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What Should You Not Say to Your Insurance Company After an Accident?

Accidents can happen at any time, so it’s important that people prepare themselves for them. Victims of car accidents can sue the other party and ask the insurance company for compensation for the accident. All that tends to require qualified car accident attorneys in Des Moines to help victims get what they deserve for what happened.

The problem is that negligent parties can hire lawyers to protect themselves, and even if it’s something unethical, insurance companies may take advantage of any situation to avoid paying victims when involved in a car accident claim.

Even if a negligence victim has the best lawyer in the country, saying something that the insurance company can use against them may make them lose any possibility of receiving compensation for the accident.

Because of that, they need to prepare themselves for those situations. This page includes all the comments and phrases people must avoid when talking to the insurance company.

Saying They Think Something

Saying They Think Something

This can seem odd but saying they think something can make victims lose the opportunity to receive money from the insurance company. When filing lawsuits or telling the details of an accident, the judge must receive accurate information.

Saying they “think” something is equal to stating they are not sure of what happened, and if that’s the case, the insurance company can easily say no to any of their requests.

Victims shouldn’t talk about things they are not sure of, and if possible, they should keep themselves from talking if their lawyer is not with them.

Saying They Are Sorry

Even if they do it to have good manners towards the insurance company or the person they are suing, victims should never say they are sorry for anything. That applies, too, for things that may lead the insurance company to think the accident was their fault.

The insurance company can take the phrase “I’m sorry” as a sign that they feel guilty for what happened. Why would they feel guilty if the accident wasn’t their fault? That’s what they say to avoid giving them compensation funds.

Saying Things About Their Medical Conditions Before Asking a Doctor

When filing a lawsuit or asking for accident compensation, the insurance company may ask victims how they feel or what their medical state is at the moment. They shouldn’t answer. Well, at least they shouldn’t do it before seeing a doctor. The goal of the insurance company is to trick them into saying they are fine, and if they are, there’s no reason to help them.

Victims don’t have to say they are not okay, either. They should limit themselves to say what the doctor said. That way, they are only saying verified facts the insurance company can’t overturn.

Giving Unnecessary Details

The insurance company and accused parties indeed need to know all the information possible about what happened; however, victims shouldn’t give them unnecessary information. That’s the reason they always need their lawyer to be with them. They know what’s best for their interests.

When people, apart from their lawyer, ask them for information, victims should give only the essential details of what happened. If they ask for a more in-depth explanation, victims need to consult with their legal assistant on if they should answer those questions.

Accepting Quick Deals

Insurance companies and defense attorneys may want to free themselves or their clients of any responsibility by offering victims quick deals when they are not with their lawyer. The reason they do that is that lawyers can notice they are only trying to deceive their clients.

It’s not wrong to accept deals, however, not all deals are beneficial for the victim. There's no reason to say no as soon as they hear a proposal, but saying yes is not an option, either. Victims should tell the insurance company they want to consult the offer with their lawyer before giving an answer.

Victims have all the time they need to decide if they feel comfortable with the deal. They shouldn’t say yes to anything that doesn’t compensate them the way they deserve for the accident.

Wrapping Up

There are many things victims should avoid when talking to the insurance company after an accident. Lawyers defending other parties can also try to trick them into saying something that could jeopardize their case.

Victims should never go through those situations without a lawyer, so they can always call Tom Fowler Law to hire top-notch legal assistants and lawyers in Des Moines, Iowa.


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