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Can I Get a Settlement from Workers’ Comp If I Go Back to Work?   

When someone has an injury, one of the most common questions to ask is the time they can go back to work. Jobs are very important, especially if they depend on them for many economic reasons.  

Going back to work means asking “Can I get a settlement from workers’ comp if I go back to work?” and even having many doubts about the process, especially if the person needs workers’ compensation in Des Moines, IA. Read on, and find out some valuable information on the topic.  

Perfec Time To Go Back To Work

The Person Has to Return at Some Point   

When the person is in that situation, the employer's needs, the company's, and their physical necessities are in an important conflict.  

The quicker the person goes back to work, the sooner the insurance company stops paying for the settlement. However, as a worker, people want to make sure they make the most out of it.  

Therefore, going back to work is inevitable. However, everyone should choose the perfect time so they get the best results.  

How to Know When It's Time to Go Back

Being away from work for some time might confuse people and they might not know when is the right time to return. Nonetheless, there are different things to keep in mind.  

On the one hand, people should work closely with their doctor. They know the person's physical state and can give the best suggestions regarding the correct moment to start working again. On the other hand, when they say that the patient's ready to go back, they should consider other things.  

For example, the person might have to evaluate the possibilities based on the availability of their job. If the old position is not available, they need to determine what to do next. Knowing as much as the person can about workers’ compensation in Des Moines, IA, helps them understand the case much better.  

The Person Could Ask for Some Adjustments   

Sometimes people might be cleared to go back to work even if they haven't reached their best physical conditions. In that case, they need to know about light-duty and work restrictions.  

Work restrictions or light duty dictate what someone can do in their job. For instance, in certain situations, they might only be able to complete limited physical tasks or might need to do seated work.  

Another option a person might be offered is to work in a different position that accommodates their physical needs.   

It Could Risk the Workers’ Comp Settlement   

If someone has an injury, they probably want to get better. All the people who love them want to see them go back to their regular activities, including work. Their employer and insurance company also want them to return.  

However, they should never return too soon. If they do, they risk two possible scenarios. They might be unable to comply with the job requirements, and their employer could decide to let you go.  

Returning too soon might also make them lose the temporary disability benefits that they got from their workers’ settlement. Thus, finding the perfect time to go back is vital.  

Getting Fired After Work Injury

People Might Also Be Worried about Getting Fired   

Unfortunately, in some cases, they can get fired after a work injury. They shouldn't get alarmed because it certainly doesn't happen all the time. However, they should keep it in mind since it's a possibility.  

If their physical state after the injury doesn't allow them to fulfill their work duties and their employer can't offer anything else, they might have to let the person go. That’s a very complicated situation since the patient needs to rely on their insurance benefits to continue receiving money.  

The Person Should Ask All the Questions You Have to Your Lawyer  

Suffering an injury can bring people a lot of issues. It doesn't only affect their physical capability to do many things, but also makes them stressed because they need to go through different processes – talking to their employer, to their insurance company, etc.  

However, an experienced Des Moines workers comp lawyer can help them understand everything you need. They can ask them all the questions they have and find out all the information they require to make informed decisions.  

Final Thoughts

Going back to work might make someone question many things about getting a settlement from their workers’ compensation in Des Moines, IA. Nonetheless, knowing the right information and getting professional assistance can help make the process easier. 

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