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Retain an Expert Ankeny Car Accident Lawyer Today!

Car accidents are an incredibly common occurrence in Iowa, and they can be a nightmare to navigate if you do not have the right lawyer on your side.

For example, the insurance company acting on behalf of the other driver may offer you a low compensation sum, which you may accept as you didn't realize the wool being pulled over your eyes.

Later on, you may come to realize that you were injured worse than you thought. However, you signed a contract with the insurance company, which creates legal issues in your filing of a proper claim.

Tom Fowler Law is dedicated to creating satisfied clients in Des Moines, Ankeny, and other areas in IA. Reach out today for a free consultation at (515) 203-8434 to work with a law firm that offers legal help to meet your needs when you need it.

How to Choose Personal Injury Attorneys in Ankeny, IA

How to Choose Personal Injury Attorneys in Ankeny, IA

Personal injury attorneys are very adept at what they do, so if your attorney is not up to the standard you need, then helping you claim for the damages you deserve could be a problem. Here are a few details you want to consider when hiring a professional attorney to represent you in Des Moines or Ankeny, Iowa.


An experienced lawyer is not necessarily someone who is licensed to practice law and has been doing so for a long time. Law is a broad field and no lawyer can be expected to be an expert in every area. What you want to look for is how much relevant experience car accident attorneys in Des Moines IA have before you decide to retain one for your accident claim.

Personal injury, car accidents, and other related practice areas should be your focus as you evaluate Ankeny car accident lawyers. Contact the law firm, search the internet, and see what you can find given what other people say about their experiences.


State bar associations can go a long way in your research as you aim to confirm that an attorney is verified. Based on your location, it shouldn't be a difficult job for you to check with a respective state bar association to see if the lawyer you're interested in doing business with is a reputable and registered one.

When you finally connect with a registered Iowa car accident law firm, you tend to find that it upholds ethical standards, has a stellar reputation, and is willing to fight to protect its clients who may have sustained injuries, mounted medical bills, or may even have lost a loved one in a wrongful death scenario.


The moment you contact an attorney about potential car accident services, look for any sign of great or poor communication. It can help you get an understanding of what to expect after hire.

Remember that attorneys have other cases to deal with apart from yours, which means dealing with split resources is inevitable. Therefore, you want to ensure that the law firm doesn't immediately leave a bad taste in your mouth.

You should ensure you ask your car accident lawyer about how communication is handled (some lawyers communicate directly while others rely on hired delegates) and what the frequency typically looks like.

When Should You Reach out to Your Personal Injury Attorney?

Car accident lawyers always recommend that you reach out to them via phone to make an appointment as soon as humanly possible. Your lawyer has a responsibility to help you collate information to build a strong case to support your request for compensation.

Ankeny, IA Auto insurance companies tend to attempt to reach out to victims soon after an accident. At this point, you are psychologically shaken and are more likely to read your situation incorrectly. If this should happen to you, decline to discuss anything without your lawyer present, even if you are yet to hire one. Don't even answer any questions about the pain you may be feeling.

These companies don't abide by the ethical standards they may want you to think they do and are willing to pull out any legal action that benefits the firm.

What Else Should You Do After a Car Accident?

Police Report

Police reports are vital for car accident lawyers to be efficient in defending their clients. Sometimes, officers on the scene collect this. If not, ensure you get the police involved as soon as you can. Your lawyer can use the documentation to help complete your legal argument for compensation.

Collect Documentation

If you can, one of your immediate next steps after an accident should be to recover the documentation of any other person in the accident. This could be drivers, passengers, etc., and may include identification, insurance documentation, registration information, etc.

Medical Attention

Get medical attention as soon as possible. The report and bills produced help attorneys to put an argument forward about the severity of your injuries and the compensation you should receive based on that. Even if you don't feel like you're injured after the car accident, ignore your comfort level and get a professional health care provider's opinion.

Consult with One of the Best Ankeny, IA Car Accident Lawyers Available

Consult with One of the Best Ankeny, IA Car Accident Lawyers Available

Tom Fowler Law has a team consisting of some of the best car accident lawyers available. These are qualified attorneys licensed to practice in Iowa and who have a demonstrated track record of tremendous case performance.

If you wish to schedule a free consultation with a top-tier accident lawyer, call (515) 203-8434, as there is no better option in IA. Ankeny, Des Moines, and surrounding areas are eligible and have seen years of tremendous legal work. Check out the reviews left by satisfied clients who the team has served with confidence and efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if an Insurance Agency Reaches out to Me?

Do not provide answers to any queries and decline to comment on anything before you speak to your lawyer.

Do All Car Accident Cases End in a Court Case?

No. Car accident lawyers aim to get you a settlement before a court case is needed. A court hearing tends to be required when both parties cannot achieve a state of agreement.

When Do I Pay My Attorney?

Your car accident lawyer does not require payment unless you win your case.

What Is the Role of Car Accident Lawyers?

Accident lawyers are meant to be a source of representation with adequate legal and professional knowledge. You get insights on what data is important and what you should do to support your case.


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