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Johnston, Iowa is an Up-and-Coming Neighborhood

Located just north of Iowa's capital city of Des Moines, suburban Johnston offers a wealth of recreational facilities, more than a dozen parks, and 40 miles of trails. It also has an excellent educational system, responsive government, new business development, and excellent quality of life unsurpassed anywhere in the United States. Johnston's population continues to grow at an extraordinary pace. A special census revealed that the suburb has grown 18.4 percent since 2010 and has more than 20,000. Clive, IA can be seen here.

Thriving Economy

Solidly behind every gathering is Johnston's thriving business community. Two blue-chip companies, John Deere Financial and DuPont Pioneer, have their world headquarters located in the city's heart. The number of small businesses here continues to grow, powered by a solid and active chamber of commerce. A recent study by Iowa State University shows Camp Dodge, the Iowa National Guard Headquarters located in Johnston, is a significant economic contributor. Click here to read about Lovington, Iowa is a Proximately Located Town.

Incredible Lifestyle

So, what's attracting developers to Johnston? It no doubt has to do with the quality of life our residents enjoy. A 2020 community survey showed 87% of residents are satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of life here. That's 15% above the national average. In Johnston, residents have the luxury of being close to downtown and even closer to nature.



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