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What Types of Motorcycles Have the Most Accidents?

While riding a motorcycle always comes with risks, certain models are more dangerous than others. This fact depends on vehicle features such as appearance, the riding style it requires, and the environment it is made for.

Though the NHTSA doesn’t track collisions based on the type of bike involved, it is still an important factor to consider. Here’s what types of motorcycles have the most accidents on American roads.

The Motorcycles Involved In the Most Accidents In the US

The Motorcycles Involved In the Most Accidents In the US

1. Cruisers

Cruisers, made mainly by Harley-Davidson, Indian, and Victory, are the most common type of motorcycle in the States. They account for over half of all new bike sales, and their popularity only continues to grow.

Looking at the sheer number of these vehicles on the road makes it easy to deduce why they also dominate crashes and produce the most fatalities. However, it is not just their abundance that influences this trend.

Cruisers are sometimes more of a fashion statement than modes of transport. Most riders like to wear leather, opt for no protective gear and helmets, and drive recklessly. Biker culture also promotes drinking and driving, which is a problem in its own right.

Finally, Hollywood also has a hand in promoting these dangerous stereotypes. Many movies feature scenes of reckless driving and breaking the law in the name of appearing tough. All of that makes riders less careful, resulting in more accidents, severe injuries, and fatalities.

2. Street Bikes

Also known as sports bikes, these vehicles are some of the fastest two-wheelers on the planet. Some models have over 200hp, the same as most average cars. Thus, it is not difficult to guess why they aren’t that safe to ride.

Most ordinary roads cannot handle racing, making them dangerous for high speeds. Though highways can definitely sustain speeding, there are limits that all drivers must respect to remain safe and keep others protected.

When motorcyclists break these rules, accidents occur. Since they happen mostly while the rider is speeding, the outcomes are often dire as the collision impacts are greater.

Moreover, people often ride street bikes without helmets because they want to feel the wind on their faces. Though it might make the ride more thrilling, this habit also leads to severe injuries in potential accidents.

3. MX/Enduro Motorcycles

People ride enduro bikes in off-track racing contests called enduros. Fast and sturdy, these bikes are designed for hard terrain and high speeds.

The risks connected to riding these vehicles are different from most others. For example, riders are in danger of colliding with trees or falling branches rather than cars. In addition, the terrain is usually rocky and uneven, which makes riding at great speeds a treacherous endeavor.

Thus, only trained professionals should ride these bikes. Novices should only attempt to ride them under strict supervision, as the manner of riding is quite different from what they are used to.

4. Retro/Café Racers

In recent years, there has been renewed interest in vintage motorcycle models. People have started tinkering with old parts from bike junkyards and building their own retro bikes.

While buying a vintage vehicle is always a good option, building one without any experience can be dangerous. Many accidents occur because people piece together a vehicle that is unsafe to ride and then take it on the road. Most common problems include using wrong parts and not doing test runs before attempting rides on highways.

An Important Note

Some ask if automatic motorcycles are safer than those that are not. Evidently, some motorcycles are more dangerous than others. However, accidents usually happen because of the driver, not the vehicle. If the rider is irresponsible, even the safest motorcycle can be involved in an accident with a tragic outcome. Find out what percentage of motorcycle riders get in accidents.

To remain safe, all drivers should follow the same rules. These include respecting speeding limits, wearing protection (especially helmets), and keeping a watchful eye on their surroundings at all times. That way, they will ensure the type of vehicle they ride does not influence their safety.

Final Verdict

Not all motorcycles are created equal. Some — including cruisers, street bikes, enduros, and retro bikes — are more prone to accidents than other models. They are more dangerous to ride due to their intended use, the speed they can achieve, and the stereotypes that people link to them.

However, whether an accident will happen mostly depends on the driver themselves. If they adhere to all rules and make sure they stay protected, the risk of an accident will be significantly lower.

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