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Is It Worth Getting a Workers’ Comp Attorney?

People who suffered an injury in the workplace may ask themselves if it’s worth hiring a worker’s comp attorney. They might wonder if it’s necessary at all or how much it may cost. There’s plenty of uncertainty and nuances regarding filing a claim for workers’ compensation in Des Moines, IA, so consulting an attorney is always helpful.

Victims of workplace injuries with questions and doubts about hiring a Des Moines workers compensation attorney can read this page to find out everything they need to know.

Hiring A Workers Compensation Lawyer

When and Why Do You Need to Hire an Attorney?

The law designed the workers’ compensation system to offer coverage for medical costs, wages lost, and other expenses for people injured at work. It serves two primary purposes: ensuring that workers can enjoy benefits after suffering an injury and preventing lawsuits against employers.

Many victims don’t feel the necessity to hire an attorney for a case of workers’ compensation in Des Moines, IA, as the system is in place to help them. However, employers and insurance companies fund it, and they may not desire to pay out in full in most cases. For them, it may make stockholders unhappy and shrink profits.

Besides, there are occasionally situations where the workplace injury cause is unclear. The employer or insurance company might claim that the injury happened outside work or that it was due to a pre-existing condition rather than the accident. A workers’ compensation attorney can help people in these situations and get them fair compensation.

Should You Hire a Workers’ Comp Attorney?

In an ideal case of workers’ compensation in Des Moines, IA, the injury is minor, and it’s only a matter of time before the victim receives benefits. Unfortunately, not every incident goes that well. 

The victim may need an attorney to ensure they receive their due compensation depending on the scenario. People should consider hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer if any of the following cases apply:

1. Victim Has a Pre-Existing Health Condition

People with a significant pre-existing health condition might be at a disadvantage. Some insurance companies and employers may use it as an excuse to deny benefits, claiming that it is what is currently causing the victim’s ailment and that the injury isn’t related to the workplace. However, pre-existing conditions don’t exclude people from receiving worker’s compensation.

2. Employer Denied that the Injury Occurred in the Workplace

It can be troublesome if the employer doesn’t admit that the injury occurred at the workplace or happened due to work duties. An attorney can establish the link between them and get benefits for the victim.

3. Benefits are Delayed or Denied

Many employees whose employers or insurance companies denied them workers’ compensation failed to pursue benefits. Dismissed victims or those with delayed benefits can appeal to an attorney and secure the documents required to prove the case.

4. Benefits Don’t Cover All of the Incurred Expenses

Occasionally, there may be an issue in how insurance companies or employers calculate the victim’s benefits. Incorrect methods may leave them unable to cover all of their medical expenses.

5. Victim Suffered a Severe Injury

The treatment and medical costs of a long-term or permanent injury are often substantial. Employers and insurance companies fight to reduce a victim’s benefits just to avoid paying these considerable expenses in these situations. People who suffer severe injuries and are unable to work shouldn’t have to worry about finances. With a workers’ comp attorney, they can secure their deserved benefits.

How Much Does a Workers’ Comp Attorney Charge?

It’s good to be aware of the costs of hiring a lawyer. However, most attorneys involved in cases of workers’ compensation in Des Moines, IA, work on a contingency fee basis. This means that the attorney receives a fee of the workers’ compensation settlement, and should the victim lose, they don’t need to pay anything. 

A contingency fee basis allows every injured worker, including those with financial concerns, to receive good legal representation by eliminating substantial up-front payments. It also provides an incentive for lawyers to get maximum compensation for their clients.

Is a Workers’ Comp Attorney Necessary?

Hiring a lawyer is entirely up to the victim, but they should bear in mind that the process for obtaining workers’ compensation in Des Moines, IA, is complicated. With a qualified attorney, people who suffer work injuries can enjoy peace of mind and focus on what matters, healing the wound and getting better. 

The best option for people who suffer a workplace accident is to consult a workers’ compensation attorney. Even if they don’t expect any recurring problem or the damage is minor, it’s beneficial to have a lawyer evaluate the case.

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