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Here Is Why You Need an Ankeny Truck Accident Lawyer

It can be difficult enough to deal with a typical car accident, so of course, an accident involving a tractor-trailer is even worse even discounting the kind of injuries synonymous with trucking accident cases.

A semi-truck introduces variables, such as negligence ambiguity. Tom Fowler Law has been serving the Polk County city of Ankeny, alongside other near locations to help victims of truck accidents access the compensation they deserve.

If you have suffered a personal injury in Ankeny, IA because of a truck accident and you need an expert law firm complete with professional and dedicated attorneys, reach out to Tom Fowler Law at (515) 203-8434.

Speak to One of the Best Truck Accident Lawyers in Ankeny, IA

Speak to One of the Best Truck Accident Lawyers in Ankeny, IA

Whether your claim reaches the civil court stage or a fair settlement is reached via negotiation, an expert law firm is needed to act on your behalf for the best possible outcome. That's where Tom Fowler Law comes into the picture.

Potential clients from Ankeny, West Des Moines, IA, and surrounding areas are invited to reach out for a free consultation. There is a lot for truck accident lawyers to unpack in these kinds of personal injury scenarios.

The free initial consultation helps the law firm to understand how the semi-truck driver and any other driver may fit into the equation, alongside other parameters surrounding the accident.

When attorneys take this route, it becomes more straightforward to weigh the available legal options. Perhaps it's best to seek an audience with the individual or business responsible to see if there is a willingness to pay whatever is deemed fair compensation.

Alternatively, truck accident attorneys sometimes find themselves in a position where the responsible party's insurance company may not be keen on the figure proposed.

In this case, a lawsuit may be necessary as this now becomes one of those legal issues that must be settled in court.

Regardless of the route required, one of the team's expert truck accident lawyers takes the time to discuss your situation with you to evaluate how strong a case you have.

At the end, you get an understanding of the best way to proceed.

Establishing Liability after a Truck Crash

Truck accident lawyers handling cases in Ankeny, IA often have to ensure that liability is directed correctly. In a car accident, the negligent driver is almost always at fault for whatever happens to an injured victim.

In semi-truck situations, truck manufacturers, cargo loaders, trucking companies, insurance companies, or even a combination of these could be responsible.

If you don't opt for expert law firms that boast teams of outstanding lawyers, this may not be handled effectively, which can have negative implications on the amount of compensation you can get following a truck accident.

What Kind of Damages Can Truck Accident Lawyers Help You to Recover?

Economic Damages

Truck accident cases in Iowa tend to feature economic damages. These are characterized by having a quantifiable dollar value.

Medical Treatment Expenses

After being involved in a truck accident in Ankeny, IA, victims tend to be hospitalized. The evaluation, care, medicine, and follow-up care, all come at a cost.

These damages are meant to cover medical costs in this sense.

Loss of Income

A trucking accident incident often leaves victims unable to work. These damages claim for any income that is lost during the process and often aims to account for income that is going to be lost in the future if applicable.

Wrongful Death

This falls under economic damages when viewed as the financial impact that the death of a victim has on the remainder of the family. Law principles here allow for claims that would require the offender to pay the family what is owed.

Non-economic Damages

Non-economic damages are not immediately quantifiable based on a value. However, a Des Moines truck accident lawyer from a reputable law firm is going to aim to get you the greatest level of compensation possible.

Loss of Consortium

Married persons have the duty of consortium to each other. After a run-in with a tractor-trailer in Iowa, a victim may no longer be able to fulfill this duty. In this case, clients tend to be the non-injured spouse who has lost this benefit because of the accident.

Pain and Suffering

A lawsuit may also seek to claim for the pain and distress that a victim consistently deals with since the accident took place. Injuries such as these represent a deviation from normalcy and attorneys aim to quantify this on behalf of their clients.

Choosing an Auto Accident Attorney?

Choosing an Auto Accident Attorney?

The best truck accident lawyers are those affiliated with a reputable law firm, which allows you to evaluate their merits based on qualifications, experience, and registration.

Use the relevant state bar association to determine the legitimacy of accident lawyers before you do any business with them. After all, you want to know that the firm should even be practicing law.

Next, there is the matter of experience. How many cases has the firm taken on? How many were successful? Are the main practice areas relevant to your case? What about related practice areas? What kind of ethical standards are practiced?

When truck accident lawyers have nothing to hide, they are willing to reveal all this information and more.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

If you've been in a trucking accident in Ankeny, Des Moines, IA, or surrounding areas, reach out to Tom Fowler Law today at (515) 203-8434.

An expert trucking accident attorney, supported by the resources of a well-regarded firm, listens and provides excellent advice on the way forward as has been done for many satisfied clients in the past.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Truck Accident Cases Similar to Car Accident Cases?

The types of compensation and the general flow from claim to settlement are similar. However, trucking incidents introduce other variables, such as potential split liability. Accident lawyers are meant to help you navigate these concerns.

What Does It Cost to Hire Truck Accident Lawyers?

There are no fees unless you win your case. The process starts with a free consultation too, so reach out to an attorney in Iowa as soon as possible after being hit by a truck driver.

What Should I Do Immediately After I've Been Involved in a Truck Accident?

Get medical attention, ensure a police report is filed, and reach out to an attorney. Deny all insurance company contact. Even if you haven't even begun to evaluate accident lawyers, state that you don't wish to speak without your attorney present.

How Long Can I Wait to File a Claim after a Truck Accident?

Legally, you can wait up to two years, but even with one of the best accident lawyers in Iowa, a longer wait reduces your chances of a successful outcome.

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