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Ankeny Dog Bite Lawyer - Tom Fowler Can Help Clients

Although dogs are man's best friend, in the US alone, they are responsible for more than 4.5 million bites each year. According to the Center for Disease Control, one out of five dog bite cases needs medical treatment.

Dog Bites Can Leave More than Physical Scars

Dog bites can be psychologically and physically scarring. Since the Iowa Code specifies that owners are responsible for their pets, people should contact a law firm and seek out help from a personal injury attorney when they go through these situations. Tom Fowler Law can help all clients and guide them as they file dog bite claims.

Dog Bite Attorneys Who Can Help People

Dog Bite Attorneys Who Can Help People

Clearly, a dog attack can affect a person's life in a lot of ways. If they have to seek medical attention, contact an insurance company, or need time off work or school, it means that the accident was grave enough to cause a lot of peril and damage to their daily activities.

Tom Fowler Law is an Iowa-based law firm. This organization offers dog bite victims personal injury lawyers who have years of experience and know the best methods to deal with dog attacks and everything related to filing claims.

Managing a dog bite case is not always the smoothest experience for victims, especially because the negligent party might try to avoid being held responsible for their dog's bite.

However, if the animal caused a serious injury, strict liability law states that the dog bite victim can pursue legal actions and seek compensation.

Even though a dog is a domestic animal, this doesn't mean that it can't cause harm. Thus, trusting a specialized law firm like Tom Fowler Law is one of the best options that the client has because they're putting their case in the hands of the right professionals.

Personal Injury Attorneys Who Can Handle Dog Bites and Attacks

People in Iowa love their pets, but if a dog owner's negligence results in a bite, the injured party might suffer seriously debilitating consequences. They might have to deal with lost wages, medical bills, and communicating with the insurance company. At the same time, and in many cases, these attacks involve children.

Des Moines dog bite lawyers are specialized legal experts who can assess someone if they suffered from severe dog bite injuries. Tom Fowler, for example, offers clients in West Des Moines a free initial consultation, and the legal team in the law firm always guarantees that the victim gets a fair settlement for their physical and emotional suffering.

A Dog Bit Can Affect Anyone

Sometimes people don't understand how much a dogs' bite might affect them until they suffer from serious injuries after the animal attacks them. According to Iowa law, this constitutes an unlawful act, and the victim is entitled to hire a personal injury lawyer and file a claim.

Pouncing Can Also Be Lethal

In some states, if a dog pounces on someone and provokes a severe injury, the law doesn't cover it. However, this is not the case in Iowa, and people can take legal action against dog owners if the animal attacks them like this.

A dog's owner has the responsibility of preventing their pet from harming people. Therefore, if the animal jumps or pounces on someone and the victim suffers significant damage, they can seek legal help at Tom Fowler's law firm and get aid from a highly skilled attorney who can guarantee they get the best outcomes they can.

Is There a Time Limit to File a Dog Bite Claim?

Courts usually refuse to consider a claim that is filed after two years. Therefore, if someone in the West Des Moines area is in pain due to a dog attack, they should focus on gathering evidence and start their legal process as soon as possible.


Just like in slip and fall, wrongful death, pedestrian accidents, and other aspects of personal injury, the person must be able to demonstrate negligence if they want to get compensation for their injuries.

Regardless of whether or not the person is willing to talk to the dog's owner, if they want to prove an attack, they have to gather evidence to support their claim.

Free initial consultations are a fantastic option to have in these cases. When a Des Moines dog bite attorney offers this to clients, the victims can ask about medical expenses, types of evidence, and many factors that influence their claim.

What Clients Must Do if a Dog Bites Them in Iowa

Des Moines, IA is a beautiful place to live. However, when someone deals with an animal injury, they must contact an Iowa dog bite lawyer as soon as they can.

If possible, the victim should also take photos of their injury. In many cases, photographic evidence is not needed, but it's definitely physical proof that supports the person's pain and suffering.

Once the person gets medical assistance and takes all the photos they can, they should, of course, contact a Des Moines dog bite attorney to guide them through the legal process. Tom Fowler is a former US Marine who is now dedicated to judiciary practice and focuses on helping people with their claims.

Getting Monetary Compensation

Getting Monetary Compensation

Dog bites in Des Moines, IA are civil matters. Therefore, if someone wants to get monetary compensation for the attack, they should have experienced lawyers by their side, who are the ideal professionals to defend them in these cases.

Tom Fowler can discuss the details of someone's case and provide them with the legal advice they need. Even though he cannot predict the end results, he can aggressively defend them and guarantee that they get the best outcomes they can.

Other Ankeny Practice Areas

Clients Can Contact Tom Fowler Today

When dogs bite someone, the wound might get an infection, it might put the person at risk of other issues, and it can have a negative psychological impact.

The owner of the dog is responsible if no insurance policy covers the actions of the animal. Therefore, people who have been bitten should call Tom Fowler, who has experience handling these types of cases and wants victims to get the justice they deserve for their injury.

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