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What Kind Of Cases Do Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

An injury can bring about an everlasting scar to victims and other welfare issues such as financial instability, medical bills, lost wages, and a life-changing health condition that can affect the way they live for years to come. 

The law guiding personal injury covers different types of legal cases, including slip and fall accidents, professional malpractice, business litigation, car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, defamation, general negligence, and much more.

Iowa law gives room for compensation for an injury victim, and this can only be achieved by the help of an attorney specializing in personal injury-related cases. There is a long list of cases that fall under this type of law. In choosing an attorney, make sure to get one with in-depth experience in personal injury-related cases.

Below is a peek into the different cases of personal injury handled by Des Moines personal injury attorneys:

Types of Vehicle Accident Cases

Auto Accident Cases

Accidents happen when a person is negligent when operating a vehicle. A reckless driver must be held responsible for any injury they may have caused. Here is a list of some accident cases: 


  • Car Accidents: As common as car accidents are, obtaining compensation for injuries is not a minor case. Even a minor collision can lead to trauma, disabling injuries, and even death.

  • Truck Accidents: This a kind of auto accident that involves large commercial vehicles like trucks, and these vehicles tend to cause catastrophic consequences thanks to their enormous size.

  • Motorcycle Accidents: Motorcyclist tends to suffer more severe injuries in accidents as they lack physical protection. Even a simple collision can lead to death.

  • Train Accidents: A train accident is one of the most catastrophic accidents after that of airplanes. It leaves few or no survivors. Your attorney must be bold enough to take on railroad companies.

  • Boat Accidents: A personal injury attorney with an understanding of maritime law is required for this case. Boating accident injuries can occur on commercial or recreational vessels, and they can cause death.

Workplace Accidents

Injuries are common in the workplace, especially in an industrial setting.

Medical Malpractice

This is an injury caused by a doctor's neglect or carelessness in the course of treatment. An attorney with knowledge of medical malpractice can navigate this case effectively.

Product Liability

Damaged products, medical equipment, and drugs can cause great harm to the public. Your lawyer needs to be familiar with the difficulties of investigating and proving product liability cases.

Slip and Fall

Slips And Falls

For slips or falls on property owned by others or businesses, you need a lawyer who is skilled in taking on this type of case.

Defamation and Slander

This refers to the damage to a person's reputation caused by false allegations. The social status and reputation of the plaintiff and the presence of who made the allegation is the determinant factor of the nature of the slander. People who are not public figures need to prove that the accusations against them are false, and as a result, caused economic loss. However, a well-recognized person must prove that the allegation is not valid. 

Dog Bite

The owner of the dog is usually held responsible for any injuries or bites inflicted by the dog. However, the rules guiding the liability of dog owners vary according to the state involved. Strict penalties exist in most areas, and even if there has never been a previous tendency to show aggression or biting behavior, the dog owner is liable for what their dog does. 

Intentional Infringement

Intentional infringement is not considered a result of negligence or carelessness, unlike most personal injury cases but is regarded as an intentional act by a person to hurt another. These cases may attract other criminal charges against the perpetrators, and the victim can file a personal injury claim demanding compensation for injury incurred.


Personal injury law is confusing, so it's best to immediately talk to a lawyer if you believe you have a case. While choosing one, ensure that they have experience with the type of personal injury legal help that you need. For instance, some personal injury lawyers specialize in slip and falls, but they don’t have a lot of experience with medical malpractice. Also, don’t hesitate to take advantage of free consultations or reviews to find out if the lawyer you choose is right for your case. 

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