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Ankeny Pedestrian Accident Lawyer - The Professional People Need

Finding the perfect lawyer to defend a victim of negligence might be one of the most challenging experiences that people go through when they're in an accident. However, Tom Fowler can guide people - he is an experienced attorney with a passion for defending everyone who reaches out to him for help.

Effective Legal Advocacy for Personal Injury Cases

Effective Legal Advocacy for Personal Injury Cases

The West Des Moines area offers various attorneys that people can work with when they're in an accident, especially if the person lives in Ankeny. Nonetheless, if someone wants to get the compensation they deserve for their injuries, they must make sure that the lawyers they hire are passionate, prepared, and ready to defend them in their case.

When someone is injured, they might quickly feel stressed and overwhelmed due to everything they must take care of after the accident.

However, with the help of a passionate pedestrian accident lawyer in Des Moines, victims don't have to worry so much. Instead of coping with the legal aspects of trying to get compensation and benefits for their injuries, they can focus on healing and following their healthcare provider's recommendations.

A Personal Injury Lawyer with Valuable Individual Experience

When someone works with personal injury lawyers, one of the most crucial aspects they should keep in mind is whether or not they are empathetic professionals.

People who hire a personal injury attorney for their case have often suffered from catastrophic injuries, need to pay for expensive medical bills, and so on. Therefore, working with an expert who can understand what they're going through is essential.

Tom Fowler is the head of the Fowler Law Firm. In addition to having the legal knowledge he needs to help clients, he is a US Marine Corps veteran.

Due to Tom Fowler's background, he is one of the most comprehensive personal injury lawyers that clients can go to, and if they need a free initial consultation, he can help them with that, too.

At the same time, he is available to guide the client as they deal with their personal injury case, regardless of whether they were in an accident, need to communicate with the insurance company, get a settlement for their medical treatment, or require help to manage any serious injury they sustained.

A Family Law Firm that Helps Clients in Need

Tom Fowler Law is not just a personal injury law firm that offers a free consultation to all its clients. With more than two decades of combined experience, the professionals in this group offer top-notch legal representation to guarantee that victims get the maximum compensation they can.

According to Iowa law, people who are in a motor vehicle accident or other types of accidents have legal rights. They can contact a personal injury lawyer to help them get the settlement they deserve to pay for their medical expenses. The legal expert can communicate with the insurance company to guarantee that the client's compensation is fair for their injuries.

On some occasions, people don't know how to deal with insurance policies, file a claim, or gather the documents they need. Additionally, the other party might try to do all they can to pay as less as possible.

Tom Fowler Law helps level the playing field. With Tom Fowler, an expert attorney at the head of the law firm, West Des Moines clients in Ankeny, IA don't have to feel alone anymore.

Personal Injury Lawyers With Extensive Experience

Personal Injury Lawyers With Extensive Experience

Finding an attorney who can effectively speak on behalf of the client is often challenging. In some cases, the person might locate them but the cost of their services is too high.

With Tom Fowler Law, clients don't have to worry about that at first. The firm offers a free consultation and works in various practice areas, for example, animal bites, slip and fall accidents, and other cases.

The services that Tom Fowler Law offers might be similar to what other attorneys might offer clients. However, the experts from this group are unique - they have years of experience, but the passion for what they do goes beyond that. These lawyers want to protect their clients, so they guarantee that they get the compensation they deserve for their claim.

Practice Areas

Iowa attorneys offer help in various aspects, but Tom Fowler Law can aid clients in the West Des Moines area if they are dealing with any of the following situations:


Suffering an injury in an accident is probably the most common cause for a free consultation with a lawyer. Here are some examples with which a Tom Fowler Law attorney can help people:


Unfortunately, Iowa roads are home to thousands of crashes every year. Regardless of who is at fault, if a person or their loved one suffers a car accident injury, they can contact an attorney.


Truck drivers in Iowa should be immensely careful when they drive, but this is not always the case. If someone is involved in one of these crashes, they should call a Des Moines lawyer and set an appointment for a free consultation.


Although bicycle accidents are not as common, they do happen in West Des Moines. These problems might leave injured people behind, which is why hiring attorneys is essential.


Motorcycle drivers are some of the most vulnerable people on Iowa byways and highways. If a collision occurs, the driver is likely to suffer injuries.


Sadly, pedestrians are also prone to being in a collision in Des Moines, IA. If they are in pain, getting help from an experienced lawyer might be the best idea.

Wrongful Death

The loss of a loved one is one of the worst situations someone can go through. Tom Fowler Law is a firm that understands this, and its professionals are ready to defend people in Iowa.

Other Ankeny Practice Areas

Clients Can Call Today

Although the previously mentioned areas are some of the most common in personal injury law, lawyers at Tom Fowler Law also work in other related practice areas, for example, defending people in cases of animal bites, slip and fall accidents, and workers' compensation.

If someone is interested in getting help from an expert attorney at a professional law firm, they can contact Tom Fowler today.


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