has no fees to pay. On the other hand, if they succeed, their costs are delivered through a portion of the compensation.

Any concerns regarding how a personal injury claim is funded can be discussed with their knowledgeable lawyers in detail.


A whiplash injury can be detrimental to one's health. Be sure to understand the legal proceedings involved before opening a claim. Being honest and open about the damages and causes is the first step to receiving compensation. Is it worth claiming for whiplash? Tom Fowler can help find out.


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