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What Qualifies for FMLA in Iowa?

The FMLA permits eligible workers to take time off without fear of negative consequences. A person can extend these benefits in specific medical situations or family circumstances.

It's essential to understand what qualifies as FMLA in Iowa before taking any time off. Eligible employees must have worked for their company for at least one year and either work at a location with at least 50 employees or meet the requirements to be considered remote employees who were working outside regular business hours.

Workers can learn more in the following sections about what qualifies for FMLA in Iowa and when they can use these benefits. Also, if an injury is more permanent, it is highly important to know about PDA in workers compensation.

What Qualifies Workers For FMLA In Iowa?

What Qualifies Workers for FMLA in Iowa?

Any of the following events may qualify a worker for FMLA in Iowa:

  • An employee is the primary caregiver of an individual who is disabled. They are a new parent and need to care for a newborn infant or newly adopted child.

  • They need time to care for a family member with a severe health condition.

  • A person must recover from a painful health condition or have a serious financial issue.

Who Is Eligible to Use FMLA in Iowa?

The employee must meet several requirements to qualify for FMLA in Iowa. While different circumstances allow them to use FMLA after one year of employment, some situations make them ineligible.

  • They must work at a company with at least 50 employees. If they work at a remote location where no one is physically employed, the number of employees at the main office does not matter.

  • Moreover, they must have worked for their employer for at least one year before taking FMLA.

  • The person must be employed in a position that is either full-time or part-time. They must work at an office where the company is physically located, but it can be a different office than where they started their employment.

  • Workers must have worked for at least 12 weeks before taking FMLA.

When a Worker Cannot Use FMLA in Iowa

Workers cannot use FMLA in Iowa if any of the following apply:

  • A worker is a management employee and has already used up allotted leave.

  • They are government employees, including an armed forces member.

  • The employee is a member of the Board of Directors.

Medical Conditions Covered By FMLA

What Medical Conditions Does FMLA Cover?

The legally mandated FMLA permits employed workers to take unpaid absences from work while maintaining their employment and benefits after their return. In a calendar year, workers who qualify for FMLA leave can take up to 12 weeks of absence. In some cases, an employed worker may not qualify for FMLA, but may qualify for ADA. It is important to know if you can work on disability in Iowa.

Furthermore, the employer must guarantee that the workers return to work in the same position they had before their break and receive the same advantages and insurance. Here are some medical conditions that the FMLA covers:

  • The Birth of a Child

  • Adoption or Foster Care Placement

  • An Employee's Serious Health Condition

  • Caring for an Employee's Spouse's, Child's, or Parent's Serious Health Condition

  • In Loco Parentis

  • Military Deployment of an Employee's Spouse, Child, or Parent

  • Military Caregiver Leave

  • Inpatient Care

  • Incapacity for More Than Three Days

  • Pregnancy or Prenatal Care

  • Chronic Serious Health Conditions

  • Permanent or Long-Term Incapacity

  • Conditions Requiring Multiple Treatments

In case a worker or family member has experienced an injury, illness, or other event requiring them to take FMLA absence, and the employer refuses to cooperate, the worker may have a right to obtain the necessary leave. They should contact a knowledgeable Des Moines work injury attorney who can assist them in better understanding their FMLA rights.


The Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, is a federal law that mandates many employers to provide time off work to employees in certain situations. If any qualifying events occur, they may take time off that qualifies for FMLA in Iowa.

Employees cannot use FMLA in Iowa if the following apply:

  • The person is a government employee, including an armed forces member.

  • They are members of the Board of Directors.

  • They are management employees and have already used up their allotted leave.

Moreover, the employee may take up to 12 weeks off at once or the time they need to recover from a severe health condition. Anyone who needs further information about this topic may choose to contact a professional law firm.

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