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Securing a Pet Bite Claim with a Clive Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs are man's best friends. They offer love and companionship to the pet owner. However, even with the friendliest dogs, these furry friends can cause property damage and personal injuries. Pet owners and injured parties need to hire dog bite attorneys in Clive, IA.

These experts will help dog bite victims understand what their options are. Dog bite laws vary from state to state. IA dog bite attorneys will look over the information presented and see if the injured victims have grounds for a dog bite claim, the potential gravity of the liability, the type of defenses available, and possible monetary and legal consequences of a pet bite case. Injured victims should therefore schedule a free consultation with Tom Fowler Law Firm dog bite lawyers.

What Should a Victim Do When They're Injured by a Dog?

What Should a Victim Do When They're Injured by a Dog?

There are several routes a dog bite plaintiff can take when they get injured by a pet. One way they can go about this is by pursuing insurance claims with a dog owner’s insurance company. Most homeowner’s insurance policies can cover the first dog bite claim on the insured property.

Other insurance policies will cover a dog bite that occurred off the property if the animal is owned or kept on the property insured. IA dog bite lawyers can help plaintiffs deal with the insurance company. Using their expertise and knowledge, they can negotiate fair compensation for the plaintiff.

Additionally, the plaintiff can file a dog bite lawsuit against the dog owner or caretaker for damages. State statutes allow the defendant to pay additional damages covering other dog bite-related injuries, not just animal bite injuries. Dog bite lawyers in Clive, IA, can play a vital role in these types of pet bite lawsuits as they know the laws applicable in a particular state, how to calculate the right settlement, and how to present evidence professionally.

Proving a Dog Bite Case

Dog bite lawyers in Clive, IA, can prove the pet owners are liable for damages if the owners were negligent. The state laws and the strength of the victim's case will impact the case's outcome which is why hiring a Des Moines dog bite attorney is crucial. In some states, the one-bite rule applies and is imposed only when the pet owner knows or has some idea that the animal is dangerous. An example is if the pet had a previous dog bite incident.

Other state statutes strictly make dog owners liable for injuries caused by their furry friends. The dog bite victim only has to prove the dog caused the injury sustained in a place where they had a legal right to be. Many pet bites and negligence statutes mean the dog’s owner has to protect others from the dangers their dog can pose.

Pet owners must abide by the statutes and local leash laws that govern pet’s owners with pets that are particularly dangerous or specific dog breeds. There are other states where other parties other than the owner are held accountable for dog bites. Examples of people who can be held accountable include; parents of a minor owning a furry friend, property owners, landlords, and animal caretakers. Personal injury lawyers in Clive, IA, can help victims understand all personal injury laws concerning animal bites.

Defense Scenarios in an Animal Bite Case

The defendant will not take the lawsuit lying down. They’ll come ready with their defense case, but it will depend on the state laws of the court case. Dog bite lawyers in West Des Moines, IA, understand all personal injury law and may know some common arguments the defendant may try to use. Let’s look at some of them.


The defendant may try to insinuate that the animal bit the victim because he was trespassing. Therefore, dog bite lawyers in Clive, IA, representing the plaintiff, may have to prove that the incident occurred in an area where the plaintiff had a right to be.


Another angle that the defense representative can take is that the plaintiff provoked the animal; therefore, the pet owner shouldn’t be liable for damages.

Comparative Negligence or Assumption of Risk

The defense of the pet owner may devise loopholes in personal injury law for dog bites in West Des Moines, IA. They may say the plaintiff was partially at fault for their injuries.

Hiring a dog bite lawyer in Clive, IA, from a personal injury law firm is vital in this process. The lawyers know which arguments the opposing legal lawyer in West Des Moines, IA, may use and devise means to refute the argument. Therefore, the plaintiff needs to schedule a free consultation with outstanding lawyers from Tom Fowler Law Firm in Clive, IA, to have a better chance of a successful outcome regarding this legal issue.

What Compensations Are Plaintiffs Awarded in an IA Animal Bite Case?

What Compensations Are Plaintiffs Awarded in an IA Animal Bite Case?

Depending on the situation's circumstances and the laws of Clive IA state, a pet owner can be liable for damages incurred due to injuries sustained. A superb lawyer may help a plaintiff get fair compensation, including:

Medical Expenses

A lawyer serving Clive IA will ensure plaintiffs get compensated for medical bills relating to pet injuries. This compensation is meant to clear medical costs, medications, physical therapy, and psychological treatment.

Pain and Suffering

There’s always pain and suffering associated with animal bites and mauling injuries. It’s only right that victims get compensation for this suffering. This compensation is awarded just for that.

Lost Wages

Plaintiffs may lose their income in the process of recovering. Sometimes, the sustained injury leaves the victim disabled, so they can’t do the job they would typically do.

Punitive Damages

There are circumstances where the judge offers punitive damages to teach the defendant a lesson. Punitive damages come in to offset that.

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Why Partner with Attorneys from Tom Fowler Law Firm in Clive, IA?

Plaintiffs trying to pursue a pet bite lawsuit in West Des Moines, IA 50266, must contact Tom Fowler Law to team up with lawyers that can help them have a fair chance at winning their lawsuit. Depending on the plaintiff’s jurisdiction, a successful case can result in compensation, including medical bills, punitive damages, and lost wages, among other damages. Therefore, plaintiffs should consider hiring personal injury lawyers in Clive, IA.


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