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How Much Is a Broken Neck Worth in a Car Accident?

Neck injuries are among the most common car or vehicle accident injuries. As they happen, other wounds occur as well, such as bruises, contusions, and dislocation.

All the injuries cause pain and suffering to the victim. Though some injury cases like bruises and contusions may be undervalued, neck injuries are serious cases.

If a person sustains neck injuries due to another driver's negligence, they may not know the average settlement for the injury. The neck injury settlement is not constant.

They depend on various factors that lead to a specific claim amount after someone hits your car. A neck injury victim can consult car accident lawyers in Des Moines at Tom Fowler Law, for help. Working with a lawyer guarantees fair compensation from the driver at fault.

Average Compensation for a Neck Injury

Average Compensation for a Neck Injury

Usually, neck injuries are caused by the tearing or stretching of the neck muscles and ligaments. The injury occurs due to a severe or emergency stop of a speeding car. Neck injury settlements may vary depending on the severity of the neck and back injury, state laws, and other factors.

In many neck injury settlement negotiations, the average amount ranges from $4500 to $55000. This settlement amount is for the neck alone. The rest of the body injuries are calculated separately.

If the neck injury is extremely severe or has a neck fusion, the settlement can involve hundreds of thousands of dollars. The injuries can result in long-term pain and the inability to work or move.

In such a case, the victim gets compensated highly due to the severe effects. One should contact Tom Fowler Law to make sure the settlement is made based on an accurate neck assessment as per the law.

The Basis for Calculating Neck Injury Settlement

Calculating neck injuries is not an easy task. It requires professionalism, consultation, and proper victim assessment. Tom Fowler Law's attorneys offer a free consultation session where the victim can discuss the case with them.

The lawyer helps the victim understand the rights and value of the case and its average compensation. Here is the basis of how to calculate a neck injury settlement.

1. Medical reports: The patient should provide past and future medical bills. These records should include a doctor's letter, hospital statements, and receipts.

2. Lost wages: The victim should provide documents showing how long the person has been away from work. Alternatively, one must show that they have been unable to work due to the injuries. Ideally, show that the victim has not been receiving paychecks for some time.

3. Neck injury severity: A lawyer comes in handy to consult one's doctor on how severe the injuries are. Usually, the higher the severity of the injuries, the higher the settlement. It is, therefore, ideal for both the lawyer and the doctor to perform a thorough assessment. Severe injuries attract larger medical bills and may cause trauma or a life-changing situation.

4. The effects of the injury on normal life: In most cases, a neck injury may be severe, leading to the patient quitting several activities. This means that the person can no longer participate in some hobbies. The adjusting and modification period may take longer, and the patients may be required to stay indoors till recovery.

5. Recovery duration: Severe neck injuries may take longer to recover from. If the recovery period is lengthy, the compensation is higher. The settlement should cater to life's inconveniences and treatment.

6. Comparative liability: Calculation of comparative liability depends on the victim's and driver's fault percentage. This means that the compensation received depends on the person with the higher level of blame. The judge may assign the settlement based on who bore higher responsibility for the accident.

How to Maximize Neck Injury Compensation

One of the best ways to maximize the settlement for neck injuries is by having an experienced lawyer. A neck injury victim can contact the team at Tom Fowler Law, based in Des Moines, Iowa.

The lawyer helps maximize the success of the remittance by providing evidence. Through the gathered evidence, the party at fault is charged for negligence.

Other professionals, like medical experts, economists, private investigators, and crash experts, may verify the truth of the accusations. The experts strengthen the case against the insurance liability company and its other representatives.


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