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What Does an Altoona Bicycle Accident Lawyer Do?

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Personal injury cases involving bicycle accidents are more complex than ordinary motor vehicle accidents or even medical malpractice. Most motorists believe that bike cyclists don’t belong to roadways; while these claims are untrue, this bias follows an injury victim right through a personal injury legal system. Accident victims must, therefore, hire an Altoona bicycle accident lawyer to protect their legal rights.

They’ll bring knowledge, skills, and experience right into bicycle accident claims. Reputable personal injury lawyers from Tom Fowler Law Office can help plaintiffs who’ve suffered injuries from negligent actions of at-fault drivers. They’ll help claimants recover compensation for damages. Victims involved in a bicycle accident in Altoona, IA, should, therefore, contact this law firm at (515) 203 8434 to speak to a personal injury lawyer in a free consultation to determine their legal options.

Once the Altoona bicycle accident lawyer conducts a free case review and finds a particular bicycle accident case is viable, the two parties can foster an attorney-client relationship. This is the first step in a claimant’s legal journey.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

At least 90% of bike accidents are caused by motor vehicles. They cause catastrophic injuries to victims who may require constant medical care, as cyclists don’t have as much protection as someone in a car. Common causes of collision include;

  • A vehicle cutting off a bicycle when entering roadways

  • Drivers making a right turn and cutting off cyclists right on the bike lane

  • Motorists rear-end cyclists maneuvering around a vehicle

Other causes of accidents include:

  • Cyclists falling off a bike due to poorly maintained roads

  • Bike defects

  • Cyclists colliding with a pedestrian

Who Is Held Accountable for a Bicycle Accident in Altoona, IA?

Liability for a bike accident would depend on the cause of the collision and who’s at fault. In cases where a vehicle caused the accident due to negligence, the negligent driver's insurance company will be liable for the damages. If the cyclist suffered injuries from poorly maintained roads, the bicycle accident attorney in Des Moines representing him would file a claim against the government agencies that designed the road.

Moreover, if the victim suffered severe injuries due to product defects, they’ll file a claim against a manufacturing company. In whichever case, Altoona bicycle accident lawyers can help victims prove their claims and, as a result, recover compensation that’ll cater for their damages. A professional personal injury attorney understands every step of a legal proceeding and will file claim documents in due time before the statute of limitations elapses.

An Altoona personal injury lawyer at Tom Fowler Law Firm has excellent negotiation skills that foster the full extent of compensation. Therefore, claimants should act quickly and seek legal counsel from them to determine their next steps.

Determining Liability in Bike Accidents

Usually, the at-fault party is held liable for any negligent act. If cyclists cause the accident, they’ll have to pay the other driver to cater to damages and vice versa. In instances where the involved parties share fault, the victim’s compensation would be reduced to a particular rate, according to the comparative negligence.

Comparative negligence varies from state to state. However, most of them reduce a plaintiff’s compensation by the degree to which they were at fault.

Proving Liabilities with Personal Injury Attorneys

In a bicycle accident lawsuit, just like any other personal injury claim, the plaintiff has the burden of proof. They must prove with a preponderance of evidence that the driver, without a doubt, caused the accident due to negligence. An Altoona personal injury lawyer must prove the four elements of negligence to secure compensation for their clients: duty, causation, harm, and damages.

Moreover, the legal team must show the negligent party had a duty to the injured victim to drive on the roads safely. The negligent driver caused the accident by failing to uphold care of duty. This particular accident made the plaintiff suffer injuries that resulted in losses.

In some cases, proving that the defendant violated the traffic laws is enough to compensate the plaintiffs. Bicycle accident lawyers can show such violations caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

Damages Injured People Can Attain in a Personal Injury Claim

Damages Injured People Can Attain in a Personal Injury Claim

After successfully proving negligence in a case in an Iowa law court, plaintiffs may get the following monetary rewards for damages:

Past and Future Medical Bills

This is rewarded to plaintiffs to take care of losses they incurred while treating injuries they sustained from the accident. The judge considers past and future medical bills the plaintiff is likely to incur while setting the maximum amount for medical expenses.

Lost Wages

It consists of the amount of income a plaintiff lost during recovery when the injury occurred. Moreover, the injury can render a plaintiff permanently disfigured, limiting them from working. Lost wages come in to shelter a plaintiff from such circumstances.

Pain and Suffering

The recovery process of injuries sustained from the accident is not easy. Usually, the plaintiff suffers emotional distress, wondering whether or not life will go back to normal. This type of compensation is given to plaintiffs to try and relieve them of such pain and suffering.

Punitive Damages

These damages are rewarded as punitive measures for the defendants. Moreover, they’re given to serve as a warning to other motorists.

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Why Hire Reputed Personal Injury Lawyers at Tom Fowler Law Firm

Highly skilled personal injury attorneys in Iowa are helping accident victims secure a fair settlement for their cases. The attorney has better know-how regarding personal injury law and will negotiate the maximum compensation for injured victims. Once hired, the bike accident attorney will gather evidence like medical records, police reports, and witness statements.

Moreover, they’ll negotiate with the insurance adjusters to get fair settlements, as they always have the client's best interests at heart. The attorney can prepare and represent their clients in court if the two parties disagree on a settlement. If plaintiffs want to increase their chances of winning a settlement, they should hire Iowa personal injury attorneys at Tom Fowler Law Firm. They have knowledge and skills that’ll ensure a positive outcome. Injured victims should, therefore, contact them at (515) 203 8434 to schedule a free legal consultation to start their legal journey.


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