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How Do I Claim If Someone Hits My Car?

Getting hit by another car is a stressful incident that may leave one stranded. This kind of accident can lead to serious repercussions, such as personal injury and car damage. Sometimes a driver may not know how to react or whom to contact.

Many drivers do not understand the procedure for making claims when someone else's car is involved. A car can be hit in several ways. It may be in the parking area, on the road, or in other situations. This piece explains the process of claiming compensation. It also outlines what to do when one's car is hit by another driver.

What to Do When One’s Car Is Hit by Another Driver

What to Do When One’s Car Is Hit by Another Driver

Any form of accident is a scary and depressing experience. When another driver hits a car, it can be even more frustrating. In cases where a driver hits a car in traffic or a parking lot, one needs to know the right way to handle the situation.

First, the victim needs to make sure they are safe from any injuries. If there are injuries, seek medical attention. In instances where there are no injuries, one should stay on the scene until a professional arrives.

Collect as much information as possible, talk to witnesses, record the incident, and take pictures. The evidence may be beneficial to claim compensation from the insurer of the driver at fault.

Usually, when another driver is at fault, there are specific actions that may take place. Some of them may vary depending on the situation and the extent of the accident. When a person has collision coverage, it may pay for the car accident whether the person was at fault or not.

Different forms of car insurance may cover a car when it is hit by another vehicle or an object. If the driver at fault speeds off, a victim can use the uninsured motorist coverage to cater to medical expenses. The following steps take center stage when one’s car is hit by another driver.

Call the Police

Apart from contacting a car accident attorney in Des Moines from Tom Fowler Law, one should call the police. Even if it may seem like a minor accident, let the officer document the incident. These records are necessary for filing a claim with the insurance company.

In most cases, the police act as arbitrators if any disagreements arise between the parties. Calling the police is vital, especially if someone hits one's car and leaves. The police can easily trace the vehicle or the owner and charge them for the offense.

Gather Information

Document as much information as possible about the accident. Take pictures of the damaged car, physical injuries, location, and talk to witnesses. Further, if the driver at fault's car is at the scene, collect their insurance details.

Pick information such as their insurance provider name, policy number, and terms. One should record the license plate number of the car, model, and other basic information. Talk to a lawyer at Tom Fowler Law, based in Des Moines, Iowa, to offer advice on the way forward.

Contact the Insurer

This action is a mandatory step, where one should contact the insurance agent within 24 hours of the accident. It is even much better when one calls the agent instantly. That way, one can easily answer questions and provide necessary information about the involved vehicle.

Some insurance companies offer applications that help in filing claims. One should attach the evidence and all the collected information to file the claim.

If the responsible driver is missing, the car insurance company may cater for the claim. When the driver is identified, their insurance coverage or reimbursement is to cater to the settlement claim.

Final Remarks

Getting involved in an accident is a stressful and depressing experience. This is common if the driver or any other person is injured or has a broken neck. When someone hits one's car and leaves, it can be even more hectic.

One may not know whom to contact, report to, or where to start. When one is caught up in such a situation, one should contact a lawyer from Tom Fowler Law to help.

The lawyer may hasten the settlement process and may accurately follow up on any occurrences. Get a good lawyer to help in filing the claim and get everything fixed well.

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